Cover Lust: Best and Worst Dressed

One of the biggest trends in YA covers is  the dress.

The dress usually makes no appearance in the actual novel, but it’s used to make people think. OOOH, what a pretty cover or it can have the opposite result.  Today, I’m giving my list of best and worst dressed YA dress covers.



You have to recognize these books for starting the dress trend.  Heck, I didn’t even like the series but I kept buying the books (up to a certain point) because of the covers.  Though looking at it now, I will say that the train looks overworked.  It would probably be one of those dresses on Project Runway that the judges would either love or hate (all depending on Heidi Klum’s current mood and the guest  judge).


I actually like this dress a lot.  I like how it becomes a functional part of the cover (you actually feel like there’s some purpose to the dress here than other oooh she looks pretty).  I think I remember reading somewhere that the actual dress appeared in a runway show or something.  I can’t find an actual link though, so that for now is rumor.  But wow, just wow.


This book might’ve annoyed me heck and gone and while the posing here is just wrong to the point where you want to hand her a stick of Secret-that dress.  Oh, that dress.  All I have to say, is thank God for Amy Adams.  Finally, someone who wears a dress like that that does it justice.


If I ever get published, I’m stealing Cassandra Clare’s cover designer.  This cover is probably one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen in 2013. And while the dress is probably something that would be frowned upon in the actual Victorian period (I think it might be a little too low cut-I would wear it in a heartbeat though) it’s a beautiful dress.  I love the color and the floral work.  Truly a standout.


I know what you’re thinking, you didn’t even finish this book why is it number one?  Because the cover looks freaking fantastic in real life.  I’m serious.  That’s the reason I bought this book and while I did regret it, it will be nice decorative piece on my bookshelf.  Just looking at it makes me want to give this book a second chance.  The dress itself seems to have a mixture of modern and old fashion elements.  And of course, it being in red makes it stand out.




I get the dress is supposed to be dramatic and all that jazz, but the black really doesn’t do any justice for any possible detail work that the dress might’ve had.  And honestly that dress looks so heavy.  Why would someone want to wear it to the woods?


Was this a Project Runway challenge go wrong? It’s like a bunch of tulle was wadded up to try to hide something.  Bad sewing skills?  Baby bump?  Conjoined twin?  Who knows. The only thing  I know is  it makes the otherwise pretty models body look disjointed.  And that’s just wrong.


Another marshmallow dress-groans.  No wonder they redesigned the covers.  The way this dress is structured really is unflattering.  From the deep v cut to the extra packing of fabric around the hips (the way the model has her arms positioned doesn’t help either).


Prison orange is never fashionable.  And while I appreciated that designer tried to do this nice texture thing, it just looks overworked.  It’s like the first cover was so pretty that they wanted to have something that could compare with it, but while the first one looked light and frothy and made you mad that a crappy book like The Selection had such a pretty cover.  This one is a definite warning that you’re about to read a shitty series.


The posing itself looks like a crossover between bad prom shots and the Twilight DVD cover.  However, this comment is focusing primarily on the dress.  From a first glance it’s very pretty.  But the more I look at it, the more I hate it.  Look at the top it looks over worked and the fanning is nice enough but just sort of boring.  Really, the dress is boring.  It looks like something you’d wear for prom.  You’d probably be the best dress at the prom but still….

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