Blue Bloods the Graphic Novel: by Melissa de la Cruz

The cover actually looks pretty kick ass (little does the unsuspecting reader know what horrors awaits them).

As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of Melissa de la Cruz’s series Blue Bloods.  This series had everything for me great characters, New York glamour, paranormal, intricate mysteries, and some pretty good world building.  However, as of late I’ve been getting annoyed with the books. It started with the fifth book.  A lot of people thought the series should’ve ended after the fourth book, but I wasn’t so sure.  I thought there was still a lot to work with this series.  Then the sixth book came out.  It was better than the fifth, but to be honest I thought a lot of things were missing from the series that once made it such a delight to read.  I still gave the book a high rating though mainly because of the set up it gave for the final book.  And I haven’t read the final book yet, but I have read a lot of the spin offs that have spawned out of the book.  Most of them have been a mixed bag at best.  I felt like in comparison to the original series, these books lacked the maturity that they had (which is really bad for Witches considering it’s an adult book but when you mock someone’s virginity what do you expect?)  So why did I decide to read the graphic novel version of this series, a blatant attempt to cash out on  the series, well I sort of wanted to see how the characters would look.  Okay.  Jack Force has been one of my favorite book boyfriends for several years and seeing someone’s illustrations of him could potentially be droll worthy.  However, they weren’t.

Though a bit primitive, I think some of this artwork is better than what you see in the graphic novel (and no, the artwork is not done by the same person).

General Summary: It follows the first Blue Bloods book with some mild changes.  If you haven’t read Blue Bloods.  Basically this poor little not so rich girl finds out she’s a vampire and gets invited to this super duper society and this unattainable boy starts showing interest in her despite her sad Olsen twin wardrobe.  And there are some killer vampires after them.  Really, that’s what the book is about.  I swear.


What did I think about this graphic novel?

Well, in comparison to most of these YA graphic novel adaptions this one is pretty decent.  The storyline isn’t changed that much, the characters look sort of how they’re suppose to, and it’s all done in one book.  That’s a plus right?

I guess.

To be blunt about it, there were a lot of things about it that bothered me.  Things that might be more subjective than objective.

The artwork for one.  I talk about this more in my worst feature part of the review, but there were some frames that were just really heinous.  Look, I get that it’s a graphic novel but there are graphic novels that look really realistic.  This isn’t one of them.  In fact, I was sort of angered at how cheestastic the artist made some of the frames look.  Most notably the modeling ones.  And God, Schuyler.  As I’ll tell you later on, poor Schuyler is in dire need of a makeover.  I really wish the artist who did the cover, did the drawings for the rest of the book.  The cover is beautiful.  The inside contents of the book is mixed.

Another thing that bothered me was the pacing.  A lot of things from the beginning of the book were kept in, but the middle and end felt rushed.  And some important scenes were missing too.

If you’re expecting something really great from this graphic novel installment, you’re going to be disappointed.  It’s essentially a watered down version of Blue Bloods with bad art work.  Yes, it’s better (in my opinion) than other YA adaptions out there that try to make three graphic novels out of one book, but it’s hardly a Batman graphic novel by any means.

Best Feature: One book one story.  In a lot of these YA to graphic novel adaptions they’ll try to drag one book out to two or three books  and it takes forever since the turn out of these books is like one every two years (they still haven’t gotten to New Moon yet in Twilight the graphic novel and it’s been like forever since the first one came out).  So, it was nice getting a complete story.  Though, I do feel like there were parts of the story and definitely the illustrations suffered from this.

Worse Feature: WTF Did You Do to My Characters.  Okay, so they got the basic descriptions right, save for Jordan who is suppose to be homely not a junior Belle a la Beauty in the Beast.  But there were some frames where I was appalled at how unattractive these characters looked.  And I really hated the way Mimi and Schuyler were drawn in general.  Mimi is suppose to be into high couture (that does not mean she dresses trampy), she has a tan, and she’s suppose to look polished.  This Mimi does not.  She dresses like a hooker and she looks like that lady who married the head of Intergang in Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman.  But even Mimi looked better than Schuyler.  Poor Schuyler.  I don’t know what the heck they thought they were doing when they designed her.  Seriously, her eyebrows needed a  good tweezing.  And there was this one really unflattering frame where she and Oliver look like they just passed gas-I swear.  And then there were the boys in general, it looked like my poor Jack Force was wearing makeup.  Not very flattering for him.  Sigh…I know beauty is in the beholder, but God I thought the artwork in the main book was pretty awful.  The cover though was beautiful (perhaps because it was done by another artist).

I’m sorry, but this is not Mimi Force.

Appropriateness: It’s pretty appropriate there is some violence in it with a Martian Manhunter wannabe, but nothing other than that.  They even took the risque jean billboard and turned it to looking like billboard designed by someone on  acid.

Overall Rating:  I’m giving it five out of ten fangs.  While I felt the storyline was handled well enough, I didn’t really like the artistic interpretations of the characters or how watered down parts of the book felt.


2 thoughts on “Blue Bloods the Graphic Novel: by Melissa de la Cruz

  1. Aww, I'm sorry! I hate when the cover art isn't the same as the inside art. Schuyler and Mimi do sounds like they look bad. And I get you on the blue bloods thing, I mean, I liked the Van Alen Legacy and Misguided Angel (though it had the worst cover of the bunch) but I just couldn't bring myself to keep on caring, the books were on the short side, they could have easily condensed books 5, 6 and 7 into two volumes, but they didn't, they just kept stretching the series thin.

  2. They're pretty heinous. I was showing it to my friend-who's also a huge fan of the series and she couldn't believe it either. So, maybe it's not just me. I am pretty picky about graphic novels though, so take that into account.See, Misguided Angel was probably my least favorite that I've read so far. It just seemed disjointed from the rest of the series. Lost in Time, I can't really remember much about other than the fact it had a hideous cover and a cliff hanger ending. I am excited about book seven though. I'm hoping my copy gets to me soon. But all these spinoffs…dear lord.

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