Evermore: Alyson Noel


And here’s the book trailer if you haven’t seen the Twilight Saga.

In an undisclosed location twenty feet below the Earth: There’s a room with several too perfect to be real but they don’t realize it looking girls.  All of them have different stages of moodiness on their faces.  And all are special.  A blonde girl wearing a My Little Pony hoodie suddenly appears out of nowhere blinking.

Bethany Church:  OOH, a new one.  Can she be my roommate, please?  Please?  Please?

Zoey Redbird: Uh, no.  I wanna roommate.  I’m a special dark priestess.  I deserve a roommate. Um, what’s your name?

The Blonde: Um, Ever Bloom.

Zoey : (Snorts) Ever Bloom?  That’s your name.  Are you serious?

Luce Price: You’re one too talk, Zoey Redbird.

Zoey : Hey, don’t knock my name.  It’s a Cherokee name.  It shows that I am exotic and special.

Helen Hamilton: Everyone’s special.

I swear all these Bella wannabes have this song playing during their conception.  And you know what it makes me hate Barney more.  And I didn’t think I could hate Barney more.

Bethany : That doesn’t make sense, if that’s the case we’re not really that special.  I mean, isn’t special suppose to mean unique?

Luce Price: I think.  Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention in English class my attention was focused on Daniel.  He’s the best boy in the world.

Ever : Um, no you’re wrong.  That would go to Damen.  Seriously, that’s show love at first sight is suppose to be.  Though I don’t know if he really loves me there are…

Helen : Complications?  We’ve all been there.  See, I thought my love interest (well, one of them) was my brother?  Apparently, that’s not as unique as a situation as it seems.   Is it, Clary?

Clary Fray: Jace wasn’t my brother.  Well, not biologically.  He could technically be my step brother, I think. God, I’m confused.

Ever : Um, I thought this was suppose to be about me.

Clary: What made you special?

Ever : Well, let’s see, my family died in front of me.

Nora Grey: My dad was murdered.

Clary : My mom was kidnapped by my psychotic dad.

Kaila: My dad was an alien.

Bethany : How is that even relevant?  I can top them all though, I don’t have a family.  Not a traditional family.

Ever : Back to me.  That’s nice and all, but I bet the death of your love ones didn’t cause weird psychic powers to emerge or caused you to move to a different state to live with your weirdo aunt.  Well, she’s not that weird but seriously…I need to be loved and all she does is work and…

Nora: Patch did sort of appear in my life because of my dad.

Clary  I needed Jace to help find my mom.

Kaila: My dad was an alien.

Bethany Church: Who the heck are you?

Zoey: Who died and made you moderator, Bethany?  If anyone should be moderator it should be me?

(Suddenly the room grows cold as a bright white light feels the room and a perfect looking but slightly average (we have to say that to please the every girl’s self esteem) comes in the room).

Everyone save for Ever : Bella Freaking Swan-Cullen.

Bella Swan-Cullen: Yes, it is I, the original of the specials.  Here to induct are newest member.  So tell me child, what sort of plot does your book have?

Ever: Um, plot?  I’m sad.  I wear hoodies a lot.  I know I should wear something different but….

Bella Swan-Cullen: That’s perfect.

Ever: Really, I thought people liked plot.  That’s what I saw on the  reviews I’ve read about my story at least.

Bella: Who cares about reviews?  I get terrible reviews all the time, but does it look like it hurt me any.  I got five movies, a baby who behaves like an angel, and Edward.  And everyone wants an Edward.

Ever: Damen’s better.

Bella (laughs and smiles at Ever like isn’t she cute) Oh, dear.  Tell me is this Damen mysterious?   Has a past?  Did you meet him in biology class?

Ever: English.

Bella: That’s quaint.  See, Edward’s mysterious too and met me in biology class.

Ever: So?

Bella: It’s what I’m trying to tell you.  You’re a rip off.

Ever: I am not.  I am uniquely original.

Bella: I know because I am uniquely special.

Ever: I don’t understand…I don’t.

Bella: Of course you don’t.  Children.

All Bella Rip Offs: Yes, mother dearest…

Ever: You’re not my mother.

Bella:  Really?  Would you have existed if I didn’t?

Ever: I don’t…

Bella: Okay, let’s talk about similarities.  You moved to a new town.  I moved to a new town.  You met your boyfriend in class.  I met my boyfriend in class.  You moved in with a distant relative, I moved in with a distant relative.  Well, my dad but I talk to him about as much as you talk to your aunt.   Must I continue?

Ever: So what if that’s a coincidence?  You can’t see people’s auras or read their thoughts.

Bella: My boyfriend can read people’s thoughts.

Ever: My boyfriend can live forever.

Bella (starts laughing): Oh, you make this way too easy…..

Frames out and goes back to the regular blog.

So yeah, Evermore total Twilight Saga knock off that rips into hoodies.  Not that interesting, folks. It also doesn’t help that Ever’s a bit of a bitch that judges everyone.  Then again, all Bella Wannabes are.  I’d like to tell you I finished this one, but I didn’t.  If I was to rate it it would probably get no stars.  Because there’s really nothing I liked about it except for Disney Land.  And Disney Land can only take one so far.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters that are used in this blog entry.  They all belong to their respective authors. I am merely using them to show the phenomenon better known as the Bella rip off.  Characters used:

Bella Swan (Twilight Saga) by Stephenie Meyer

Ever Bloom (Evermore) by Alyson Noel

Bethany Church (Halo Trilogy) by Alexandra Adornetto

Zoey Redbird (House of Night) by PC and Kristin Cast

Luce Price (Fallen) by Lauren Kate

Helen Hamilton (Starcrossed) by Josephine Angelini

Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassadra Clare

Kaila (Starseed) by Liz Gruder

Nora Gray (Hush Hush Saga) by Becca Fitzpatrick


The Iron King: Julie Kagawa

I have fae/faery phobia.  One of my goals for the year was to get outside my comfort zone, so I decided I was going to read a fae book.  Lots of my friends loved the Iron King by Julie Kagawa so I decided to give it a whirl.  Even though I didn’t really care for that vampire book of hers.

General Summary: So, Meghan’s brother gets replaced by a changeling (I know, like the Angelina Jolie movie) and she ends up going to faerie land and finds out she’s a princess and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.  And did I mention she has an awesome b.f.f. named Puck?


Well, I’m cured.  I actually want to read books about faeries now.

Faeries not so scary anymore.

Heaven forbid.

I actually liked this one quite a bit.  It had a lot going for it.  Great characters, adventure, an interesting plot.  Though it did have some faults.  However, for once, the faults didn’t overshadow the great stuff that this book had to offer.

So why did this book end up shining rather than sucking…well, I have lots of theories about that.  Maybe it’s because both the world and character development (for the most part on that one) were well done.  I’ll talk about the world building later on, but it was how world building should be done.  As for the characters…

I liked Meghan.  She was hardly perfect.  She did have her moments of being a damsel in distress, but she was able to figure things out.  And it wasn’t like she was overly powerful or anything.  For example, at one point in the book she manages to get herself out of a bind not through mystical powers or anything, but through her own wits and that’s always a plus in my book.

And I really liked Puck.  He’s just fantastic.  And maybe it’s the fact that he’s so great that I don’t like Ash.  Ash isn’t as cruddy as some other YA heros, but he is pretty cliche.  And yeah, maybe he is a little bit more physically attractive than Puck, but you know what this book shows you why one shouldn’t be shallow when it comes to book boyfriends.

In addition to the characters, I really liked how fast paced this one was.  Occasionally, I’d get confused and I thought portions of the story suffered because of this.  However, overall the pacing worked.  Save for one sort of critical thing, the climax.  I felt the the development of the villain was very weak.

Best Feature: Holy world building, Batman!  Finally.  Fucking finally.  A book with great world building.  I am a fae novice.  Okay, so I’ve read a couple of fae related books, but not fae focused books like this.  And I have to say, gimme more!  Which is weird because used to this would be the sort of book that annoys me, but this one.  Nope.  Nope.  It was perfect.  Just perfect.  I loved how Kagawa world builds.  She gives you just enough information, but at the same time she doesn’t info dump.  Fantasy authors, this is how it’s done.

Worst Feature: Insta Love.  It’s very unfortunate that this YA trope makes an appearance when there was already a great potential love interest in Puck.  Puck is the type of character that YA love interests should strike for.  He’s smart, snarky, and hes’ not instantly drop dead gorgeous.  He has that oh my God you’re hot and I was a moron not to recognize it early effect (a.k.a. the Michael Moscovitz effect). Ash, well, he’s hot I guess in a typical YA asshole type of way.  But whatever.  It’s all about Puck.

Appropriateness: There’s some crude language and a cruel prank.  Oh, and some fantasy violence.  Other than that though, nothing that inappropriate.

Blockbuster Worthy: Um, yeah.  This is one fantasy I would so like to make the big screen.  Here’s who I’d cast:

Meghan: AnnaSophia Robb.  She sort of looks like a faery princess, right?

Puck: Rupert Grint.  Um, yeah hot red head.  Do I need to say more?

Ash: Alex Pettyfer.  I know that Ash is suppose to have black hair, but Alex can do tortured soul pretty easy (or at least douche easy).

Overall Rating: I’m giving this one a seven out of ten.  For the most part I loved it, but boy the insta love and the villain were sort of annoying.  I will recommend this series though, especially is your fae phobic like I am.

Clockwork Princess: Cassandra Clare

Warning: If you hate spoilers, don’t read this review.  There’s going to be lots of them because several of my issues with the book involve spoilers.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Cassandra Clare.  Her books for me are like mind junk food.  They’re not the best written (see has severe fan fic prose), but God that woman knows how to put emotion on a page.  And her plots, though cliche, are addicting in a bad soap opera sort of way.  That being said, I still feel icky reading her work mainly because of past accusations of plagiarism and I felt that parts of TMI were P2P fan fic.  That being said though, I really do enjoy her Infernal Devices series and Clockwork Princess was one of my most anticipated reads for 2013.

General Summary: Tessa is going all woo is me because two boys like totally like her but she likes them both.  Oh, and there’ s a crazy guy who’s sending robots after her too.  That has to be a bummer.


This book.

This is going to be one tricky review because I loved a lot of things about this book.  Like, with the exception of the heroine, I loved all the characters.  I thought each of them were well formed and had compelling backstories for the most part.  I loved the interactions with the characters too, particularly Jem and Will.  And even the subplots weren’t as annoying as they otherwise would’ve been.

The main story also was fairly decent if predictable.  Though I did get annoyed with a lot of things about the plot mostly involving Tessa.

Essentially the book could’ve been about two hundred pages shorter if Tessa had half a brian.  I know that sounds horrible but some of the choices she made in this book were just Disney Princess level stupid.  And I’m not talking about the modern day Disney Princess, I’m talking about Snow White level Disney princess where a man had to come to save Tessa despite the fact she could’ve transformed into anyone at anytime and kicked Mortimer’s ass via that way.  But hey….

And then when she was rescued….

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a rant.  One of the things I liked most about this trilogy was that it was so angst driven.  That’s why this love triangle worked.  You really felt all relationships-though honestly at this point I sort of wish it would’ve been Jem and Will who got together and forgot Tessa since I currently have no tolerance for her but whatever…the point was, you understood that people were going to get hurt no matter what the outcome was.  But what happened…..

Well, Tessa got her cake and ate it too to sum it up.  Okay, so she has those pesky immortality issues to throw some angst in there for a good measure but whatever.  The point is, both Jem and Will both got precious Tessa and precious Tessa really didn’t have to deal with any of their anger despite the fact that she and Will banged each other right after Will announced that Jem died.


If you read this blog you know the one thing I despise more than anything else is grief sex.  I don’t understand how someone can think having sex can  make their worries go away especially after the love of their life dies.  It just doesn’t compute.  I get that coitus releases endorphins much like chocolate and exercise, but there’s consequences.  I’m only glad that it was Magnus not Jem who walked in on them.  Though given how the book was going, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Jem just….okay, I’ll keep this PG-13.

Best Feature: Engrossing read.  I really do feel absorbed whenever I read a Cassandra Clare book.  As flawed as they are, you becoming overwhelmed with the story the world.  This one is no exception, though the plot was predictable there was just something about it that made me not want to leave the Infernal Devices world.  I know it sounds strange and it’s something I can’t quite describe but it’s a good feeling whatever it is.

Worst Feature: Tessa.  Oh, dear lord, I don’t like Tessa.  Which is sad because I really liked her a lot more than Clary up till this point.  She’s essentially a glorified Mary Sue who makes some pretty horrible choices in this book.  And guess what, she gets rewarded?  She gets both boys.  Not even Bella Swan can attest to that since Sneezy came along and took boy number two away from her.  But Tessa, she gets her cake and can eat it too.  You can argue, I guess, that she really won’t have a happy that like Will, Jem will eventually die.  But still…not everyone should have a quasi happy ending and grief sex, grief sex, grief sex!

My brain after reading the book.

Appropriateness: There’s some violence in here similar to Clare’s other books.  Also, there’s a sex scene as well.  The language is mild.  But definitely not for pre-teens.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes.  I’d actually like to see this series turned into a movie.  A lot more than The Mortal Instruments.  Though since they butchered the casting of Jace, I’m a little scared about this one being turned into a movie.

Tessa: Emmy Rossum, maybe. That’s how I sort of imagine Tessa looking like anyway.

Will: Tom Sturridge, duh.

Jem: Got to go with my favorite teen Asian actor from Glee, Harry Shum JR.  Though he’s really not a teen (he’s thirty). But still he can dance and kind of sing it wouldn’t be that difficult to think he could learn to play the violin.

Overall Rating: I’m going to give this one a six out of ten.  I loved a lot of things about this book and I can recommend it without feeling horrible about it, but the things that bothered me really bothered me.  Look, I get what Clare was trying to do with the relationships here, but I’m a traditionalist I think and the grief sex just rubbed me the wrong way.  And this is from someone who watches way too much Daytime television.

Do Judge a Book By Its Cover: Foolish Covers

Well, it’s almost April (it will be on Monday).  But I like to get a head start on  things, that and I’m completely bored in  Texas Pretrial and the person who’s reciting is mumbling so I couldn’t really pay attention even if I wanted too, it’s time to analyze some more covers.  Since it’s April (just go with it) I decided to make this months theme fools.  Because of April Fool’s Day.  And honestly, I have to wonder what the art department for some of these books were thinking.

What the Cover Tells Me: Barbie Doll has always known she was different.  I mean, look at her feet.  Buying shoes is a bitch.  And try putting makeup on your face when you already have makeup permanently applied there….But then she meets Ken and finds out that, well, she’s not human.  She’s from the Matel.  That planet  of plastic people that are determined to take over the Earth through body dysmorphication.
What the Book is Really About: This little brat throws a temper tantrum about how she wants to be a normal girl who doesn’t wear trash bags on top of her head.  Goes to public school and falls in love with a grey alien wannabe who just happens to look like Malfoy in a silver bodysuit.
Verdict: Abort, abort.  Sometimes kids, we shouldn’t be so literal when designing a book cover especially if our only cover models are photoshopped versions of Barbie and Ken.  Grant it that’s how the characters in that book actually look like.
What Does This Cover Tell Me: It’s the latest Cassandra Clare novel-see the hot bod and tattoos.  But what on Earth is with that Butterfly?  Is this a new series?  Will Walking be in every title.  Oh, wait maybe disaster will be in every title.
See, almost the same cover save for the fact that awful butterfly sort of takes away from the badassness.
What is the Book is Really About: Dive into the mind of a sociopath  of a hunky dream guy who has full control over his girlfriend’s wardrobe, calls her pigeon for no apparent reason, and fantasizes eleven years later from prison after being booked for assault that he’s a kick ass FBI agent and his wife didn’t leave him after they appeared on Dr. Phil for abusive relationships.  Oh, wait that last part didn’t happen.  But the rest does.
Verdict: I don’t get the butterfly at all.  I get that it’s suppose to show some casual connection between the books, but doesn’t having “Disaster” in the title do that?   I hate to say this but McGuire’s publisher should take a cue from the art department that designed Cassandra Clare’s books.  There’s a clear theme to her omnibus Shadowhunter series that isn’t too grating or too literal-though those titles (shudders).
*Note, this is actually a New Adult title. But if you’ve read my blog you know how I feel about NA as a genre.
What Does This Cover Tell Me: So like are they in the water or something.  Because it looks like the bench is in the water but then I see grass and I’m not sure?  So are they like holding on to each other because a natural disaster equal to any Roland Emmerich film hits their fictional town and they must cling onto each other to survive?
Natural disasters dumping one park at a time into your local pounds.  
What Is This Book Really About:  So drippy girls gets in a love triangle and gets knocked up-yawns.
Verdict: At least these covers have a theme (yes, I said covers because McAdams books all share a similar cover theme even though they’re mostly stand alones).  But seriously, why must these covers be so literal.  Why oh why?
See, almost identical save for the fact they’re standing up and one of the male models is not covered with body art.  Can’t we be the least bit creative or is that too difficult?
What Does This Cover Tell Me:  At long last we’re getting a sequel to White Chicks but in book form.  And zombies are involved.   How can you not like that?  OOH, and rabbits too.  Rabbits make everything better save for penguins.  Because penguins are absolutely the cutest animals to exist on the world.  With maybe the exception of koala bears or baby harp seals.  Enough on the cute animal digression.  In this installment the “girls” must stop an evil Hollywood plastic surgeon who has a special serum that turns everyone into zombies.  And the rabbit (yes, the rabbit is having a starring role) is their kick ass side kick that knows bunny karate or whatever.
What the Book Is Really About: A zombie fighting series that was apparently inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Verdict: Well, it makes a statement.  That’s for sure.  But not the sort of statement you want to make when trying to make a book.  Seriously?  WTF were they thinking?  It looks like they had enough money to try on this one too which makes it even more perplexing.

The Unofficial House of Night Drinking Game: Untamed

Honestly, this cover….I have no words for it’s horribleness. 

What is almost annoying as House of Night….did you say High School Musical?  Well, if you did, then you’re right.  Now imagine if the two of them were combined

House of Night Musical: The Drinking Game!
Honestly, I decided that this particular installment (Untamed) needed a musical review because the whole book read like it was in desperate need of a montage.
Yes, this would so help the book.  Especially I could avoid 200 pages of Zoey’s rants.
So without further ado let’s get this musical on (and oh, yeah, it’s a drinking musical so obviously get out the mixed drinks and disco balls or whatever).
1) “What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful“-The Backestreet Boys
Better known as the Zoey Redbird theme.  Anytime Zoey talks about how wonderful and special she is you almost want to cue the music.  Though I honestly, don’t know how that would work if Untamed or any of the other House of Night books were turned into musicals.  Wouldn’t Zoey notice she had a boy band behind her?  I guess, if you kept drinking every time Zoey says how special she is from the first line of page one to the last line of the book.  You’d be drunk enough not to care.


2) “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun“- Cyndi Lauper
God, the whole first five chapters could’ve just been a montage with this song. Seriously, this book had way too much girl talk.  I get that we want to show bonding and all that jazz.  But the plot needs to move a little bit.  And God, really, Aphrodite and Zoey doing the female bonding.  No.  Just no.  You know, it’s moments like these that I wish this book was translated to film or TV so I could just press the flash-forward button.  Really, I drank about two glasses of Glitter and Gold tea during these chapters just because I was so bored.  And well, Glitter and Gold tea is really good.
3) “Iron Man“-Black Sabbath
There’s  a new boyfriend to add in Zoey’s harem and his name is Stark-I think the Casts watched Iron Man before writing this book.  I have to admit I get the Robert Downey JR thing, but seriously.  Can we be a little more than obvious?  And this guy, if you think he has some sort of a personality.  Nope.  Just as lame as the rest especially since he declares his undying love for Zoey before he croaks.  Oh, and he has a dog named Duchess.  And that really bothers me because one of the dogs I adopted used to be named Duchess and her former owners neglected her to the point she had to get heartworm treatment and had a liver infection and…well, I guess I’m basing that more on a personal issue than anything else.  But that aside, yeah Stark is lame and this song is too good for him.  But hey, since we’re ripping off Iron Man might as well rip off the song.
The dog formerly known as Duchess.
4) “The Power of Love“-Sailor Moon
Don’t you know everything can be solved with the power of love?  At least that’s what Zoey says before Stark dies.  Yeah, I spoiled this bit for you, but it happens fairly early in the book so I don’t feel like it’s that big of a spoiler.  I just think having this song in here at that moment where she wills him on and he croaks is rather hilarious.
5) “Every Breath You Take“-The Police
Although, Loren is dead that still doesn’t mean that creepy student teacher relationships has ended at The House of Night.  Several times throughout the book Zoey’s dalliance with Loren is mentioned to the point that even Neferet shares with her superior the fact that Zoey slept with a teacher.  Does anyone care that Zoey has essentially been raped?  Nope.  Instead, this is used to imply that she’s a slut. Oh, and did I mention that Prince Eric is now a teacher too and Zoey has the hots for him still which brings us to our next song….
6) “Kiss the Girl“-Alan Menkin and Harold Ashman
Oh, Prince Eric.  I really don’t understand why you’re still trying with this girl.  And for that matter why you’d assign her to be your Desmonda when you’re playing Othello.  Yes, I’ve read the play I know how it not so subtly correlates with what Zoey did to you.  But dude, you’re her teacher now.  And to kiss her in class….Really, really, PC Cast is a teacher.  She should know about maintaining proper teacher/student relationships.  Plus, Prince Eric really you want to get involved with that again.  Le sigh.  I drank a lot during this part.
7) “Listen With Your Heart“-Alan Menkin and Stephen Schwartz
Anytime, Zoey’s grandma makes an appearance I can’t help but think of Grandma Willow from Pocohantas so I just had insert a song from that film into our little musical.  Besides, it’s weirdly appropriate given Grandma Redbird’s crunchy granola advice and how nature always is talked about.  And there’s always some garbage about following your heart.  I really feel like anytime this character appears you can drink.  Oh, and don’t get me started on how the Casts decided to invoke Cherokee legends into their little shit fest.
8) “Faces of the Heart” (“General Hospital Theme”)-Dave Koz
There are a lot of emergencies that take during Untamed and I thought it was only fitting that we’d have an emergency related song in this little musical.  I was tempted to use “How to Save a Life” by the Fray, but no….that’s not melodramatic enough for this piece of literature.  Plus, it’s used on Grey’s Anatomy and Grey’s Anatomy is a much more realistic take on medical emergencies than this books take on them.  So, I decided to use the old General Hospital theme which is fitting in multiple ways since the show involves both medical emergencies and melodrama.
9) “Material Girl“-Madonna
The Casts’s love describing Zoey and her dweeby friends (Nerd Herd-so not catching on) clothes.  So, why not have the song that is all about being a material girl.  It will make those pages of endless descriptions of black clothing more bearable (sort of).  Though the Casts’s lack of knowledge when it comes to menswear is mildly amusing.
10) Anything from the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack-John Williams
 This one’s actually mentioned by the Casts themselves during the climax-apparently, they had this music playing.  So I had to feature it, though I personally feel it’s a bit out of place.  “Kung Fu Fighting”, I think would’ve been a more appropriate choice here for a fighting song but whatever.  It’s just like the book is fragmented and filled with many gaps of logic.
So Overall Rating: Once again this one gets no stars from me.  As far as this one goes in the series, it’s merely filler except for the last twenty pages.  I’ll probably read the next one whenever I get it in my reserved box only because I have a perverse New Year’s Resolution to finish this series and I’d like to get a lot of it done before I go into the study dungeon.

Spellcaster: Claudia Gray

Nadia actually does wear a white dress in this book (well, sort of).

Claudia Gray books are like guilty pleasures for me.  I know they’re not the greatest, and God they use YA’s tropes like there’s no tomorrow.  But they’re enjoyable enough.  It’s like mind candy.  You know it’s bad for you, but somehow you can’t help but indulge.  Unfortunately though, I kind of got a brain belly ache from Spellcaster.

General Summary: After her mom ditches them Nadia’s dad decides to quit his job at a big fancy law firm, take the bar in another state (yeah….just go with it), and accept a pay cut so  his daughter can move cross country and have to deal with being the new girl for her senior year.  And oh yeah, she’s a witch too.


Okay, it’s not awful.  It’s actually quite enjoyable once you get past a few things.  Though not everyone’s going to get past these things especially Mateo.  God, I freaking hated Mateo.

Before I rant, I’ll talk about what’s good about this book.  It’s a pretty interesting set up.  Seemingly predictable, but it is enjoyable enough to read when you want an escape.  It’s nowhere near as romantic as Gray’s other books though.  Once again, I’m blaming Mateo for that.

Yeah, he’s sort of the elephant in the review.  Of course, you know the drill, more about him later but he really bogged down the book because we a good chunk of this story was told in his perspective and that’s another problem I had with the story.

This isn’t the first book I’ve read that’s been in multiple POV in third person, however its transitions sucked.  Often we’d go from paragraph to paragraph with little to no transitions at all.  It really would help Gray in future installments if she took a page form Melissa de la Cruz’s books and use chapters as divisions of perspectives if she can’t figure out how to transition.  God, it was so annoying trying to figure out who was who.  Almost as annoying as the cliches.

When I think of Gray’s writing, I always think cliches and she usually knows how to use them in that cheesy tolerable way.  But this book…I don’t know.  It just seemed a little cheese-tastic, predictable, and convenient.  Seriously, I figured out what was going on right away and the insta love did not help me like an already unlikeable character.

Finally, I’m going to pick on the info dumps that went on in this book.  God were there lots of them.  Once again, they were used purely for convenience just like the other tropes were used here.

Best Feature: Magic.  I like witch books. I can’t help it.  So that’s a plus.  I also think Gray can write cliches better than a lot of people.  Come on, most people wouldn’t be able to pull off a book about werewolves on the Titanic but she did (sort of).

Worst Feature: Mateo.  God, I can not stand this guy.  And it’s not because he’s an abusive ass hat.  To put it bluntly, this guy is a pussy.  Whining and moping basically describe his character, and I wanted to skim every time I saw that it was in his POV.  Honestly, I had a hard time imaging him as hot.  He’s just not.  Look, I get he’s scared he’s being overcome by the curse and how he’d want to friend his friend who’s really the empress of evil, but dude grow some freaking…you know what you can fill in that part.  I don’t want to get explicit, though that’s exactly what I was thinking throughout anytime this sorry excuse of a character appeared.  It also doesn’t help at one point he compares his teenage angst to having AIDS (yeah…not even going to go into how insensitive that remark is).

Appropriateness: Pretty clean.  Some violence and a couple of curse words here and there.  But for the most part, ti was pretty PG-13.

Blockbuster Worthy: Sure, why not.  I could actually see this being picked up by ABC Family or whatever.  It  kind of has a Charmed vibe to it.  And God knows, the networks are really looking for the next Charmed.  Here’s who I’d cast:

Nadia: Selena Gomez.  I sort of see this having a Disney Channel charm if it was ever produced.  Selena would do nicely.

Mateo: I don’t know.  The lack of young actors of Latin descent other than Taylor Lautner makes it puzzling enough.  But I don’t like Mateo, so I really couldn’t subject anyone to that role.

Overall Rating: Four out of ten spells.  I definitely didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did Fateful, but it’s not a bad library read. If your looking for a time waster and can’t finding anything that’s a must read, this might be one to pick up.

Someday My Prince Will Come: Disney Princes Pick Out Your Next Read

So, Disney princes.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a crush on one…

I thought so.  I thought it was only fitting that since animated guys were probably one of the first fictional guy crushes that many people have it would be only fitting to use these characters to help decide what YA book you should choose based on your favorite Disney prince.   Note, some of the newer princes-notably, Flynn and Naveen- are excluded from this list because I haven’t seen their respective movies (I’m an idiot, I know.  But hey, I’m a law student.  I hardly ever go out to the movies).

So without further ado it’s time to for Disney Prince/YA book mash up.

1) Aladdin: I really like Aladdin.  Probably because he is a diamond in the rough.  Though I wouldn’t put him in this spot if Dimitri from Anastasia was a Disney prince.  These guys are pretty similar though, but I give prefer Dimitri to Aladdin mainly because of his choice in fashion.  God, what is it with that stupid purple vest.  Thank God, there’s a makeover scene in the movie.  Okay, fashion choices aside I love how gray of a character Aladdin is.  He’s even somewhat snarky for a Disney prince.  So, props there.

YA Comparisons:

Daemon Black (Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout): Daemon Black acts a lot like Aladdin.  He’s a big flirt, he’s always trying to avoid governmental agencies that are slightly corrupt, he lies to his girlfriend to the point she gets annoyed with him, but he’s still hot.  However, I don’t think there’s a purple vest there and that’s probably a good thing.

Kingsley Martin (Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz): Kingsley is a bit of a bad boy in a good way, like Aladdin.  But with fashion sense (yes, I know I keep mentioning that purple vest, but really Disney what were you thinking).  Plus, thinking of Aladdin and thinking of Kingsley makes me wonder what Kingsley would wish for.  I’m thinking he’d probably manage to outwit the whole three wishes rule.  So, maybe he has one up on Aladdin.

Cole (Everneath by Brodi Ashton): Okay, so he should be on a villian list.  But this character has some great one liners.  And God knows, he is a good con man.  If the other guy in this quasi triangle wasn’t so perfect I might really want him and Nikki to be together.  Plus, he has a sad backstory like Aladdin too.  But no purple vest.  So there you go.

2)  Prince Phillip: Prince Phillip, what do I say but he’s probably the hottest out of Disney insta love guys.  That and he’s actually the most developed too.  Though not through dialogue which is a shame.  He’s awesome in the action sequences though.  And really if he had a bit more development, maybe he could give Eric a run for his money.  In all honesty though, I think Phillip emphasizes why some people find insta love so…so awe worthy.  He’s hot and cute and does brave things that it makes you almost forgive the fact he feel in love with a girl just because she was pretty and the animals liked her.


YA Comparisons:

Edward Cullen (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer): You know there are actual Youtube videos that feature a montage of Bella and Edward to the “Beauty and the Beast” (trust me, I was unfortunate enough to come across one when I was looking for Phoebe and Cole montages).  However, I think they’re relationship is much more like the one in Sleeping Beauty than Beauty and the Beast.  Considering the fact that they declare their undying devotion for each other before their first date and Edward tends to have to rescue Bella every other second.  You know even though he’s animated, I still think Prince Phillip is hotter than Edward.  Plus, I think his relationship with Aurora is more developed.  At least they sing together.  What do Bella and Edward do, stare?

Xavier Woods (Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto): You probably knew this one was coming whenever I think of insta love I think of Huggie Bear.  And you know what, if you like insta love Halo might be your thing.  The character development is very little to none, the romance is over the top.  But it does sort of read like an old Disney movie.  Of course, I think Prince Phillip is a lot more tolerable than Huggle Wuggles will ever be.  But I think that’s what Adornetto was striving for, a Disney character.  Because let’s face it most of our ideals of love come form Disney (at least if your parents raised you on a G filled animated film diet growing up).

Alec (Fateful by Claudia Gray): Alec is deliciously cliche.  Honestly, I feel like relationships on the Titanic are like the new Disney princes.  Do you know not only one but two animated movie versions of the Titanic were made after the James Cameron productions.  Both of them crappy on various levels-one even sequel that involves Atlantis, don’t ask.  I sort of see this book like those movies, but less cringe worthy.  The hero, Alec, equates to Prince Phillip in the fact that he falls in love with this girl with very little push or care and then the whole book is about her being a damsel on distress on a boat headed for doomed.  Unlike Twilight or Halo though, there’s an odd place for this one in my heart.  I think maybe because I enjoy its cheese and it doesn’t take itself that seriously. However, Prince Phillip is still hotter than Alec.

3) The Beast: The Beast is where I think we book girls get our love for bad boys.  I don’t know about you, but I always identified with Belle when it came to Disney princesses.  Maybe because I’m sort of like her when it comes to books and I would love to have a montage whenever I walked to town.  Of course, my name really wouldn’t translate well into song but…digressing.  While I might identify with Belle the most, the Beast is another story.  I really did not like this character at first.  He reminds me of all those cruddy YA protagonist.  Of course, when I was four that really didn’t seem to matter much.  More or less the character scared me.  But with age and the broadway show (where the prince looked way better than the drawing) he grew on me.  I think what makes this guy one to salivate over is that he really did  repent.  Unlike, so many….well, you’ll see when I list them.

YA Comparisons:

John (from Meg Cabot’s Abandon): Cabot I’m pretty sure loves Beauty and the Beast or I know that Mia loved Beauty and the Beast since she was always going on about it in those diary entries of hers.  It’s not surprising that one of her series could be comparable to the film.  I sort of see Abandon as that series.  Actually, I wonder if the whole Persephone tale could be some how connected to the origins of the fairytale, but that’s not what this blog entry is about.  I chose this book because I think John is a redeemable bad boy much like The Beast is.  God, did he frustrate and infuriate me in the first book but he really is mellowing out much like the beast.

Jace (from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments): Okay, so this one hasn’t mellowed out exactly.  But Jace Whatever He’s Going By does remind me a lot of the Beast.  He’s moody, lashes out, probably breaks his toys too.  And yeah, I know he’s really more like Draco Malfoy than the Beast.  But this is about Disney characters.  And I can honestly see people who like the Beast liking Jace.  He can be a pretty scary character and he has made a few dumb choices in his life.

Tucker Avery (Unearthly Trilogy by Cynthia Hand): No, he’s not a monster.  But Clara and Tucker’s relationship is a lot like the Beast and Belle’s.  They don’t really like each other at first and Tucker is outright rude to her.  Grant it, he’s not a quote, quote bad boy.  But I think their relationship develops similarly enough to the characters in the movie where you get that Beauty and the Beast vibe.

4) Shang: Shang is hot mainly because he doesn’t wear a shirt  for  good chunk  of the movie. Unlike Aladdin, he doesn’t even lamely try to cover it up with some stupid purple vest (thank God).  My one issue with him is  I don’t know how he didn’t realize Mulan wasn’t a girl.  Couldn’t he…anyway.  I think that might’ve been the hottest thing about Mulan and Shang’s relationship was that it didn’t start as insta love-he thought she was a guy.  And then when he found out the truth he shunned her away for awhile instead of instantly forgiving her.

YA Comparisons:

Dimitri (from Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy): Dimitri and Rose sort of have a Mulan/Shang relationship.  He’s her teacher.  But obviously, Dimitri notices that Rose is a girl.  Maybe, a little too much.  It’s sort of disturbing given the fact he’s about seven or so years older than her.  And what’s even more disturbing is that it’s sort of hot.

Adam (from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi): Okay, he’s a hot solider.  Grant it, he’s not sent to train whiney Juliette but he sort of does in a weird way.  And I can totally see him-at least in my mind going around shirtless like Shang.  Though I wonder how he’d sing.  Yeah, maybe he needs to work on that.

Matthew (from Samantha and the Cowboy by Lorraine Heath): You probably have never heard of this book.  And I’m sort of embarrassed that I read it.  Okay, I’m not really embarrassed that I read it because it’s just like Mulan but takes place in the Old West.  See, Samantha’s dad died  and she has to support her family so she cuts off all her hair and…sounds familiar?  Except Matthew is a hot cowboy not a solider and Samantha really never gets into the cowgirl thing-that’s okay she and Matthew still get together anyway.  It’s one of those books you want to read, but you don’t want to admit you own.  And fans of Mulan should love it if they dare to read it.

5) Eric: Eric’s probably my favorite Disney prince because of those eyes of his.  It also helps that there’s actual character development there as well-so he’s not just another pretty face like  Prince Phillip.  It’s true he instantly falls in love with a voice (one of the lamest plots, though it’s sort of understandable since said voice saved him and all), but when he meets the actual Ariel they have to work at what they have.  And besides that, he kind of learns the lesson that insta love isn’t all it seems when he fell in love with a sea witch because she had Ariel’s stolen voice.  Then again, that lesson is sort of ruined when he finds out that it’s Ariel and she gets her voice back and…stop analyzing.

YA Comparisons:

Jack Force (from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods): Jack really is like the Prince Eric of Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series.  He’s the swoon worthy guy you want to have who occasionally does make a boneheaded move but makes amends.  And I admit a lot of my lust for Jack is shallow, much like my lust is for Eric.  Plus, he sort of owns a castle (well, a penthouse and a Jaguar).  Oh, and he has a penchant for homeless girls  too since Schuyler is described in the earlier books as sort of dressing like how Ariel dressed when Eric saw her on the beach.

Erik Night (from PC and Kristin Casts’s House of Night): I feel bad about doing this since I love Prince Eric, but Erik Night is an obvious fan fiction version of Prince Eric if I’ve ever seen one.  Once again, I really don’t recommend this one if you need a Prince Eric fit.  But it was too funny to resist.

Jesse de Silva (from Meg Cabot’s The Mediator): Jesse is so Prince Eric worthy it’s not even funny.  It’s true he’s not a prince, he used to be a rich rancher though before he died.  And if you think about his death it was kind of similar to the problems Prince Eric had.  Perfectly nice guy makes some bad decisions regarding women, only Jesse turned up dead not married to a sea witch.  And Suze is spunky like Ariel too.

Half Blood: Jennifer L Armentrout

Considering the fact that the blurb is written by someone who ripped off Twilight, I really shouldn’t be surprised that this is a rip off either.  

The Covenant series.  I’ve heard great things about it.  And after devouring the last Lux book, I really was in need of a Jennifer L Armentrout fix (that new new adult book of hers, wasn’t really doing it for me).  So why not try her other popular series, but as I read it…I started having a since of deja vu.  Let’s see why, shall we?

General Summary: You can read what this book is about here though replace Rose with  Alex and Dimitri with Aiden.  Oh, and there’s no best friend here just a dead mother.


I really don’t know how to review this one.  On one hand I want to praise it.  It wasn’t the greatest book I’ve even read, but it did engage me and make the Monday back from Spring Break bearable.  On the other hand…

It’s essentially Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy with Greek mythology loosely incorporated throughout it.  And that just makes me feel icky.  I’ll talk about this more in my worst feature section of this review-and, well, throughout other parts of the review as well.  Let’s just say that while I enjoyed reading the book, I couldn’t get past the fact that it was a Vampire Academy rip off.

So, Vampire Academy aside what do I have to say about this book  I thought it was a fairly engaging story.  And a pretty good debut (this was Armentrout’s first published book).  Alex was an engaging, relatable character and Aidwn didn’t fall into the douchiness that so many YA characters fall in.  I didn’t like Seth though, but I don’t think I was supposed to like him.

The climax was also well written.  The fight scenes were really nail biters and the decision Alex has to make is pretty heart breaking.  Though I wish there was more emotional turmoil from said decision (guess that’s what sequels are for).

So, is there anything that I have to complain about this book besides it obviously being inspired by Vampire Academy..um, yeah.  The world building for one thing was little to non-existant. You wouldn’t have known that Alex or everyone else in this novel was descended from Greek gods unless she didn’t outright tell us.  Honestly, I thought they were vampires for awhile there and that’s not because of the obvious, it’s because daimons feed on pures and half-bloods.  And I totally didn’t understand the pure and half bloods system and why the half bloods put up with it especially when there’s a super duper powerful half born each century or so.  Seriously, why not just over throw the pures it’s not like you need them like in Vampire Academy.

A lot of the time it just felt like Armentrout was riding on cliches.  For instance, Alex is conveniently a special snowflake which explains so much about why the daimons are after her.  A soul mate concept is discussed.  And then there’s also the fact that Alex is just the most amazing out of amazing sentinels in training.

In other words parts of the novel really are unicorn poo.  Despite it’s great potential if it hadn’t been a blatant p2p fan fic.

Best Feature: Great voice.  I really love Armentrout’s voice.  It’s always easy to get lost in her books. Her characters are likable and engaging.  Her books always make me smile and that’s a good thing.  I really liked Alex too.  She’s funny, smart, and can kick ass but….

Worst Feature: Vampire Academy ripoff. I would’ve liked (okay, really liked) this book if it hadn’t been a blatant Vampire Academy ripoff.  Look, I get that YA books (especially YA paranormal books) are going to be sharing similar themes.  That is expected.  However, I think this pushes the envelope a little too much.  Not only does it share a similar premises, the love interest is similar as well, and Alex is spunky just like Rose.  Even the villain is sort of similar.  And to me, that just seems wrong.  Maybe I’m sensitive because something similar happened to me when I posted a story on fan fiction and a fellow poster took my plot ideas and changed them slightly before posting a “new” story.  And yes, I get that there is no such thing as an original idea, but did if have to be such an obvious ripoff.  Look at Armentrout’s Lux series.  It’s similar to Twilight, but it’s different enough where it stands on it’s own.  For example, it involves aliens instead of vampires and has a no nonsense-I have hobbies besides cooking-herorine with a plot that other than new girl moving to new school and falls in love with a strange boy is completely different.  I swear, it is.

Appropriateness: There’s some violence, the language is PG-13, and some kissing scenes.  It’s definitely tamer than a House of Night novel if that’s what you’re worried about.

Blockbuster Worthy: It’s already becoming a movie.  Oh wait, different series.  So I guess I have to do some casting, right?

Alex: Alexis Bledel: Yeah, yeah, I know that Rory Gilmore is too old to play a teenager now.  But that’s who I imagine Alex looking like.

Aiden: Channing Tatum.  Yes, I know he’s too old for the role.  But when Channing was in the right age group he would’ve been the perfect Aiden.  He has the necessary muscles and God knows he looks like a god.

Overall Rating:  Sigh, if it wasn’t such a blatant rip off I’d be willing to give this book a solid six.  Maybe a six point five.  But because it’s a rip off it’s getting a four.  Look, I get that there are no original ideas.  I took Property I, but this is really pushing the envelope.  The fact there hasn’t been any sort of lawsuit for copyright infringement sort of amazes me even though I know the difficulties/time it would take/ and money to pursue or to even prove such a case.  And yeah, I get the novel became more of its own thing once it reached a certain point, but still….still.  Poor Richelle Mead.  She had to do all the heavy lifting.  She did all the work when it came to the novel’s set up, its world (oh, wait the vampires are replaced by gods and goddesses), and character interactions (at least  this version of Dimitri and Rose was slightly less creepy, though slightly less hot as well).   However, I will be picking up the next book.  After, I read Frostbite the second book in the Vampire Academy series.  Why you might ask?  Well, I’m hoping the series starts to deviate more from it’s fan fiction source material.  Maybe then I’ll be able to forgive myself for liking this blatant rip off.

God, I feel like I need to go to confession now.

The Unofficial House of Night Drinking Game: Chosen

My neck in real life is much more glamorous, of course.


This is Zoey Redbird (yes, I know I’m amazing you can like totally stop clapping now).


I’m upset that people are using my series to get drunk. Seriously, you can’t understand how amazing it is.  That I am like the super-est of the super.  Seriously, Wonder Woman has nothing on me.  I am just amazing.

How many times do I have to say that?

A lot, I guess, since I keep repeating it a lot throughout my novel.  Now an evil person would drink a lot to that, but you’re not evil right?  But if you are let me tell you why you shouldn’t drink in my plight to be the bestest of the bestest.

Man, in this installment of my series my life really sucks.  I have three boyfriends and I complain about it a lot.  It’s soooooo hard to choose.  Let’s look at my choices:

A) King Douche: Oh, Heath.  We’ve always had this connection.  And we’re like perfect together because of our past even though he’s has about the same IQ as a Labrador Retriever.   And really does nothing that’s remotely likable.  Except, of course, I want his blood.

Cute and as loyal as a puppy, unless you count that skank bitch Kayla.

B) Prince Eric: Erik is just amazing.  Sure he lacks a personality, but you can always recognize him because of his Superman hair and blue eyes.  He’s sort of like Prince Eric on The Little Mermaid appearance and all.  I think he’s so pretty a lot throughout the book.  You can just drink at how I’m amazing anytime I describe him.

C) Mr. Mary Kay Laterno: Loren, oh Loren, my poetry teacher.  He makes me blush whenever he calls me a woman.  Yes, I know I’m a girl (you, pervert), but  there’s just something about the way he looks at me….that makes me…want him.  Despite the fact he didn’t really pay me the time of day until very recently.  Also, so what if he’s my teacher and I lose my virginity to him…it’s not that big of a deal.  We’re meant to be.  And that night…oh, it was filled of blood and passion (how romantic).

Okay, so I know my relationship with Loren is taboo.  I know a lot of things that go on in this book could be considered taboo.  But that’s what makes me so cool  man.

Oh, poopie, I bet that sounded lame there.

And really, I don’t know what’s wrong with bullpoopie.  You people who think I should cuss or at least act like a quasi normal human being just need to get over yourself because I’m special.

So, back to what we were talking about my story is taboo, original, and edgy.  Here are some of the “edgy” things that are discussed that have never been seen in a little fan fic called My Immortal

  • Student/teacher relationships: Loren and I are love.  We like did it in the rec room but it was totally ruined by Prince Eric who came in there and started cussing us out.


  • Count Chocola and vampires love for it (if I only I could have a Mercedes with the license plates with 666)



  • Friends that undergo radical transformations with makeovers that are from Hot Topic.



  • Evil teachers who hate me for no reason



See, totally original.  Totally. I am unique like a unicorn.  But better because I’m Zoey Poopie Redbird.  I’m not afraid to stand up to the issues and defend my friends.  And yeah, I sort of talk bad about them behind their back.  Like Stevie Rae, I totally agree with Aphrodite (that biotch) that she needs a makeover. But whatever.
I’m still a good person.
Even though that was sort of mean, blowing those two random guys in front of a truck to get ran over and then blowing it off because of happy hour at Starbucks.  But they didn’t die.
Besides, I’m totally a caring individual.  Look at how I take care of Damien.  He’s gay and I’m totally okay with that.  I love him, even though he’s characterized so stereotypically at least according to cynics.  And so what if he got with the only other gay kid in school it was true love Nyx meant it be.
And I so don’t know why people have a beef with Nyx.  She’s our one true goddess.  If you worship anything else your a fanatic or freak.  Like my mother.   I so don’t understand why she sent me a Christmas card. I hate Christmas it always ruins my birthday.  Bullpoopie Birthmas gifts.
Whatever.  So by now, you know that I’m a totally cool person and one you don’t have to get drunk to have fun with.  I mean, surely you can’t find anything worth drinking over from what I said, right?
See you in the fourth installment where I’ll hopefully be reblessed and crowed the highest of the high priestess (is there like a high priestess, pope?)
Your future House of Night pontiff
Disclaimer: Obviously, I’m not Zoey Redbird or PC or Kristin Cast (God help me if I was one of them).  I am merely using the character to illustrate my deep hatred for these books and why you should get drunk or at least get a sugar high off of them. 

Everbound: Brodi Ashton

Don’t expect high fashion couture in this book.  The pretty dresses are only used to sell the book.

General Summary: After Jack sacrifices himself to save Nikki.  She’s determined to rescue him even if that means teaming up with the devil (Cole).


I loved this book.  It’s probably the best book I’ve read in awhile.

And yes, it’s better than Opal which I read last week and loved too. The difference I think between this book and Opal  had a lot of fluff, this book had some fluffy moments but it really, really was great setting up plot and developing character which are thinks are often not seen in sophomore efforts.

To be honest, I liked Everneath but I didn’t love it.  This book made me love this series.  It’s what I want in a Greek myth retelling-though Ashton amps it up and adds elements of Egyptian and even Viking mythology as well (or at least Viking history, though I have a feeling Viking mythology could come to play in the next one).

Usually middle books seem like they’re just there as filler, but this one wasn’t filler.  A lot happened here and the book really did add to the story.

I think a lot of my love for this book was because of the character.  Nikki is really kick ass and while I found her kind mopey in the last book, she really grew on me here.  She took action and her drive to save Jack was great.  I also liked both love interests (or one since I really don’t see how Nikki and Cole could be together, though they have awesome chemistry together).  Both relationships seem so developed, but in different ways.  I really liked how Jack incorporated throughout the book, even though he was only present for brief parts.  Also, Cole just wow.  He’s awesome in the creepy too bad to actually want to be with sort of way.

Even the side characters were developed more.  It’s true that they really weren’t present much throughout the book, but when they were they served a purpose.  I have to admit, I even the fact that Nikki’s dad drugged her.  Was it wrong, yes, but it was better than most YA parents would do.

Best Feature: Cole.  Cole is really the perfect gray character.  Here is a villain that I actually have a love hate relationship with.  And can’t help but feel strangely sorry for even though what he does in this novel is beyond despicable.  But I still can’t help but feel for the guy at the same time.  However, I definitely want his ass kicked at the same time.  What do I say my relationship is complicated when it comes to Cole.

Worst Feature: Off screen events.  This is being really nit-picky and I understand why Ashton did it, but I’d sort of like to see some of things that happened off screen.  Like the development of Nikki and Will’s relationship or her relationship with Mrs. Jenkins.  There’s enough explanation, but it really would’ve been nice had we actually got to see these scenes.

Appropriateness: This book is fairly clean though it is rather dark in general.  I think that’s one of the best things about this book that it can come across being mature and hot (because all those scenes with Cole and Jack were hot), but at the same time be strangely appropriate.  The language is fairly clean, the romance while hot doesn’t reach the shield your eyes level.  I think this shows that have a mature book without being graphic and I really like that.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes, yes, yes.  I think I already did casting too. But after this installment, I have to see a movie of this.

Overall Rating: Nine out of ten.  This has to be my favorite Persephone retelling and this book really kicked things up a notch.  I love how developed everything is, the characters, the plot, the world building.  This is how sophomore novels should be.  And now, friends,  I must anxiously await the third book in this amazing series.