Double Crossed- A Spies and Thieves Story: Ally Carter

General Summary: Every wanted a Gallagher Girls/Heist Society.  Well, this is the short story for you.  Macey and Hale meet at a robbery of all places.  Of course, hijinks occur.


This was a quick free read that was released probably to advertise Ally Carter’s third Heist Society novel by incorporating her better known Gallagher Girls series with it.  Since it was free, I went for the obvious gimmick.

The story is actually quite good and I have to say I was impressed.  A lot of crossovers seem clunky, but this one didn’t.  Rather, the storyline was very fluid and I could see it easily being translated to television or film.  That is a good thing, even though I think I’ve seen a lot of the techniques that Hale and Macey used on Burn Notice, White Collar, and Leverage respectfully.

I also liked the little hint that these characters might run into each other again in the future.  You could take the ending either way you want.  And I liked that.  If she decides to expand this idea later on that’s great if not, I can live with it.

Probably the best thing about this novella was the fact you didn’t have to read either series to enjoy it.  If you a novice to either series you an enjoy this novel and not get that loss.

Best Feature: Free.  This short story was free thank God.  In this day and age of cash cows, this was actually quite refreshing.  Though honestly I would’ve been sort of pissed if I had to pay for this it was ridiculously short.

Worst Feature:  Super short.  This isn’t a novella really more like a short story.  But whatever.  It’s short and sweet.  I think it took me about half an hour to read, so if you don’t have a lot of time to invest this will probably be the story for you.  But I do have to say, I really wish that this story would’ve been expanded on more.  I think it would be great if these series really did collide more.  This is one multiverse that actually makes sense unlike others that try to mesh Christian and Norse mythology together and end up failing  quite epically.

Appropriateness: This is pretty clean.  Some violence.  Maybe mild cursing (I honestly can’t remember if there was cursing or not, I know I would curse if I was in the situation Hale and Macey were in).  But overall, it was pretty clean.

Blockbuster Worthy: I like both of these series.  In fact, I think I’ve already have done casting for both of them.

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten jewels.  This is quick easy read.  I wish it was longer, but I can’t complain mainly because it was free.  This is how crossovers should be done. And above all, it made sense.


2 thoughts on “Double Crossed- A Spies and Thieves Story: Ally Carter

  1. glad you liked it!! I'm reading it for speed date I think!I don't like Heist as much as the Gallagher Girls, mostly because Kat annoys the living heck out of me, but I like Hale and Gabrielle. And I love the Gallegher Girls, so I'm curious to see how this two worlds collide.

  2. Yeah, definitely a speed date. I actually prefer the Gallagher Girls series too. Kat just seems a little too perfect in her thief skills to be real. I actually preferred Hale with Macey in this story even though it was obvious that Carter was trying to pimp Hale/Kat. Anyway, I think you'll enjoy it.

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