Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Destination Covers

It’s June.  Which means the beginning of summer.  And if you’re not me, meaning forced to go to a community college for eight hours a day to study for the bar (because hey a JD doesn’t automatically mean you can start suing people left and right), you’re probably getting ready to go on vacation.  And since I love being thematic this months is going to feature destination covers.

What the Cover Says: Avi’s girlfriend, Sophie, died last September on his birthday when she mystery got picked up by a wave dragged into the water.  On the anniversary of her death he hears a song that draws him towards the beach where he spots what appears to be Sophia.  Is it really her, a ghost, or something more sinister?  Will he ever see his September Girl again?  Or will he be allured by new hot and sassy waitress, Kiki, who is also a September Girl?  Past love or present love?  Will grief or moving on win?

What the Book is Really About: This guy who’s obsessed with his dick goes to the beach for the summer after his mother leaves him.  Where he complains about women and everyone like goes gaga over him.  It’s said to be a loose retelling on the Little Mermaid.  But with more talk about male anatomy.

Verdict: This cover is disturbing mainly because it looks like it’s going to be a fairy light or sappy beach read, a la Nicholas Sparks.  However, it turns out that its a more disturbing look into a misogynist’s mind.

What the Cover Says: Lucy always wanted to go to Italy.  So finally after working months at Papa Johns she’s able to go on a school trip.  She’s instantly swept off her feet by Giovanni (because there’s always a guy named Giovanni in these books).  But is Gio really using her because she’s one of those American girls?  And what’s with her best friend Michael why’s he acting all weird?  He should be happy he has all the gelato he can eat and he’s not working at Papa Johns either.  And why is Lucy just noticing that Michael is ripped?  Did those Papa Johns t-shirts really hide his physique or is she just oblivious.  Oh, well, she can have some gelato….

What the Book is Really About: This girl goes to Italy to find out about a lost legacy but the book really ends up being about….

Verdict: Well, at least the cover doesn’t try to be serious.  And I think for what it’s worth if you like light and frothy books about traveling through Europe you might like this book.
What This Cover Says: Emma is so fed up with her mom.  Instead of spending the summer hiking through the mountains with her boyfriend Craig like she was supposed to, she’s forced to spend summer with her grandparents while her parents work out their issues (d-i-v-o-r-c-e) where she finds out she has to work on their tour boat.  As a mermaid.  And that means Emma has to get her hair wet.  And she hates getting her hair wet.  And what will happen when a hot fisherman catches Emma’s mermaids tail instead of some Mahi Mahi will she go bottomless like Doris Day did in The Glass Bottom Boat?
What the Book is Really About: This mermaid Lily accidentally kisses the wrong guy.  And apparently in mermaid land you can’t kiss a lot of frogs to find you’re prince.  You have to kiss the right guy the first time around.  And that sort of sucks.  But at least Quince is sort of hot.  Even though Lily doesn’t see it because she’s dumb as a box of seaweed.
Verdict: I like this cover.  Though I don’t get the blue lips.  It suggests fun beachy read and that’s what it is.
What this Cover Says: Zoey has always had crush on a certain actor who played a sparkly vampire.  Alas, she’s only a costume designer on the set of his latest movie that involves a carnival and lots of cotton candy (obviously, it’s based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel) and one day Mr. Sparkles (the vampire) notices Zoey after an interesting talk about mustard stains from all those hotdogs he’s forced to eat.  And it sort of grows from there, but Zoey obviously doesn’t want to commit to Mr. Sparkles because he’s still dating Ms. Prune Face despite the fact that she and Mr. Director went to the Alps together so that they could reenact the ending to Snow White.  Will Zoey give up on her Hollywood crush will Mr. Sparkly finally realize body glitter is bad and rehearsing the kissing scene in Snow White is not actually rehearsing the kissing scene?  And what about all these dreams Zoey is having about cotton candy?
Yum, cotton candy.
What this Book is Really About: This girl gets this job at a quasi Disney World place and has a crush on a prince (he’s not a real prince, at least I don’t think he is) and deals with the boss from hell.
Verdict: Cute.  I think it conveys the feeling Strohmeyer is going for.  And I want to read it.  But dude, the model totally looks like R Patz at certain angles that it’s not even funny.
What the Cover Says: Ally was always a bit of a loner at her high school.  She has better things to do like repair motorcycles.  Which is where she meets Gus. Who shows her a whole new world.  A world where outcasts rule and get angel winged tattoos that because this is YA have some mystical powers.
What the Book is Really About: Angels have been abducting people from Riley’s hometown for years. The town’s people have tried to deal with this atrocity by starting a cult.  Riley takes a little bit more active approach and gets out a shotgun shooting one of these angel SOB’s in the face and rendering him wingless and amnesic.
Verdict: This book is so pretty to look at.  Usually I hate cartoony covers on YA books but this one is okay.  I think because of the star filled sky and the fact that the characters aren’t that visible.  Plus, doesn’t this look like the perfect summer night even though you know the MC shoots the hot angel guy in the face.

2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Destination Covers

  1. I'm glad you like them. And I really could do with some cotton candy too right now. Alas, I'll have to make due with cookie dough tea and citrus flavored cough drops.

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