Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover: 2013 Edition

New Year, means time to analyze some 2013 book covers.  Let’s take a gander at a few shall we:

What the Cover Tells Me: Seventy-five years in the future and things have changed.  Forget about trying to even be popular.  There’s now a machine that’s going to classify your high school caste. One look into the eye of the machine and you’re brand for the next four years of your life (really, all your life if your going to get technical about it).  So imagine, Lucy Wright’s surprise and horror when she’s labeled a nobody.  But what no one has told Lucy is that nobody’s aren’t entirely losers.

What the Book is Really About: So apparently there are these invisible people in the world that make the perfect assassins and are collected early in life.  The MC in this book, isn’t found till she’s sixteen (surprise, surprise) and the guy who’s suppose to collect her falls in love with her.

Verdict: After reading the summary, I think the cover does a pretty decent job summing up what the book is about.  Though, I have to admit, it’s not the flashiest of covers.

What the Cover Tells Me: Ava can’t remember anything.  Not that it matters, no one remembers her either.  And, oh, someone’s trying to kill her.

What the Book is Really About: So apparently, this girl gets in a plane wreck.  Wakes up with no memory, finds out that she has super powers, and a hot guy is totally eyeing her.  

Verdict: Close enough.  I like the blurred effect the art department went with this one.  Really conveys the feeling of confusion that I’m betting we’ll be seeing a lot of in this book.

What the Cover Tells Me: It was only suppose to be a book.  How did Clara know that when she opened it she was going to let out all the world’s demons and a very sexy demon slayer from the future?  This is sooooo not her day.  

What the Book is Really About: It’s the third book in the Infernal Devices series ( a stempunk series that takes place in The Mortal Instruments world by Cassandra Clare).  Oddly enough, I actually like these books better than their anchor series.  Perhaps it’s because they’re not fan fiction based. 

Verdict: I like this cover: I actually like this one.  I really like how the art department has kept a cohesive theme with all of Clare’s books.  

What the Cover Tells Me: She knows everything and she’s not afraid to use it against you.  Shelley Brooks, is a mind reader.  She can hear what everyone thinks (and yes, it’s even more annoying than that Mel Gibson movie would make you think it was).  So, imagine Shelley’s surprise when she hears three guys in her class talking about robbing a bank.  And Shelley tells them she wants in.

What the Book is Really About: It’s another Heist Society novel finally (I can’t really remember what happened in the last two, so I’ll need a refresher course).  From the summary from GR, it looks like Hale is going to be bowing out of Kat’s crew.  Should be interesting.  

Verdict: Once again, this series has a cohesive theme to it that I like.  Though the outfit Kat is wearing is a bit more fun in the sun than corporate boardroom.  If you want to get nitpicky about these things. 

What the Cover Tells Me: Alyssa is a perfume model for Va Va Voom Cosmetics.  Ever since she’s been a little girl, all Alyssa has wanted to do is model.  There’s the dresses, the trips to exotic places, the cute guys.  And that’s pretty much how modeling has been-grant it, that one job where she had to shave her head on the runway (but that was a long time ago), so imagine to her surprise when her job at Va Va Voom is different.  When she finds out that her ultra hot modeling partner, Enrique McHottiePants, is really a zombie.

What the Book is Really About: Pierce and John must face the furies wrath in this final installment of Meg Cabot’s The Abandon Trilogy.  A life was saved, now someone must die.

Verdict: Pass.  I don’t like a lot of things about this cover.  I already covered these reasons in a previous post, but is it necessary to have the model popping out like that.  I do like the guy they got for John though, though I pictured him with longer hair and not wearing a muscle shirt.  Got to love those biceps though.


2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover: 2013 Edition

  1. Yeah, I'm definitely going to buy Nobody when it comes out. I'll probably get the third Heist Society book too if only because there's suppose to be a Gallagher Girls/Heist Society crossover novella released this month.

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