Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Red Hot Edition

It’s February!  Which means that in fifteen days you can get chocolate deeply discounted.  Or if you have a significant other you can exchange saliva with relative ease in public the day before.  So in honor of this horrifying amorous month let’s analyze some book covers shall we.  And yes, I know I said red hot edition.  But I’ll also be analyzing pink and white books as well since I’ve seen a plethora or pink and white crap at Hallmark the other day.
What the Cover Tells Me: Kitty Collins has always had a penchant for cats (not that sort of penchant, you sicko).  That’s why she started Kitty Kitty, a cat sweater company because cats get cold too.  Of course, she’d never would’ve thought that she would’ve found her perfect match ( a dog person) while knitting cat sweaters.  And why has she started randomly meowing.  That’s just weird.  She doesn’t eat Meow Mix.
What the Book is Really About: Jas our sassy detective is back with a all new mystery in Venice, Italy with some not so flattering white leather pants.
Verdict: Honestly, I think they could’ve done better.  It’s okay.  But I really get 1970’s vibe from the outfit/styling of Jas and I don’t think Polly would go for that since maxi dresses are only acceptable for beach resort wear or if it’s that really cute Anthro maxi dress.  Okay, maybe she would find it acceptable…
What the Cover Tells Me: Ramona Alvarez has always been an outsider looking in her small home town.  When a surprising secret is revealed and Ramona finds herself invited to The Belles.  She is determined to make their life hell.  After all, what do a couple of debutantes have on her the product of a debutante/demon union?
Okay, besides marshmallow dresses and mad piano skills.  Seriously, Ramona would like to know.  She can, after all, throw balls of fire.
What the Book is Really About: This girl Izzie has to move in with her snotty rich relatives who have more secrets than John Edwards (and if you read the book and know anything about American politics you’ll get that joke).
Verdict: It’s a very pretty cover.  I actually like this one.  The only thing that bothers me is the font.  But you can’t have everything in life.  And I think it actually fits the book.  So, props to the art department on this one.
What the Cover Tells Me: Mindy Morris is a cupid in training which is easier said then done when you’re supposed to make your archenemy fall in love with your best friend .  And besides that being gross in general, you might have a secret crush on said archenemy.  Oh, boy.
What the Book is Really About: This girl name Haven gets some unrealistic internship at some fancy hotel and, well, the book carries on for four hundred unnecessary pages.
Verdict: It’s a striking cover.  It’s what made me buy this book.  And honestly I’m and at it for false advertising.  I remember trying to finish this one for a month and finally it entered that sad pile of books called DNF.
What the Cover Tells Me: Princesses in love?  Is this going to be another one of those how Kate and William met books.  It better be better than that stupid Lifetime movie which was essentially a rip off of The Prince and Me.
What the Book is Really About: It’s Princess Mia’s third book and she’s in love and she doesn’t care if anyone knows it (okay, she does).  But what’s she going to do about it?
Verdict:  It’s a very girly cover.  For a very romantic book.
What the Cover Tells Me: Elvira Campton is a forgettable.  Meaning, she’s not popular but she’s not unpopular either.  She’s just one of those quiet girls that you forget about.  But what most people don’t realize is that Elv’s is a karama tracker.  What’s a karma tracker.  Well, someone who makes sure things are balanced in this horrible world.  Of course, someone can’t be an efficient karma tracker if they’re noticed by the hottest boy in school.
What the Book is Really About: This girl finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and gets revenge and decides to sort of carry this on and of course she has to wake up and smell the cliche consequences.
Verdict: It’s alright.  It’s not the best Jessica Brody cover I’ve ever seen but it works.

3 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Red Hot Edition

  1. I like this Karma Club cover!! the new one looks like a fitness manual. I love reading your thoughts on the covers, they are always hilarious. For Belles, it actually looks like it could be a rip-off of a Zorro like story, it has that vibe

  2. I haven't seen the new cover for the Karma Club. I know I love the cover for 52 Reasons to Hate My Father or whatever it's called. I think they really captured Lexie in that cover.You know, I never thought that about the Belles cover but it totally does.

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