Top Ten Reasons why NA is Really Lame

It’s probably the biggest growing genre in the market right now.  But I really just can’t stand New Adult.  I essentially think it’s just YA with sex.  Okay, they might be in college or young professionals-at most.  But still, there’s just not much to the genre.  Even my favorite authors have yet to convince me that I’m being overly critical with NA.  And I was like what are the reasons why I can’t stand the genre.  And hence this blog post.

10) NA derives from P2P Twilight fan fiction:  Okay, I know a lot of it doesn’t.  But the whole idea and concept I have seen in Twilight fan fics a plenty.  I mean, who knew that college Bella fan fics were going to have their own genre?  I think part of the reason I classify the genre as a whole this way is because of reason number three.  None of these books really have an original plot so I just keep thinking…fan fic.  Which isn’t a horrible thing….but fan fic should not be published.  And once again, that’s not saying that all NA started out as fan fiction, it just sometimes feels that way to me because how many stories can you read about some virgin with a sob story who gets with the Super Sleazy while on campus or has a Super Sleazy boss as a young professional?

Need I say more.

9) Super Sleazy Heros: Edward Cullen looks clean cut to some of these guys.  Do I need to even go into how big of a douche Travis Maddox is?  To NA’s credit though, I will point out that the guys in J Lynn (better known as Jennifer L Armentrout’s) NA book are slightly less sleazy.  Slightly being the objective word since both are sort of man hos.  Once again, something else NA likes to play with a super sexual male and a not so sexual female.  Why the purity myth continues, I do not know.  All I know is I just usually roll my eyes when I read the term man ho, especially if the MC gets with this guy in like ten minutes.  Girls, be like Pepper Potts.  Don’t even attempt to get with said man ho until the end of the second movie….err, I mean book.

8) Pimp Friends: That’s all NA friends ever do is pimp and be token characters.  God, I hate token characters.  It’s a way to have diversity in a novel, but not really have diversity.  There are some exceptions though, when the character actually does have a story apart from the MC’s and you know have a life of their own.  This rarely happen though, unless they get a spinoff and you can usually be guaranteed that the friend getting a spinoff is WASP-boo.

7) Sequels, sequels, and more sequels: Why do these books even get a sequel?  Seriously, nothing happens in the first book, so why should there even be a second one?  Okay, I guess it’s one thing if they take place in the same universe, but when these books involve the same story but in the guy’s POV that’s when I start seeing red.  Cash cow.  Cash cow.  Cash cow.  That’s all that I’m thinking.  Case in point, Walking Disaster.  All I can say, is that title really described that book well.  Unfortunately, I can’t blame this trend on Travis Maddox (even though I’d like to).  It actually originated once again from the partially released Midnight Sun (Twilight in Edward’s POV).  Which brings me back to the point, why must Twilight be the origin for everything?

An advertisement in itself for number 4.

6) Evil Bitches: A valid excuse for being a man ho, according to these books, is if all the girls you dated before the NA protagonist have been evil hos.  That explains so much.  Evil seductresses!  Of course, once the NA hero finds the heroine, he’ll make that change into a good man with his eye only on one woman in the span of ten pages or less!

5) The Big Break Up Scene: In almost all of these books you can expect a big breakup scene.  Usually, it happens around winter break.  And yeah, it’s about as dumb as the breakup scene in New Moon.  And all of them just really need a montage..

4) Tattoos: As hot as they might look on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, not everyone is meant to have a tat.  Have you see that show Tattoo Nightmares?  Well, I wish some of these characters did.  For once, I’d like to have a germaophobe NA heroine be like are you sure you didn’t catch hep from that?  Or were those needles sterilized?  Or better yet laugh at the stupid symbol that Super Sleazy gets put on his supposedly banging body.

3) There’s no plot: Yes, it’s contemporary.  But I’ve read plenty of contemporary romances that had a plot other than OMG when are these characters going to have sex?  Is it that difficult to give structure to these novels other than saying…oh, you’re hot and oh, I want you but I have a tragic dark past that makes me brittle for relationships?

2) Virginal Heroine: Yeah, you see this a lot in YA too.  But in YA, I sort of understand it more.  Here, it’s just ridiculous.  Especially when we have the traumatic virginal heroine.  Traumatic is something that’s purely NA for the most part, though you see it in in some measures in YA too.  Specifically, traumatic means that there’s usually some deep dark secret about the heroines past that keeps her from getting together with Super Sleazy.  Going back to number ten, in a lot of these fan fics that you’d see popping up the heroine (Bella) secret would be the big bad break up in New Moon.  Some authors might make things a little bit more interesting throw in an abusive Charlie or dead Jake, but you get the picture.  NA welcomes a mopey herorine and the cult of Kristen Stewart carries on.

1) College is not like this.  I always hate the fact that they portray college as a place where you never have to stay up to three to work on a paper, your roommate will automatically  new bestie, for the most part teachers and TAs are closeted tattoo hotties who own a Harley and write poetry at the local drippy independent coffee shop in their spare time.  It just doesn’t happen that way and you wonder why it’s classified as contemporary fiction when it should be unrealistic fiction.


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