Opal: Jennifer L Armentrout

I love the chemistry that these cover models share, but it always kind of annoys me that Katy is described as having dark blonde hair in the book and this girl clearly has dark colored hair.  Picky I know and the choice they have for Daemon more than makes up with it, but whatever.

General Summary: After rescuing Dawson, Katy and the gang must deal with the fallout.  And boy is there some fallout.  With her relationship with Daemon heating up and a plan that involves life and death consequences this is one book you have to read.


I loved this book, so this review might be biased.  The amount of swoon worthiness in it alone is to die for.  And as usual, the book lives up to it’s hype. I think what I really like about this series though is that it gets better with each installment.

So yeah, this review is going to have a lot of fan girling in it, though I will talk about some of the minor issues I had in the book as well.

I think the best part about this book was the development that was seen with the relationships in this book.  Not only with Katy and Daemon, but also Katy and Dee, and even Katy and Blake.  Heck, Katy’s non existent mother’s role was even developed some.  Not much mind you, but you actually get to see her interact a bit with Daemon which is nice.

It is really nice seeing Katy and Daemon as a couple.  I enjoyed their flirtatious banter in the last few installments, but they were sweet together and didn’t lose their spark which is something that often happens when couples get together in YA.

I also enjoyed how much Adam’s death affected Katy’s relationship with Dee.  Yes, that might seem sadistic, but I liked the fact that there was actual fallout from his death.  Instead of  the character and his role simply being swept underneath the rug.

And then there’s Katy and Blake.  I have to say I’m glad she just didn’t accept his apologies and started lusting after him.  God, I hate love triangles.  And it looks like any sort of love triangle is done here unless something bizzaro happens.

So what problems did I have with this one?

Well, the ending sort of seemed a little incomplete to me.  Honestly, it was plain cruel.  I wanted to read on what was going to happen and now I’m going to have to wait to the summer and I don’t have time to read in the summer because of the bar (okay, I’m planning on allocating myself at least half an hour to an hour of reading time a day but….) I want that book now!

Another problem I had with this installment was maybe it relied a little too much on fluff.   God knows, I loved the fluff scenes, but I felt some of them were unnecessary and sort of blogged down the book.  But of course, as soon as I said that someone would get vaporized or whatever and all would be okay.

Best Feature: Swoon Worthy.  Daemon Black is truly swoon worthy.  He’s up their in my top five book boyfriends.  And it’s amazing that I like him.  Usually I can’t stand YA heros who are in the vein of Daemon, but he really made me fall in love with him.  Perhaps because the character development was so well done when it concerned him.  There’s a reason for his douchiness and he evolves as a character throughout the series.

Worst Feature: Cliffhangers.  This book ends with hardly any resolution.  It’s just plain evil.  Which is why I deducted one point.  And yes, I know it’s the middle of the series and I should appreciate cliff hangers.  But damn it, that cliffie was evil.

Appropriateness: Things get rather hot and heavy with Daemon and Katy in this book and there is some violence in this book as well as mature language.  Honestly, it’s probably not the best book for preteens, but it’s not the most explicit YA book I’ve ever read.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes, yes, yes.  And I’ve already done casting.  But God, I’d love to see these books on the big screen.

Overall Rating: Nine out of ten E.T.’s I loved this book so much I had to buy myself an actual copy midway through reading it.  This book is why Armentrout is one of my favorite authors.  If you haven’t read the Lux series you really should.


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