Awesomly Lifetime: The Pregnancy Project (Where Statistics are made out to be Stereotypes)

So, two o’clock at night and I can’t sleep and my mind’s too fried to do anymore MBE questions you guys know what that means…..Lifetime movie time!

Last week I rewatched the gem known as The Pregnancy Project  and it reminds me why I freaking hate that movie and why I will probably never ever read Gabby’s book because she just lacks logic.  At least in the movie.  I mean, seriously the whole project is just stupid.  The movie tries to hammer in my head that people have stereotypes about girls who get knocked up in high school but that’s not the case.

At all.

What I believe in is statistics and reality.  Seriously, you have a kid in high school do you really think it’s economically feasible to go to Harvard.

Whatever though let’s look at the oh so patronizing movie that makes discussing real social poverty issues taboo.

Melodramatic Summary: So Gabby gets this cockamamie idea that it would be the perfect social experiment to pretend to be pregnant.  Seriously, hasn’t she ever watched daytime television?  Faking  a pregnancy is not that revolutionary.   However, Gabby goes has these monologues about how people make unfair stereotypes about pregnant people and it’s just…well, ridiculous.


So you probably guessed it by now, I really don’t like this movie.  In fact, it’s probably one of least favorite lifetime movie.  The only one that’s just as patronizing and stupid is The Party Never Stops, but at least that movie has some quasi likable characters.  Not some little tart face that wants us to learn a lesson.

I really don’t get Gabby’s project.  I really don’t.  Maybe it’s because I know many teen mothers and honestly those stereotypes aren’t stereotypes as much as reality. Raising a child is hard.  And it’s not like you’re going to be able to move on with your life once you go through labor.  If you decide to keep the baby you have to raise that and that takes time.  Meaning, you probably can’t go to an Ivy League and take an eighteen hour course load.

Heck, one of the girls I know just got her degree this year after being in undergrad for eight years because she had to take care of her daughter.  And she lived with family, so it wasn’t like she had as many bills to pay.  Just imagine, if you don’t have support system how long it’s going to take you to pass.  So yeah, Gabby, Harvard bound isn’t really a reality when you have a baby unless you’re like that other Lifetime movie.

Also, let’s  talk about being pregnant.  I really don’t get how she was able to fake a pregnancy.  Especially the way Lifetime faked her pregnancy.  Maybe if I read the book the real Gabby’s plan was probably smarter than this one whose paper mache montage belly=instant success.

And I’m sure the real Gabby wasn’t a bitch to the rest of her family, her boyfriend, her friends or anyone who called her out for her shit.  Or at least I hope she isn’t.  Once again, benefit of the doubt.

I think that’s what really annoyed me the most about this film that it made me annoyed with a character who’s probably a very nice person in real life but just seems like such a little tart on the small screen that I want to take her.

And I really, really, don’t like watching movies that teach me lessons.  I’m studying for the bar, the last thing I want when I’m trying to get to sleep but can’t because of my anxiety is learning why I shouldn’t think a teenager is dumb because they lacked the common sense to go to a local drugstore and pick up a box of condoms.  And okay, I know it’s more complicated in that.  I know some teens are afraid of social stigma of dealing with nosey Blanche at Walgreens.  But I think the embarrassment of buying condoms is a lot better than dealing with an STD or pregnancy.  And I know that sometimes people use protection and it fails but come on…this movie doesn’t even try to touch on these issues.

Instead it’s all about you don’t look at me the same because I’m pregnant and that’s wrong…

Well, you don’t look exactly the same because of a baby bump and of course teenagers are going to talk.  A baby changes a lot of things.  There’s going to be talk about these changes.  About your love life and all of that.  Because it’s high school.  Other people are targeted just for getting a bad haircut.  Your principal did not need to support your stupid PSA.

Oh, yeah.  The administration goes completely along with this idiocy even lies to some of the teachers at the school becuase of this “social experiment’.

Yeah, barf.

And you want to know what the most hilarious thing is, the one actual (real) teen pregnancy in this movie is about as stereotypical as you can get-foster kid who’s towards the bottom of the class.

I swear this movie has me wanting to do well…this

Lifetime Squee: I could say Gabby’s boyfriend in the movie, but he really want’s doing it for me.  Probably because he was a poor Taylor Lautner look alike and I don’t like Taylor Lautner.  So, yeah…no eye candy in this one.  Gabby’s brother is a jackass too, so it’s not like I can lust over him.

OMG Lifetime Moment: When Gabby rips off her fake belly which is in the first two minutes of the movie.  Oh, and the whole making a fake belly scene.  It’s so stupid I had to put it in here.

Overall Rating: No Dean Cains for you.  I really, really, hate this movie.  A lot.  I think it gets even worse with the rewatch.  I honestly have been tempted to read the book only because I want to see if Gabby’s decisions are more logical than this movie.  I sort of doubt it though because I really can’t believe Lifetime would come up with something so stupid, but who knows.


2 thoughts on “Awesomly Lifetime: The Pregnancy Project (Where Statistics are made out to be Stereotypes)

  1. I agree this movie doesn't deserve even half a Dean Caine I saw this and it was bloody awful, what with the whole stereotypes and they got them wrong, and the whole project was stupid. I do want to read Mothership though, it sounds awesome.Hey, what's your fave lifetime movie?I'm binge watching them

  2. I actually sort of forgot how bad it was. I just sort of saw it on TV and rewatched it on a whim, but I really regret doing it.Oh, you should read Mothership it's hilarious.My favorite Lifetime movie is probably I Do But I Don't it's mostly fluff but I really, really, like it. I also like Sundays at Tiffany's a lot too.

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