Ruby Red: Kerstin Gier

Blogging Notice: Entries might be sporadic from here till the middle of December since I am in the midst of studying for finals (barf).
For once a book that deserves to have a pretty cover.

General Summary: Gwen’s from a family of time travelers.  She never thought she had the time traveling gene until one day she travels into the past and finds that she has a whole destiny awaiting for her.


I really liked this one.

I’m glad to say that since I’ve been essentially in a book drought for awhile.  Okay, so I did sort of like Dark Star, but this is the first book in awhile that I really liked.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but I would recommend this one without feeling bad about it.

Obviously, this is a time travel book and I felt the time travel elements were the strongest parts of this book.  Yes, the plot was a little predictable and reminded me a little bit of that old computer game, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, but I still enjoyed it.  And I feel like there are so many directions Gier could go with this one and I’m excited to read future installments.

The writing isn’t that bad either.  It’s not overly descriptive for the most part and I managed to get through it in less than a day-well, it might have helped that I got stuck in traffic on the commute to school-but hey, it still took me only a couple hours to get through this one.

I think the weakest thing about this book was the characterization  While I did like Gwen and I think she was an okay character, she seemed a little young.  The love interest also wasn’t that appealing to me.  While there is no instant love between these two, I just couldn’t help but think jerk when it came to the so called hero in this story.  He’s always putting down Gwen and the lack of buildup in the relationship made me it quasi instant love even though it was quite obvious he wasn’t head over heels in love with her (personally, I think he’s using her).

Best Feature: Time Travel.  I love time travel ever since I watched Back to the Future.  And I liked Gier’s whole concept of it.  The world building kept my interest and I am interested in reading the future books even though the twist in this book was a little predictable.

Worst Feature: Immature Narrator.  As much as I love Gwen, she reads a little younger than sixteen.  And admittedly at times it’s a little refreshing, but I really wish she was a little bit more mature.  I guess that’s why there are two more books in this trilogy so she can expand as a character.  But really I read YA to avoid the middle grade MC.  It’s not that I don’t like younger characters, I just…well, let’s face it when your in middle school you’re a little immature.  And the kissing can obviously go only so far without seeming gross.  And this includes characters like Gwen.  As much I love her, the girl is not ready for a serious relationship even though she’s sixteen.  Plus, I just wish she had a little bit more of a backbone.

Appropriateness: There’s some kissing, a couple of swear words are exchange, and some mild violence.  But it’s otherwise pretty clean.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes, I think this one could be a cute movie.  I could see it going in two directions the first being a hopefully more darker film the second being a lite version of the book a la Disney.

Gwen: Sarah Hyland.  Yes, she’s not British, but I picture Gwen sort of looking like her.

Gideon: Ethan Peck.  Because that’s who I pictured in my head when reading the book.  Plus, he would make Gideon more tolerable.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten rubies.  I liked this one.  I will definitely be checking out the next one. It’s not the best book in the world, but definitely worth while.


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