Angelfire: Courtney Allison Moulton

My library’s featured shelf sucks.  It really does because every book I have checked out on that shelf…well, let’s review the latest gem it has to offer.  Hopefully I won’t bore you to death like the book did to me.

General Summary: Ellie sort of has a Valley Girl attitude or Harry Potter in a fan fic attitude of constantly going shopping and finding out how special she is.  Throw is some Cassandra Clare crap about demon fighters and you got a book.


This book can be summed up with one word: boring.

I found myself skimming with hardly any thought.

And you know what, I’ve read worse.

Of course I read worse.  But here’s the deal, reading a truly awful horrendous book was better than this pile of dung becuase it was memorable.  This…this I’m already starting to forget about it and I only DNF’d it a couple of hours ago.

I think what killed this book was that it really lacked anything of substance.  Let’s analyze our main character shall we.  She’s supposed to be some bad ass demon hunter-at least that’s what I was able to make out throughout all the skimming.  But what is she in reality, a teenage girl who has daddy issues, over uses her parents credit card, crashes her thirty thousand dollar car, and has issues in school because she doesn’t know how to string two sentences together.  That ladies and gentlemen in our lead.  I guess a character like that would be okay if she wasn’t supposed to save the world from evil.

Yeah, Miss  My Daddy Hates Me is supposed to be our savior.

Excuse me while I weep for the imminent destruction of humanity.

Her handy dandy helper-a.k.a. her love interest who she constantly compares to Batman even though he in no way acts like Batman-more like Dorkman.  Seriously, just because you say your character is like Batman doesn’t mean he’s like Batman.

The prose is utterly dull.  Most of the book is spent on our darling heroine shopping or naming her car, Marshmallow, and when we do talk about the demon stuff it’s in huge info dumps.  It also doesn’t help that Moulton tends to borrow from other demon hunting series.  Notably, Cassandra Clare’s The Immortal Instruments.

I really wish I could analyze more about this book, but it was so bland and so boring there’s nothing I can say.

Honestly, I’m really thinking I need to give paranormal YA a break for awhile.  It seems like every book I’ve been reading lately in that genre seems more or less the same.  And this book really fit that pattern.  It was just very cookie cutter and it just didn’t work.  It didn’t have something remotely interesting about it all.

Best Feature: Um, cool set up.  I love reincarnation stories and demon hunting stories.  So the idea of this was pretty cool.  Too bad it didn’t work out.

Worst Feature: Meh Everything.  Really there was nothing to get me excited in the book.  Okay, maybe Ellie’s parents who were unrealistic at both of ends of the spectrum.  Other than then though, nope couldn’t care about what was going on or the characters.  The tone of the book reminded me of one of those ghostwritten Nancy Drew books except not as good.

Appropriateness: From what I read there’s some cursing and teen driving and stupidity.  I only read half of it though, so be advised.

Blockbuster Worthy: Um, I guess.  They seem to be optioning lots of YA books with these sorts of themes and characters.  And it’s bland enough where Hollywood can shit on it and won’t seem like that big of a tragedy since there wasn’t anything memorable about this book to begin with.  And honestly, I really don’t know who is boring enough to play these roles.

Overall Rating: I’m giving it a three.  It’s better than some things I’ve recently read, but seriously reading this was like staring at the wall.  I don’t know what made it dull the fact it was already taking a very cliche plot elements story and not doing anything to make it extraordinary or the fact our MC is just meh.  She’s not obnoxious a la Bethany Church or Zoey Redbird, but she’s not interesting either.  And the label dropping it has got to stop.  In a lot of ways I’d say it’s similar to Embrace, but Embrace might be a little bit more memorable.


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