Raiders of the Lost Bookshelves: Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies

Oh, Simon Pulse romantic comedies.  An obsession that occurred because of a band trip.  Much like Avon True Romances, Simon Pulse Rom Coms were invented for the YA audience who wanted to read their mom’s romance novels (in this case contemporary romance)  but were too embarrassed to buy them because your nosey next door neighbor owned the book store and frowned on “improper” literature.  Let’s look at a few of these squeaky clean fun reads, shall we?

What I remember: There was a princess craze.  I fail prey to it and bought this book.

Blame Meg Cabot and Julie Andrews for this short lived trend.

Is it Worth it: It’s an okay read.  The main character, Val, is a normal girl sort of bland who falls in love with a prince who’s blander than Prince William but looks like Tom Sturridge (or at least that’s who I had in my head when I read this book).

Highlight of the Book: The breakup of Val’s parents marriage.  Dicey stuff. And yay for nontraditional families.

Surprising Thing: There are two sequels to this one.  One wish I read the other I just ignored its existence.

What I Remember: I remember buying this after my school had this lame match making fundraising.  The girl in this book is way better than my school at matching people.
Is it Worth it: Um, no.  I remember really getting annoyed with the main character who has some massive body image issues.  Funny the cartoon is a realistic depiction of a teenage girl.  Can you say annoying?
Surprising Thing: This is worse than Toliver’s The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren (an earlier Simon Pulse rom com).
What I remember: A girl goes to NYC with little money and plans.  Getting jilted by her ex boyfriend and ending up working at a sketchy version of Victoria Secrets where she ends up designing a successful underwear line.
Is it Worth it: It’s okay.  I read this on a bus trip and it engaged my mind better than the movie we were watching.  But it’s not really worth buying.
Surprising Thing: She works at a skeezy underwear store.  And yes, this is a YA book.
What I Remember: Something about a girl being annoyed she’s forced to wear an Alvin and the Chipmunk suit (okay, beaver suit) all summer long instead of the being a mermaid.
Not this sort of beaver.
Is it Worth It: I barely remembered it, so no.
Surprising Thing: Beaver suits,enough said.

What I Remember: A road trip, a stupid main character who joins a band contest, and how to unrealistically survive in Miami on minimum wage.

Is it Worth it: No.  Unless you like band contest and unrealistic cheese.

Surprising Thing: The characters aren’t much deeper than the way they’re depicted on the cover.  And yes, Enrique is that creepy.


2 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Bookshelves: Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies

  1. Ha! It is very catchy. And it fits that book perfectly.Some of them are actually fairly decent. LIke I remember actually liking Royally Jacked at the time, but I'd probably hate it if I reread it.

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