Everbound: Brodi Ashton

Don’t expect high fashion couture in this book.  The pretty dresses are only used to sell the book.

General Summary: After Jack sacrifices himself to save Nikki.  She’s determined to rescue him even if that means teaming up with the devil (Cole).


I loved this book.  It’s probably the best book I’ve read in awhile.

And yes, it’s better than Opal which I read last week and loved too. The difference I think between this book and Opal  had a lot of fluff, this book had some fluffy moments but it really, really was great setting up plot and developing character which are thinks are often not seen in sophomore efforts.

To be honest, I liked Everneath but I didn’t love it.  This book made me love this series.  It’s what I want in a Greek myth retelling-though Ashton amps it up and adds elements of Egyptian and even Viking mythology as well (or at least Viking history, though I have a feeling Viking mythology could come to play in the next one).

Usually middle books seem like they’re just there as filler, but this one wasn’t filler.  A lot happened here and the book really did add to the story.

I think a lot of my love for this book was because of the character.  Nikki is really kick ass and while I found her kind mopey in the last book, she really grew on me here.  She took action and her drive to save Jack was great.  I also liked both love interests (or one since I really don’t see how Nikki and Cole could be together, though they have awesome chemistry together).  Both relationships seem so developed, but in different ways.  I really liked how Jack incorporated throughout the book, even though he was only present for brief parts.  Also, Cole just wow.  He’s awesome in the creepy too bad to actually want to be with sort of way.

Even the side characters were developed more.  It’s true that they really weren’t present much throughout the book, but when they were they served a purpose.  I have to admit, I even the fact that Nikki’s dad drugged her.  Was it wrong, yes, but it was better than most YA parents would do.

Best Feature: Cole.  Cole is really the perfect gray character.  Here is a villain that I actually have a love hate relationship with.  And can’t help but feel strangely sorry for even though what he does in this novel is beyond despicable.  But I still can’t help but feel for the guy at the same time.  However, I definitely want his ass kicked at the same time.  What do I say my relationship is complicated when it comes to Cole.

Worst Feature: Off screen events.  This is being really nit-picky and I understand why Ashton did it, but I’d sort of like to see some of things that happened off screen.  Like the development of Nikki and Will’s relationship or her relationship with Mrs. Jenkins.  There’s enough explanation, but it really would’ve been nice had we actually got to see these scenes.

Appropriateness: This book is fairly clean though it is rather dark in general.  I think that’s one of the best things about this book that it can come across being mature and hot (because all those scenes with Cole and Jack were hot), but at the same time be strangely appropriate.  The language is fairly clean, the romance while hot doesn’t reach the shield your eyes level.  I think this shows that have a mature book without being graphic and I really like that.

Blockbuster Worthy: Yes, yes, yes.  I think I already did casting too. But after this installment, I have to see a movie of this.

Overall Rating: Nine out of ten.  This has to be my favorite Persephone retelling and this book really kicked things up a notch.  I love how developed everything is, the characters, the plot, the world building.  This is how sophomore novels should be.  And now, friends,  I must anxiously await the third book in this amazing series.


2 thoughts on “Everbound: Brodi Ashton

  1. I really loved this one. This is probably one of my favorite series after this particular installment. And it's weird, I've never really been won over by sophomore installment until now.

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