Firelight: Sophie Jordan

Hi again,

It’s me Bella Cullen.  I just had to ask MJ to let me review this book.  She’s currently mind bleaching her brain from reading it so she agreed.  I don’t get why she decided to use mind bleach.  It’s not that bad.  In fact, I think I would get a long quite splendidly with Jacinda and company.

MJ had high hopes for this book.  After all, it’s about dragons.  And everyone loves a good dragon book as long as it’s not like that cruddy PBS show she was forced to watch when babysitting  way back in the day.  And it does have a pretty kick ass book trailer.

So yeah, girls who can turn into dragons.  Or draki as their called.  That seems like a pretty original concept with lots of issues to explore that cause your mind to wonder in places it shouldn’t wonder.  Like, how did humans crossbreed with dragons?  Do drakis have eggs?  And why can’t they simply just eat a hunter that’s trying to kill them, after all that’s what the dragons did on Jurassic Park.  Oh wait, those were dinosaurs in Jurassic Park not dragons.  But close enough.
The point is, you’d think this would be an original concept in YA, but Jacinda is just a girl and what do all teenage girls want?
True and chaste love of course.  And true love is more than amazing when it involves predator and prey.  I would know this for a fact.  But once again, I don’t see how a mere human could kill a dragon.  I mean, yeah, I get humans have guns and all, but these are dragons we’re talking about.  And in Harry Potter, wasn’t dragon skin suppose to be super strong or whatever?
Not that it matters.  Since really the dragon plot was pushed back for love.  Wonderful love.
You know, Jacinda really reminds me a lot of myself.  We’re both new girls who fall in love with that unattainable boy.  I don’t know how we do it?  Why are these boys unattainable until we see them?  Obviously, because we’re special.  But people have wondered otherwise.  In the case of Jacinda, you’d almost think Will was into dragons which reminds me of my good friend Grace from Shiver.
If you’re reading this Will, I inserted this dragon picture in here for you to salivate over.  You can thank me later.
There are more similarities to the whole we’re special and we know it factor that both Jacinda and I have.  There’s a love triangle too with an old childhood friend vs the new unattainable bad boy.  And dragons sort of have an imprint/pack thing going.  So, Jacinda is sort of like my little nudger in that regard.  Isn’t that cute?  I guess that makes her ultra special.  Because my little nudger is the most specialist creature in like the universe.
And I can sort of understand why her mother would want to totally take her away from her pride (that’s what they call the pack in this book).  It is unnerving knowing you’re daughter is totally meant to be with a guy, but you get over it in time.  And besides, the pride I’m sure has a right.  Though what I really don’t understand is why Mrs. Jones moved to the desert and kept saying how she was going to kill Jacinda’s draki.  Isn’t that like draki abuse.  Shouldn’t we call CPS or should be the ASPCA on her. God, I’m so confused.  At least, Nessie is one of a kind so she really can’t call any agency on us when Edward and I forget about her because we’re having too much fun in our cottage.
At least Charlie is a little bit more responsible than that.  I know that if Nessie ever wanted to get away from the pack it’s not like Edward and I would move and going to Phoenix.  That’s just stupid.  Besides, we enjoy our cottage WAY too much.
Honestly, all of these characters are stupid and mean in this book.  And I can handle stupid and mean, I’m sort of stupid and mean myself.  But that’s unintentional sort of like Jacinda. We just don’t know better.  Her mother and sister though are horrible people.  And I don’t think Edward would ever consider turning Charlie into an ottoman like Will’s family might’ve done to Jacinda’s dad.  Yeah, I wondered how Jacinda might feel if she and Will got busy on that dragon hide couch and find out later…maybe I should join MJ with that mind bleach. That reminds me her mother blaming Jacinda for her death also, so while dealing with her dad possibly being an footstool/couch she also has to deal with her mom blaming her for him being a piece of furniture (ouch!)
Also, there are trackers in her book.  Remember how James was a tracker in my book?  Oh, and the book is called Firelight and my book is called Twilight.  This probably wasn’t intentional, but you have to wonder.  I really have to wonder.  I wonder if she has a movie made about her too.  I could so totally see Bonnie Wright playing Jacinda and Chad Duell playing Will.
Maybe I’m being too sensitive.   After all, Jacinda is special.  I keep getting told she’s special and I’m just Bella until I turned into a vampire and became special.  But wait, Jacinda also has a sister.  I don’t have a sister.  Well, I kind of do now.  But I’m clumsy (or was) and Jacinda’s not.  She’s fierce she can fight off those Lifetime Bad Ass Girl Fight girls.  I freaking kid you not, she gets smacked around in the book and does some damage (sort of).  Though she does get the shit beat out of her first and it’s only like a reflex she starts turning into her dragon self.  You know, honestly, a lot of this doesn’t make sense to me.
Maybe I have the wrong idea about dragons like I did about vampires.  My idea about vampires was that they were always blood thirsty creatures and it turns out they’re hardly bloody thirsty at all, more like sparkly.  I always thought dragons we’re these bad ass lizards who could fly and spit out fire.  Maybe their more like the PBS version of dragons after all but can turn into annoying girls like me.
You know what, maybe I shouldn’t judge Jacinda.  After all, she’s just like me.
MJ’s Notes:
Overall Rating: Four out of Ten dragon hides.  It was decently written once you got past the flowery language and short enough to get through without wanting to hurt someone.  But God, what a rip off.
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don’t own Bella Swan or the Twilight Saga.  Stephenie Meyer does.  I am merely using the character here to illustrate the blatant similarities between those books and Firelight.

2 thoughts on “Firelight: Sophie Jordan

  1. Yeah, it could've been a lot worse. As far as ripoffs go, it was one of the better written ones I've read. But it's just a shame it wasn't more original. The whole idea of dragons was really cool.

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