Obsession: Jennifer L Armentrout

The cover should cue you in that this is not teen friendly.  Mmmm, abs.

General Summary: Serena’s friend, Mel, knew too much and she’s taken care off right in front of Serena.  Since Serena is talking about UFO’s and all of that the MIB (known as the DOD here) send her to be watched over by Hunter, an Arum, who apparently isn’t as creepy as Daemon made them out to be.  See, personally I think Daemon did this because he knew I’d jump into Hunter’s arms if I knew he wasn’t going to be a sadistic jerk but whatever. 


I liked this one.

Was it the greatest thing I’ve ever read?


But it made for some nice fluff reading and it sort of filled my thirst for a Lux book for now.  And I have to give it to Armentrout for actually having an adult spinoff that works.   Seriously.  This book read adult even though it took place in the Lux world.  And it also did the impossible, it made me like Arums.

Yeah, I know Arums those creepy aliens that try to eat Luxen.  How could I possibly like them?

Well, there’s an Arum named Hunter and even though he eats Luxens he’s not entirely bad.

It probably also helps that he wears leather pants.  Though I do have to wonder if she was inspired by this.

The plot for this one was pretty simplistic and something you’ve probably seen be before.  Best friend witnesses something and gets killed over it and the surviving party tries to avenge her death and some hot law enforcement official (that being Hunter, though he’s not exactly a law enforcement officer) comes in and helps.  As simple as it was though, it worked.  And it is a stand alone.

That’s probably what I liked best.

That this is a standalone NOT a separate series from the Lux world, though I would be happy with a spinoff in either of Hunter’s brothers POV.  Especially Sin.  For some reason, I think having a character named Sin is just asking for a story.

OOOh, and did I mention there are Lux cookies in this book.  You don’t have to read this book or if your a fan of the Lux series, you don’t have to read Obsession to understand what’s going on in the next installments, but you do get some goodies if you do read both series.  And I like that.  That it’s not necessary to read this to understand what’s going to happen next.

Yum, cookies.

But I did like the Daemon cameo.

Things that annoyed me about this book was its sex scenes.  I don’t mind sex in books, but God when it takes up twenty percent of my page space I start getting annoyed because the witty banter and plot get disruptive for bad sex imagery.  And seriously, call your appendages what they are.  Just calling it your sex can make it really confusing when we don’t know just whose POV you’re talking in.  Okay, so I guess you usually know Hunter’s talking because he uses the word fuck almost as much as Travis Maddox.  And this annoys me.  Because I think it’s stupid thinking men cuss more than women.  Really?  Really?  Because I know I cuss a lot more than a lot of men I know.  Most with the exception of my dad who is the king of toilet language.

Whatever though.

I will say that bad metaphors and imagery aside, you really got to feel the chemistry between these characters.  And their interaction with each other was probably some of the best aspects of this book.  Would I like to see their relationship develop more before they started jumping into bed with each other-yes, but it’s a romance novel so what do I expect?

I also will mention that I had some problems with how Serena acted at the end of the book.  But this is subjective annoyance (a.k.a. I find impulsive stupid acts of characters obnoxious and an easy and lazy plot device).

Best Feature: I cheated on my book boyfriend and he (sort of) caught me.  I really loved Hunter and I hated it because I love Daemon and Hunter is an Arum and Daemon is Luxen and that makes them like mortal enemies.  And I’ve watched both guys kick alien butt.  But I grew to like Hunter quite a bit throughout all of this and then when I’m about to declare him my new book boyfriend Daemon had to make a cameo appearance in this book and now I’m just confused.

Worst Feature: Bad sex.  Okay, the actual sex scenes were hot if you could get past the embarrassing use of word choice and the bad metaphors.  Seriously, call anatomy by its proper name.  It’s not that difficult.  Also, cluing me in on when each character is aroused doesn’t give these scenes any bonus points.

Appropriateness: Younger fans of the Lux series should wait.  This book has lots of coarse language, there is lots and lots of sex and the violence is pretty grisly.  It really is an adult book, unlike some YA authors who write adult spinoffs of their YA books.

Blockbuster Worthy: Sure, why not.  The plot is pretty simple here now, but it has a plot.  And I really would like to see Serena and Hunter on the big screen.

Serena: I know she’s way too tall, but I kept picturing Katherine Heigl in the role.

Hunter: Michael Easton.    Because I can.  And he’s used to playing guys with a bit of a dark side/ a rouge cop.  Actually, if this would’ve been in the 80’s Jeff Goldblum (yes, I know Jeff Goldblum…listen here) would’ve done nicely.  He does play a pretty hot alien.

Overall Rating:  I’m giving this one a seven out of ten.  If it wouldn’ t have been for the poorly written sex scenes.  Seriously, I’m still cringing over some of the word usage Armentrout used.  Little life lesson learned from this book, sometimes it’s better to focus on the actual development of the relationship itself than trying to be EL James.


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