Mind Games: Kiersten White

OOH, a marshmallow.  I like marshmallows.  They’re fluffy and soft and oh, so gooey and…

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

Yeah, I’m thinking of Ghost Busters which reminds me of that series you know by Kiersten White you know the one with the soul sucking girl who falls in love with the shapeshifter and….she has a new book out. That’s about assassins.  Oh, yeah, I have to read this one but wait marshmallows….

General Summary: So this is like about two sisters, they don’t talk about marshmallows, instead they kill people.  Well, one’s psychic sort of like Olivia on General Hospital but she also calls hits on people.  The other girls like Black Widow except she doesn’t wear leather…and…yeah, marshmallows…


So this is the review space.  I’d rather talk about why assassins wear leather all the time.  Isn’t that conspicuous?  Then again, Fia is avery suspicious in general and I don’t think wearing leather would hurt her.  Not that she doesn’t wear leather, but she’s not really much of an assassin. 

She doesn’t kill a guy because he has pretty eyes.

Isn’t that sweet (smirks-ooh, smirking like Professor Snape at Hogwarts, he smirks a lot.  I think he does at least).

I like pretty eyes too, but isn’t she supposed to be an assassin like Black Widow.  She certainly doesn’t act like Widow.  Widow wouldn’t stop a hit if the target had pretty eyes she’d probably still do her job.  She probably also wouldn’t let her life be controlled by numbskulls because she has a sister they’re using to blackmail her.

A sister who’s sort of worthless except she can read minds.

OOH, a telepath.  I always wanted to read minds.  Like I really want to read Kirsten White’s mind and try to understand why she wanted to write a book in two characters POV who sound exactly the same.

Like there was no difference between Fia and Annie both of them were controlling bitches.  And I couldn’t get who we were suppose to like Pretty Eyes or that Playboy Guy who we saw Fia with a good chunk of the novel.

What about Annie (the annoying mind reader who makes Martian Manhunter look cool)?  Why isn’t she getting any of the loving.

You know, this book sort of reminds me of another White book about sisters…oh, wait that’s different they’re soulless and not in love with Doogie Howser.

Pretty Eyes boy is totally like Doogie.  Though he doesn’t get the catchy theme song.

But then again, she kills so willingly so maybe she is soulless….I don’t know.  I really don’t want to talk about morality when it comes to this book.  Though seriously, these assassins are really lame.

So is the organization that they belong too.  They act like they’re bad ass, but they are essentially outwitted by Fia despite the fact they have psychics.

Maybe I’m missing something from the plot, it was sort of difficult to  read.  I know White kept repeating things which I think was important but I really wasn’t sure….

The time jumps and everything…I wanna another marshmallow.  

Best Feature: Really good idea.  I liked the idea of this sister assassins.  It reminds me of a show they might have on USA with these two sisters who work for the CIA or some secret US government organization and find themselves fired and then….oh, that’s Burn Notice minus the sisters and the assassin part.  I need another marshmallow.

Worst Feature: Poor execution.  Hee, hee, hee.  A pun.  It was nice to try something different like stream of consciousness, but it just didn’t work.  Maybe because it was so random-marshmallow, marshmallow.  Or that both characters used it and it made them sound the same.  I don’t know.  I only know marshmallow, marshmallow, marshmallow….

Appropriateness:  This is pretty violent.  There is some teen drinking as well.  

Blockbuster Worthy: Um, how?  I really don’t know how a movie would go.  I’d get sort of confused.  Do I need to cast people?  Because I’m sort of confused about that so I don’t know if I should bother and…and…

Overall Rating: I think I’m going to give it like a three.  This book some interesting ideas but it’s just sort of failed.  You should only use stream of consciousness if you’re James Joyce or have spent more than nine days on writing a draft-it’s a very hard technique to pull off.  Honestly, trying to write a whole review in stream of consciousness was probably a bad idea since I’ve probably been relying on marshmallow way too much.


2 thoughts on “Mind Games: Kiersten White

  1. Ha! Yep, that sums it up nicely. All over and not a good way. To be fair I usually don't like stream of consciousness. I had problems getting into Joyce because of it, but at least he did it right.LOL, marshmallows are delicious.

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