Do Judge a Book By Its Cover: Holiday Colors Edition

It’s the holiday season.  So, I thought what more appropriate than do a Judge a Book By Its Cover post by using covers that have a seasonal look to it.  I’ve chosen three books that have a wintery theme and/or  fit the color schemes of both Christmas (red and green) and Hanukkah (blue and white).  Note, even though some of these covers may fit the scheme most of them are hardly seasonal.
What The Cover Tells Me: Anna Marie has worked in her mother’s bakeshop ever since she could talk.  She’s also been obsessed with Cody Rodgers for almost the same amount of time.  However, Cody won’t give her the time of day until one day Anna Marie comes up with a cookie recipe that makes him smitten with her.  Now Cody is head over heels for Anna Marie.  Though their love is sort of bittersweet considering he really loves the cookies and not her.  And what’s the deal with that annoying assistant baker, Jesse, that her mother hired.  Is there more to him that meets the eye?
What the Book Is Really About: This whiney girl, Hudson, is trying to win an ice skating competition.  But instead of practicing, she spends most of the book whining about working an her ultra controlling mom’s diner and about how her daddy doesn’t love her.  Oh, and she steals people’s boyfriends and makes/eats cupcakes.
Verdict: The cover makes this book feel very homey.  While this book does have some of that feel, I didn’t get as much heart as I hoped to out of it.
What The Cover Tells Me: Bev is a supermodel by day and demon slayer by night.  It makes for an interesting life.  Especially when she finds out that her newest boyfriend just happens to be a demon and her latest target.  A cat and mouse game then occurs between both parties.  Only one is destined to survive.
What the Book Is Really About: Meena Harper to a soap opera writer who finds out that the first guy she likes in a really long time is a vampire.  And that this vampire slayer from the Vatican of all places comes in her apartment and informs her of all this (not her boyfriend).  Plus, Meena is a little psychic too and that makes for even more problems.
Verdict: I think the cover does a pretty good job of conveying what the book is about even though Meena never wears a long red evening gown in the book.  You get that the book is going to be over the top and it is.
What The Cover Tells Me: They say the first women was seduced by a serpent.  That she doomed man kind by taking a bite of the apple.  What they didn’t tell you about Eve was that she herself feel into a coma after taking a bite of said apple and is only now waking up to a world full of sin.
What the Book Is Really About: It’s the lackluster sequel to Melissa de la Cruz’s Witches of East End where virginity is used as comic relief and you just wish Marvel’s Loki came down and gave these versions of the Norse gods a good kick in the butt.
Verdict: It’s a beautiful cover.  Too pretty for this book.  While the cover conveys a dark and creepy feel,  with it’s crude jokes and dumber than Jar Jar Binks characters.  This cover is a disgrace since it makes me want to read the book.

2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book By Its Cover: Holiday Colors Edition

  1. I really liked the first book a lot better than the second too and it wasn't because I was a Lucien fan. I just felt that things seemed a bit rushed in the second and Meena just got sort of bitter in it. I also missed her working for the soap. Meg Cabot and soap operas=pure genius in my opinion.

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