Whatever Happened To….

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite and not so favorite YA characters after the happily ever after.  Well, have no fear this feature explores it.  And no I don’t own any of these books/series.  Surprised, you shouldn’t be.  Note, to qualify for this feature your series does not have to be complete (though that always helps in shaping these things).

1) Clary Fray(The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)


The Last Time We Saw Clary:

She and her pseudo brother/boyfriend were preparing for the final battle with Sebastian, Clary’s actual brother.

What Happened:

Tragically Clary’s life was cut too short for being ridiculously impulsive and being an idiot in general.  During the final battle when the smart rational decision would’ve been to run away and strategize against a big super bad demon Clary decided she was going to go all Batman on it.  Obviously, she was not Batman and croaked.

As for the rest of the cast….

Jace ended up developing an addiction problem and an unhealthy obsession with Duck Hunt, the old Nintendo Game.  He eventually managed to clean himself up faster than Jem Carstairs, but was kicked out of the shadowhunters. He  now works for those people on Duck Dynasty and goes duck hunting with them on a regular basis.

As for Simon, Isabelle eventually dumped his sorry ass.  She moved to the DC universe and became an Amazon.  Simon decided to jump into the Twilight universe where his got chopped of in the final battle-oh, wait that was a vision.  He married one of Edward’s old girlfriends.

And as for Magnus Bane, he finally dumped Alec for good.  And has taken over the shadowhunter world.  We all wished he would’ve done this sooner.  It’s a much more happy and sparkly place and for that we are grateful.

2) Kate Winters (The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter)


The Last Time We Saw Kate:

She was living in bliss with Henry and the baby that only made appearances for cuteness purposes and as soon as his cuteness factor goes he’ll disappear like Judy Winslow.

What Happened:

One day Kate woke up to hear Henry talking to someone on the phone.  Suspicious that her no good ho of a sister was into her man again, Kate decided to stalk Henry.  Turns out he wasn’t cheating on her.  At least with Persephone.  Even though everyone knows its Hades and Persephone not Hades and some OC Mary Sue.  Instead, Henry and James had been having an affair.

Kate, of course, went bat shit crazy and started doing everything those women in the soap operas do when their man cheats on them and their contract is going to end.  After James finds himself locked in a trunk by Kate and has to use some Greek magic to get himself out, Henry has her locked up in an asylum and gets the marriage annulled.

He and James then get married in a private beach ceremony in Carmel.  Later, James adopted Milo.  He and Henry are expecting their second child via a surrogate in November.  As for Kate, eventually after much therapy and after finding the right medications she was released.  Although she cannot see Milo, she sends him an occasional note which either Henry or James promptly shreds.  She has been trying to get her life together since and is enrolled in culinary school despite the fact she is a terrible cook.

3)Abby Maddox  (Beautiful Disaster Jamie McGuire)


The Last Time We Saw Abby:

Travis was an FBI agent, they had two asshats for kids, and an asshat on the way.  And she was a Math teacher.

What Happened:

It turns out Travis is a pathological liar.  He really wasn’t working for the FBI.  Rather, he was working for the mafia.  His “bust” actually started a mob war. Abby didn’t realize this until her car exploded.

To say the least she was pissed until Travis started doing his High School Musical thing.  Unfortunately, nonsensical bliss can not last especially when your husband works for the mafia.  An enforcer from a rival family comes to town and targets Abby.  Abby being the dumb ass she is falls in love with him.  This does not make Travis happy and he goes all Travis Fucking Maddox on his ass.

Unfortunately, there are cameras in the Albertson’s parking lot where this fight went down and Travis gets picked up for aggravated assault.  Turns out, the enforcer squeals and Travis has an even bigger legal mess to deal with.

Abby who cannot sustain the bills as a teacher goes back to Vegas.  However, her luck has ran out and instead of paying off Travis’s bills she ends up having to run from another mafia family.  Needless to say, things did end well for her.

The three bratty kids have since been put into the care of CPS.  They are all being seen by a psychiatrist and learning that hitting people does not solve problems.

4) Pierce Oliveria (Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot)


The Last Time We Saw Pierce:

She was living her HEA with John with no high school degree and no long term plans except to reproduce.

What Happened:

Unfortunately, things did not turn out like Pierce expected.  And that’s probably for the better.  In the end, she had to get her diploma because it turns out  planning out logistics in Underworld planning required some basic comprehension in Math and English.  Oh, and those boats that she got from her dad required maintenance too. And her parents said they’d kill her if she didn’t at least get a high school diploma.

Surprisingly, John is still with her and has actually made an effort to get into the 21st century a little more.  Meaning, he has taken an anger management class.  He only occasionally fries people now.

As for Pierce’s parents they remarried and have a seemingly normal child who is not obsessed with tassels.

5) Megan Rosenberg (Carrier of the Mark Books by Leigh Fallon)



The Last Time We (or should I say I–since I haven’t and have no plans to read the second installment of this series) saw Megan:

She had just found out that she and her twue wuv can’t be together because if they do they’ll create a demon baby or something-it’s always a demon baby.  And she and Adam are like fuck the world!

What Happened:

Unfortunately, Adam and Megan were not allowed to go to Ireland’s equivalent of Vegas-would that be Dublin, I know Dublin lacks the lights but man Dublin is a fun town-and get married.  Instead, Megan is sent to some elemental boarding school in Uzbekistan.  Unfortunately for Megan,  the school she’s at is like in the middle of nowhere and there’s no escape for her to get with lover boy so she has to learn how to use her powers.  Unbeknownst to the element people in Ireland, the Uzbekistan boarding school is actually a school for assassins where they train the super powered kids to be super killers.  And when Megan is released….she’s now the bad guy and is slightly more interesting because she acts like a Batman villain, minus the ridiculous costume.

A random picture of Dublin from my personal album.  

2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To….

  1. Thanks for putting a name on it: It's supposed to be Hades and Persephone, not Hades and Mary Sue. *sigh*I finally know one of the things that bothered me so much about that (plus, it was all ridiculous since Hades and Persephone were the only ones who didn't cheat on each other in the whole pantheon of Greek Gods). Also, I LOL-ed like crazy 😀

  2. Yep, that was one of my biggest problems with the series. That it was an OC and a Mary OC at that, that was with Hades. You know, there were so many twists that Carter could've taken with that series and…yeah, I'm babbling aren't I? Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

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