Top Ten Things Meg Cabot Has Taught Me

I swear, I am messed up these days.  I was supposed to get this out on the 26th but real life, birthdays, and a lack of air conditioning for most of the day sort of made me forget about this.  Never mind though, I’m posting this now.  And I hope you can forgive me for the delay.

Anyway, one of the biggest little life lessons that Meg Cabot has taught me is to make lists.  So I thought why don’t I make a top ten list of the things that Meg Cabot has taught me.  Because there are lots of things she’s taught me-via book and just real life.

10) Lifetime Movies: Thanks to Meg I have no become sort of Lifetime obsessed.  I’ve actually Google many of the movies that she listed in The Princess Diaries series.   I actually did manage to find and watch Who is Julia?  Which is a Lifetime movie that is very similar to Meg’s novel Airhead, but sort of in reverse.

Pierce isn’t the first brain to get a new body.

9) Why go to Web MD when you have Meg MD: Okay, I know when I’m sick I’m supposed to go to a doctor and I do.  But Meg Cabot has informed me of lots of diseases that are out there that I otherwise would’ve been oblivious to.  Oh, and I know all about self actualization now too-though that’s technically not a disease.

8) Pop Culture: I learn more about what’s hot from Meg than from Perez Hilton. Especially when it comes to past pop culture.  I can pop open an old Meg Cabot book and know what the appeal of Jennifer and Brad once was. Though I still have a hard time picturing them as a couple, even though I was cognitive when they were together.  I mean, they look too much alike.  Then again, Brad Pitt has a tendency to make himself look like his significant others to a degree.

7) Warnings about Uptown Girl Listeners: I will never listen to Billy Joel the same way.  Or for that matter if I see a guy listening to “Uptown Girl” I might just want to get out of his way.

6) Self Esteem: If you’re on a plane and someone thinks you’re a celebrity just go with it.  Hey, Lizzie Nichols did.  And six hours of someone thinking you’re Jennifer Garner will do wonders for your overall self worth.  It always helps when you’re married to Batman.

5) Moving Guide:  If you’re moving try to move into a supposed haunted house.  There’s a good chance that there could be a hot ghost living in your bedroom.  Who puts the sexy back in the name Jesse.

4) Dorms are Death Traps: It’s not apparently the black mold that would kill you, like I always thought when I was in college.  There are lots of psychos in the dorms.  And actually this makes sense to me since there was an actual serial killer on my college campus at one point and he lived in student housing.  We needed Heather Wells and stat. Also, we needed her to stop all those muggings at the library.  Yes, my college was in a bad part of town.

3) Psychic Powers are Obtainable to Everyone: If you know stand outside in a lightening storm and lightening strikes you and you live to tell the tale.  I’m also told if you’re in a car the lightening can work as a time traveling device as well.

2) Nobody’s Grandma Bakes them Cookies: You’re actually lucky if you’re grandma is like Grandmere and forces you to go to Chanel.  Look at poor Pierce Oliveria, her grandma tried to kill her.

1) Be Princessly: I have met Meg at two book signings.  And both times she was so nice to everyone.  And she doesn’t have to be.  I mean, she a mega success.  But the amount of professionalism she shows towards everyone is a lesson that everyone should aspire to have.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things Meg Cabot Has Taught Me

  1. I love this!!! I also am always making lists and now thinking about it, it is quite possible I learned that from Mia, aka Meg Cabot!!! Thanks for the great post! I'll be sharing it in next weeks recap! 🙂

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