Judge a Book by Its Cover: Red, White and Blue

What the Cover Says: Cyborgs have taken over the earth and rule over humans.  To support their bodies there is a Bone Season where any human can be a donor.  Willing or not.  Isla is a cyborg and she needs some replacement parts.  Little did she know, her target would have a protector.  A protector that’s pretty cute for a human, even though he wants nothing to do with Isla but send her to the bone yard.

What the Book is Really About:  A dystopian world where the main character has supernatural  powers.  It’s being held as the next Harry Potter.  Hopefully, it’s not the hype that’s talking.
Verdict: I like it.  It’s simple and tasteful.  And you can definitely take it out in public.
What the Cover Says:  Ursula is a giant and a ghost.  Not your average teenage girl, that’s for sure.  When  a sexy ghost hunter comes to her castle searching for the grand white lady.  Ursula has flashes to her past and finds that the past is not as dead as…well, her.
What the Book is Really About: A girl is locked up in a tower because some crazy drug addicts are after her.  And an extremely mopey boy comes not her life and, well, it’s YA what do you think happens?
Verdict: It’s okay.  The long hair signifies Rapunzel enough, I guess.  Though when I look at it I think Snow Queen.    And God, those extensions look really, really bad on that model.

What the Cover Says: A dystopia remake of The Wizard of OZ where ruby slippers are replaced with suede boots and the Yellow Brick Road is replaced with Route 66.

What the Book is Really About: A girl goes on a road trip after her brother dies.
Verdict: When it comes to being patriotic this one is a win.  Though it looks like it’s going to be a bit more of a happier read than it actually is.
What the Cover Says: Rose Red is sister to Snow White.  When she hears that an evil witch is after her sister-who’s apparently the prettiest girl ever-she helps Snow high tail it out of the palace and they make way to the woods where they meet a talking bear (I kid you not).  A talking bear.  Rose is suspicious of the bear, who wouldn’t be?  But Snow White is not.  And seems to be developing some sort of odd relationship with him.  Rose is trying to figure out how she’d feel with having a bear as a brother in-lawy when Snow is kidnapped and she finds out that that bear really isn’t a bear.  And now she has to save her sister again, damn it.
What the Book is Really About: A girl finds out she’s a time traveler and gets paired up with another hunky time travel and there’s lots of mysteries and all that good stuff.
Verdict: I like it.  It’s not disturbing looking and I can actually take it out in public without grimacing.  That’s always a plus.

What the Cover Says: Angela is obsessed with being beautiful.  So when a mysterious man with perfect teeth comes in her life and says he can make her forever beautiful-freeze her in time.  She signs the deal.  Not knowing that that’s what she would become: frozen.  Like in Sleeping Beauty frozen except instead of pricking her finger on a spinning will she actually signs away her lifetime because she wants to be pretty.  However, eventually she flaws out when her beauty is no longer considered pretty more. Now in a world where looking like Angelina Jolie and putting on lipliner correctly means squat, Angela must fight to survive with the help of a dashingly good looking (well, in Angela’s view) tomb raider.  Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

What the Book is Really About: A dystopia society that involves magic, food that comes in cans, and blackjack dealers.

Verdict: Disappointed to be honest.  I really don’t understand this trend of giving all the recent de la Cruz books covers with people lying down and their faces being partially be covered with greenery, flowers, or in this case water.  It’s time to move on from this look.

Okay, positioned a little different but still.

2 thoughts on “Judge a Book by Its Cover: Red, White and Blue

  1. Thanks. I actually based that summary out of my disdain for self image in YA. Who knows maybe someday I might attempt to write something like that.

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