Judge a Book by Its Cover: Royal Edition

All I’ve been hearing about is that royal baby.  And since it’s almost born in August,  I’ve decided that for August I’ll be looking at some YA book covers with a royal theme-note, this edition is coming out a little earlier since I won’t be blogging probably the rest of this week and the following week because of the test of doom.

What the Cover Says: Prince Chuck and Princess Diane got a divorce and decided to split up their girls-Willa and Harriet (twins).  Willa lives with her mother and works at her hipster coffee shop in Seattle and is an aspiring graphic designer.  Harriet is sick of going to state dinners and would rather be working on her line of fashionable pet clothes (because everyone’s corgi deserves to look chic).  Both girls get sent to an art’s camp and meet for the first time and decide to switch places.  However, complications arise when Prince Chuck become engaged to a Carmela and the girls must work to get their parents back together ASAP before the palace is turned into a home for wayward chickens.

And Lindsay Lohan could so play Carmela in this version.  Man, I forgot how she looked without all the fake bake.

What the Book is Really About: This snooty princess finds out she has a look alike who is so desperate for money she pretends to be her.  And, well, the snooty princess somehow ends up in the middle of nowhere crying and the poor girl ends up in the palace.

Verdict: A little too literal.  And what’s with the newsboy hat.  Why were those ever in?

What the Cover Tells Me: The prince is in need of  a wife.  And Miranda is the royal match maker.  Not officially.  But she did have her own show on Bravo where she paired those two A list celebrities who have been dubbed the new Brangelina.  So why wouldn’t she be called in to pair up playboy Prince Pretty Boy?  Of course, Pretty Boy (Paul to his friends) might have no intention whatsoever of finding a good woman and finding his happily ever after.  But Miranda isn’t the type of girl to give up even if she has to make herself the perfect girl for Paul.

What the Book is Really About: This is actually two books in one.  I vaguely remember buying it to read on the plane when I went on a trip a couple of summers ago.  I didn’t get past the fifth chapter.  This really annoying girl has this lame prince ask her out on a date.  That’s pretty much it.

Verdict: I like the dress and the shoes.  The bag needs to go.

What the Cover Tells Me: Emme could’ve been a princess.  If her mom would’ve married her dad.  Instead, she’s just his bastard daughter who lives in Nebraska with her stepdad (the rutabaga farmer) and her mother who sales hay sculptures on Etsy-those child supports dad sends does wonder to their finances.  One day though, out of the blue, her mom gets a call that her dad wants Emme to come to the palace.  But why after all this time?

Seriously, rutabagas.

What the Book is Really About: A country bumpkin’s celebrity cousin moves to her town and causes havoc on her life.

Verdict: Can we pose a little more lewd?  Seriously?  I’m just glad that dress was covering everything up.

What the Cover Tells Me: Valerie wants to be a princess.  Novel dream, she knows.  The closest she is ever going to get to princess material is if she gets a job at Disney World.  However, reality TV answers her dreams with Princess for Hire where one young woman will become a princess.  But why does Valerie suspect there’s a sinister catch to all of this?  Especially since everyone is acting like Stepford Wives.

The inspiration for this summary.

What is the Book Actually About: Essentially this girl finds out she has this special power to transform in to any princess she wants.  I have to wonder if that includes animated characters.  Because I would so go for Ariel’s life, after she got her voice back and defeated the sea witch.  Two words: Prince Eric.

Verdict: Lazy.  It looks like bathroom vanity only more pink and I don’t have pearls.

What the Cover Tells Me: Alexandra (Ali) hates being a princess and has decided that she is going to get herself banished.  However, her efforts might’ve gone a little to far since it appears she has destroyed the world.  Can Ali fix what she did?

What the Book is Really About: A girl gets a role in a movie and finds out that she’s a look alike for a princess.  Things however take a disturbing twist when it turns out that the kingdom might be rebelling.

Verdict: Safe and boring.  Honestly, I would probably pass over it its so blah.


2 thoughts on “Judge a Book by Its Cover: Royal Edition

  1. I actually have been thinking of reading that one, so I'm glad you liked it. I'm actually pretty glutton for princess types of books.

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