Little Life Lessons from YA Books

1) You are guaranteed to meet your soul mate the first day you start your totally lame new school.  More than likely he’ll be a jerk to you or has a reputation of being a douche.  You however are “special” and will find out that’s not the real him.

2) You consider yourself to be an average girl even though everyone tells you you’re really pretty or you describe average as looking like a Barbie doll without a zit in sight and a figure that while you consider it “average” is actually not what most people will consider average.

3)  Your perfect guy will look more like a twenty-five year old than a sixteen-year old boy.

4) Insta love is real.  It helps if you have no hobbies or personalities because then there can’t be a discord in personalities.

5) Arch-enemey will look like a Barbie and be sexually active.  Her boobs will of course be a sign of her evilness.  But never fear, your one true love will see past them.  Or if he doesn’t he can’t help it, those boobs have mind control powers.

6) Everyone is secretly special.  This can mean many things it can mean that your last in the line to the throne, a special never before paranormal creature, the one girl who can save a corrupt society, or you just have the magical power of “love” that can turn a player into a monogamous dutiful boyfriend.

7) Everyone’s parents are totally lame.  You just don’t understand why they don’t want to be with you and why they think money is the way to your heart.  Though that new car, the live in suite, and no curfew rules are really rad.

8)  The best  best friends are the ones who only want  to talk about you and the boyfriend.  Never mind they might have problems or heaven forbid they have a love life of their own.  Bonus points if said best friend is a token character.

9) There’s another boy interesting you who is almost the same as the boy your in love with, save for the fact that they’re mortal enemies and you’re obviously not that really into him.  But of course you’ll struggle for most of the book about this.

10) Your life is always at least a trilogy.


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