Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: It’s May

So, it’s May.  And I don’t have a theme.  Well, maybe May Day.  But that’s a stupid day.  So, I’m  judging books that have lustful elements (get your mind out of the gutter).  May it be a hot dress, great hair, or some mind/arm candy.  It’s May and I’m going to analyze some cover lust:
What the Cover Says: Ima Model is running from her life.  She’s just too pretty to be real.  It doesn’t help that she’s been declared the Gorgeous One which means her pretty little head is going to be sacrificed to the pretty gods.  Yes, there’s pretty gods in her dystopian world.
What this book is really about: This girl becomes gorgeous because of three dresses and she falls in lust with this guy but wants him to love the real her.  Not the pretty girl-you can insert the eye rolls for this cliche.
Verdict: I want the dress and the shoes that’s why the cover is lust worthy.  And it fits for this type of book.
What the Cover Says: Ava lives in the 1920’s and all she wants to be is a star.  And she’s well on her way to becoming one too until the talkies hit.  With Hollywood adjusting to talkies, Ava’s career might end faster than it begins.  And no, she has no Gene Kelley where she can make a musical and become an instant success again.  She’ll actually have to learn to act.  Though she does sort of have a cute acting coach, even if he is obsessed with King Lear a little too much.
What the book is really about: The modern offspring of two Egyptian gods.  Oh, yeah, and instead of living in Giza they live in San Diego.
Verdict: Well, you can take this one out in public and not feel embarrass that’s for sure.   This cover is so chic looking and I want to steal it.  Though it’s not really Egyptian oriented.  And maybe that’s a good thing.
What the Cover Says: April needs to eat a cheeseburger.  Only they have no cheeseburgers in the underwater dystopia she lives in.  Eel burgers, yes.  But eel is disgusting.  And besides that, she hates having to wear prom dresses all day.  Seriously, she is not a fairytale princess.  If she was she wouldn’t live at the bottom of the ocean and her hair wouldn’t be bigger than the rest of her body.  If she wore pants, she’d be a true renegade.
What the Book is Really About: There’s some creepy lady name mother who has an underwater utopia and after out heroine falls in insta love she and lover boy are determined to start Mother  Ugh.  Honestly it’s a lot like Across the Universe but under the sea.
Verdict: I love the background.  I lust it.  But the model looks off and sort of defects from the rest of the book.  Maybe they did this intentionally, but I actually don’t think so.
What the Cover Says: She was going to kill him.  It was her tower, not his.  But no, he climbed up her hair.  Just how rude do you have to be?  She was just sticking it out the tower to get some natural highlights and he thought that meant climbing up her dead ends was fair game.  Too bad she’s going to push him off the tower soon enough to fall into that thorn bush or is she?
What the Book is Really About: This girl has a killer gene and gets treated like crap because of that.  When used to she was golden.  Actually the summary sort of reminds me of that crappy Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.  Hopefully, it will be better though after reading her dragon books…
Verdict: I love it, but it looks like it really should be a Rapunzel retelling not a cool thriller.
What the Cover Tells Me: She’s made of tears.  And she’s going to use that grief to her advantage.  And yes that means she’ll kill. When she gets over posing like Pocahontas.
What the Book is Really About: So apparently this book is about a cry baby that can’t cry.  I kid you not read the Good Reads summary if you don’t believe me.
Verdict:  I really like the water effect, but this is a cover that starts grating on my nerves the longer I stare at it.

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