Awesomly Lifetime: I Do (But I Don’t)

Cara Lockwood is one of my favorite authors in both the YA and adult world (have you read Dixieland Sushi because if you haven’t, you totally should).  So imagine to my surprise when I found out she had a movie made out of her books.  And better yet a Lifetime movie staring of all people Dean Cain.  Yes, the Dean Cain the person I use for my hottness scale in these reviews because he is like a staple Lifetime man-good and bad.  I kid you not, all Dean Cain has done other than some  Ripley’s Believe it or Not show after Lois and Clark is Lifetime movies.  And that’s not really a bad thing because I freaking love Lifetime movies.

Honestly, I had planned on doing a book vs movie review for this one, but I sort of lost the book (I think it’s somewhere in my dad’s car, but I really don’t want to make an attempt to go in there and to sort through all his various crap-he still has his RC airplanes junk in there from March when he broke his foot), and his saxophones, and his…well, you get the picture.

Melodramatic Summary: Lauren is a wedding planner like J Lo save for the fact Miranda Priestly some bitch with an obnoxious Jack Russell Terrier is her boss.  What will happen when hottie Dean Cain starts taking interested in Lauren (played by Denise Richards in her Charlie Sheen days) and Lauren finds out she’s the groom of one of her big shot clients?  Will she commit a J Lo and fall for the groom or will confide herself to being the wedding planner/baby sitter to an obnoxious Jack Russell Terrier?

Note, not all Jack Russell Terriers are bitchy.  Some are just bitchy to their friends (the Rat Terrier).


Honestly, this is probably my favorite Lifetime movie.  Does that make it the greatest movie ever?

Hell no.

It has some major faults.  But this is the cheesy goodness I want when I watch a Lifetime movie that isn’t ultra melodramatic.  And I have to say even though the story is fairly unrealistic and over the top cheesy when it comes to the romance between the two characters, I liked it.  Maybe it’s the chemistry that Cain and Richards share.  Or maybe it’s the fact that Dean Cain is in it.  Or the source material itself.

Cara Lockwood writes pretty kick ass fluff.  Converting kick ass fluff into a fairly decent Lifetime movie isn’t that difficult.  It also helps that there’s a cute dog in it.  And who doesn’t like cute dogs? Though in the book it was a not so cute Persian not a dog.

Honestly, the plot is very predictable.  You probably saw it in the Wedding Planner (God knows, even the bitchy bridezilla looks like the bride in that movie), but it’s original enough.

And while it’s true that there’s no Matthew McConaughey in this movie, Dean Cain makes for a nice substitute.  And it’s about weddings, how can you not like movies about weddings?

If I was to be more critical about this movie I would say that it’s biggest problem is probably that it’s filled with cheese.  Some of the lines are groan worthy.  The way everything works out is eye roll worthy.  And you’re like come on…but on a shitty day that’s honestly what I need.

Lifetime Squee: Dean Cain is a fireman.  Need I say more except he needed to drink milk shirtless in this movie like those old Milk commercials with the firemen and then we’d be in business.  Also, there’s a whole rooftop date scene.  Rooftop date scenes by their very nature are romantic, I think it’s the candles and the fact that Hugh Jackman started this trend.

OMG Lifetime Moment: The cheating husband. And the whole pregnancy plotline.  These actually occur in the book, I think (remember I only got through about sixty percent of it before it became lost in the Volkswagon),  but Lifetime takes it to another level.  Especially the cheating husband plotline and the mother’s attitude towards the whole thing.

Overall Level: I really like this movie.  It’s like my pick me up movie for a horrible day (yes, I own it on DVD and yes I know there’s something truly wrong with me).  If I was going to actual rate it to mainstream Hollywood movies, it would obviously get  a much lower rating.  But as far as Lifetime movies are concerned this is the perfect movie.  And it’s only fitting I give it ten out of ten Dean Cains.


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