Scarlet: Marissa Meyer

General Summary: Cinder is on the run and determined to find out her past and how the heck she’s a moon princess.  While Scarlet is trying to find her grandma with the help of the big bad and hot wolf.  Wait, the wolf’s hot and not in the way Grace Brisbane thinks wolves are hot sort of way hot?


I loved Cinder so much I decided to bypass my usual wait a month for reading/reviewing a sequel of a book that I like rule and bought Scarlet off of Amazon after I got through like a hundred pages of Cinder and was swooning.  And while I liked Scarlet (a lot), I’m not totally fan girling anymore so hopefully this review is a little bit more objective-though I really did like this book.

So, the good.  I always start with the good first.  But usually it’s to soften the blow of the bad parts of the book.  The good thing is, there’s not a lot of bad in this book.  Most of my problems with Scarlet were more personal than actual problems.

So what was so great about this novel.  It wasn’t a place filler.  Important pieces of the puzzle were filled, but at the same time there’s definitely room for the sequel and Meyer does leave us with quite the cliffie-agan.

Also, the new characters worked too.  To be honest, I’m always sort of skeptical when new characters are introduced in a sequel-blame Young Justice for that since new characters (well, lack of sales of their cruddy toys) was the death to an otherwise awesome show.  But Wolf and Scarlet actually serve a purpose to the story.  And Thorne was a hilarious addition as well.  Cinder’s role is still strong and the only person I felt that got sort of gipped was Kai.

Kai’s part of the book is sort of essential and he’s going through so much emotional turmoil at this point in the series, that it would’ve been interesting seeing his perspective more.  Especially considering what he did at the end of this installment.

However, I did really really like Scarlet.  She sort of reminds me of redhead version of Marion Ravenwood-save for the fact she runs off with a guy who has fangs instead of wears a fedora.  But you got the same sense of adventure with Scarlet and Wolf’s story.  And I really liked the way the storylines interconnected.  Sort of brilliant.


Also, I have to give it to Meyer I really liked the way she reinvented the whole princess concept.  It’s like she took the idea of Disney princesses and made them bad ass (and yeah, I know Little Red Riding Hood/Scarlet isn’t a princes-but I’m pulling a Mulan here and making her an honorary one).  Maybe if Meyer would’ve been behind all those shitty direct to DVD Disney release–which I’m still having nightmares for (thanks Mom for having me go through all our old VHS’s)–they would’ve been awesome instead of sucky.  Hey, maybe she did help with Cinderella Three that one didn’t suck and Cindy was sort of bad ass in that-though not as bad ass as this Cinderella.

Best Feature: Little Red Riding Hood.  To be honest this was one fairytale that always annoyed me.  I mean, how stupid does Red have to be, but Meyer reinvented in a way that made me love it.  And again, I love the fact that it’s not a literal retelling.  We get just enough of the fairytale without it being a boring rehash of what we’ve seen over and over again.

Worst Feature: Fragmented.  There were like five points of view.  It worked for the most part, but I felt we got shafted with some parts of the story-notably Kai’s.  I get it was necessary, but I really liked the way Cinder was structured much better.  What scares me is that the next two installments are going to be introducing new characters to the mix as well, and I’m wondering how she’s going to juggle all these POVs around.  I do have faith in Meyer though, her crazy world building works.  But this is just going to be a wait and see thing for me.

Appropriateness: There’s some violence in this one.  Other than that though, it’s fairly clean.  Oh, there’s some gruesome imagery here and there.

Blockbuster Worthy: Uh, yeah.  I think this series would be a kick ass movie series.  I already casted some principle roles.  Let’s add a few more:

Scarlet: Emma Stone.  If anyone can carry a pistol in a hoodie it’s Emma.

Wolf: Nathan Parsons.  I think it’s his accent  and he sort of has a wolfish grin.  Plus, have you seen him on Bunheads?

Overall Rating: Eight out of ten hoods.  I liked this one a bit.  Quite a lot actually, but I think Cinder was just a tad bit stronger.  It’s not bad.  It’s actually pretty great.  But..just read it.  You should really read it.  I’m just being nit picky and well…read the book.


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