Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover: The Eyes of March

Okay, so it’s actually called the ides of March if we’re going to get technical about it.  But I like making cruddy puns and usually themes.  So it’s going to be eyes of March.  Let’s analyze some covers shall we?  And yeah, I know the first isn’t for another few days, but I may or not post on that day so I wanted to get these out early.

What the Cover Tells Me: They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what about your soulless? And what if you live in a world where the soulless are killed.  That’s what Miranda Kelly is dealing with.  As well as how she became soulless and what…if anything happened to her soul?  Can the soulless have feelings?  Teen melodrama commences.
What the Book is Really About: Will Smith failed.  Aliens have taken over the Earth and our bodies and it’s all Stephenie Meyer’s fault (or at least I’m blaming her since she wrote this book).  And guess what, it’s going to be a movie with horrible casting picks.
Verdict: I actually really like this cover.  It stands out, it’s not terribly embarrassing, and it fits the story.
What the Cover Tells Me: Zoe is an ice princess.  Yes, literally she’s an ice princess.  She can start blizzards, shoot blades of ice from her hands, and can handle sub Arctic temperatures.  However, after partying with the penguins one too many times, Zoe finds herself with a ticket to live to live in Miami where she’s powerless and has to adapt to normal high school life.
Partying with penguins will get you in a shit load of trouble.
What the Book is Really About: This is the sequel to Twilight Plus Dragons Firelight.  It deals with Jacinda having to go back to the pack pride and dealing with being imprinted bonded.
Verdict: Man, I wish I was shallow.  This cover is so pretty.  Too bad the first book was not my cup of tea.


What the Cover Tells Me: Lana Carlson is an amazing football player, but of course her school is behind the times which causes her to pull a She’s the Man (a.k.a. Twelfth Night).
What the Book is Really About: Essentially there’s some high school rivalry between football players and soccer players and the girlfriends of these guys get sick of it and then start a war that’s reminiscent of that Bernstein Bears book.
Verdict: Oh bother, I don’t really think the cover fits the description at all.  Seriously, i thought this was She’s the Man not Bernstein Bears: No Girls Allowed.
What the Cover Tells Me: There’s a serial killer who’s killing his victims with iPod earphones.  DJ, Amanda Partridge is targeted as the next victim.  Can she stay alive or will she be dead as a doornail from the plethora of Apple product placements made in this book?
What the Book is Really About: So this girl breaks up with her ex and then finds he’s a suspect in a murder investigation.  Will she get her inner Nancy Drew on?
Verdict: Seriously, is this an Apple product placement?  Because it’s a sorry one if it is.
What the Cover Tells Me: Aurora is a bit of a control freak.  However, unlike other type A’s, Aurora can actually control reality.  Except, of course, in typical YA fashion there’s one boy she can’t control.  Will Aurora accept the fact she can’t control Lover Boy and give in to temptation or will she mind wipe him to kingdom come.
What the Book is Really About: A stream of consciousness novel that took nine days to write (nine, my current WIP first draft took like seven months to write, talk about unfair) the book tells the tale of two sisters with incredible powers.
Verdict: It’s a cool cover.  I like the affect the department did with the textile image thing or whatever you call it.  It’s not cool enough for me to buy it in real life, waiting for the library to get this one.  But I could see if your buyer trigger is covers how you’d want this one.

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