Onyx: Jennifer L. Armentrout

General Summary: The MIB (okay, DOD) is after Katy after Daemon has turned her into a weird hybrid alien/human with Xmen like powers. Will Katy learn how to control her powers before the DOD finds her?  And should she trust everyone around her?


I like these books.  Surprisingly.  I mean, there are a lot of similarities in these books to the Twilight Saga but it works here.  I think mainly because Armentrout knows how to create proper characters and actually has them deal with their problems (yeah, Katy could so kick Bella’s ass any day of the week).

I also think that the plot in this series is way more developed than the Twilight Saga could ever be.  By the time I finished this book, I am excited to be reading Opal (when it comes out).  It left me with so many questions.  Yeah, there were a lot of things about it that were cliche, but it was exciting to read and was a nice pick me up during study breaks.

I think this books biggest strength is its characters and romance.  Armentrout’s characters remind me of old school Meg Cabot characters.  The heroines are feisty.  The heros aren’t seductive just because they look pretty.  There’s actually witty banter here and they have to work at romance in their relationship.

 Remember, the good old days of Suze and Jess.  Well, Katy sort of reminds me of the book blogger version of them.

However, I did think that at times Katy was a bit of a damsel in distress and that Dameon still could go a little Edward Cullen on your ass at times.  But he’s improved dramatically or maybe it’s because I didn’t like Katy’s alternative love interest, Blake.

Blake. Oh, how should I describe Blake.  He’s just doesn’t work.  Even before the big reveal, I didn’t like this guy.  He’s everything I hate in a YA interest.  So, it really wasn’t that much of a love triangle for me at least.  The one good thing about him is that he does make a pretty good bad guy if obvious bad guy.  So yeah, I’ll give him that.

Best Feature: Daemon.  I really like Daemon in this installment.  He really grew on me.  He succeeds where lots of YA bad boy heros don’t.  Sure, he’s a douche, but unlike other YA heros he sort of grows up through the series and his a-holness is put into check a lot.  Sure, there’s moments I want to rip out his hair.  But as far as bad boy YA heros go, Daemon isn’t that bad at all.  Plus, I really like his nickname for Katy.  What do I say I like kittens.

Worst Feature: Honestly, this book was a bit predictable.  I figured out who was the bad guy pretty easily.  And like in many YA tradition there is a stereotypical love triangle that’s unnecessary.  In fact, the character of Blake just really didn’t do it for me.  Then again, most of the secondary love interests in these books don’t.  It really surprised me though because as much I originally didn’t want to I love Daemon.  Seriously, he’s slowly but surely working up the ranks in fictional hotties.

Appropriateness:  There’s some pretty hot and heavy making out in this book.  And there is some violence and mild cursing as well.  Definitely PG-13, but not graphic like Breaking Dawn by any means.

Blockbuster Worthy:Yes, I already said I’d love to see these books made into a movie.  To see casting picks click here.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten onyxes.  I really liked this one.  Yeah, it was cliche at times.  But I think if you get anything out of the books it’s how to write a YA heroine.  Katy is a delight.  And Daemon isn’t that bad either (okay, I really like him a lot).  And seriously that cover model/trailer star needs a show on the CW stat.

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