Top Five Epic Failure Endings

If you’re a member of the book blogging community or you’re a huge Veronica Roth fan, you’ve probably heard about the droves of angry fans over the ending to their trilogy.  Personally, I haven’t read any of Roth’s books and I probably won’t because of the ending.  I’m not going to spoil anything for you Divergent  fans, but from what I read it sounds a little cliche.

Anyway, it reminded me of all the bad endings I have read in YA and I’ve decided to list them here, the fans reactions, and what I wish would’ve happened.  Note, I picked books that I read.  Therefore, some lackluster dystopia series endings I’m probably not going to talk about since I haven’t read the books.


The Ending: An epilogue at a train station where we realize that Harry, Ron, and Hermione all had kids of their own.  And Harry and Ginny have terrible taste in names.

The Reaction: Mixed.  I think a lot of people didn’t like the epilogue.  But if you were a die hard Weasley fan it was probably easier to swallow.  For the most part, the last book was great.  While I didn’t like some of the decisions that Rowling made I think for the choices she made it worked till the crapilouge.  Oh, and the whole Molly Weasley killing Bellatrix thing.  So, do not buy it.

My Ending: Okay, honestly the smartest way to end it would’ve been right before the epilogue.  It was open enough where you didn’t have to be suffocated by One Big Happy Weasley family and Albus Severus (seriously, did Harry and Ginny have a death wish for that kid).  Although, if I was to get my ideal ending,  I’d probably have had Harry and Hermione get together instead of One Big Happy Weasley family.  It just makes more sense, there was more development with that pair (hello, interactions in all seven books versus obsession/brief interactions in a few of them) and Ginny screamed Sue.  Also, Ron and Hermione are so headed towards divorce court with that constant bickering I can’t help but still mock that ship.  Oh, and I probably would’ve spread out the carnage to include more than just one of the Weasleys and spare Lupin or have it revealed that Sirius Black did not die.   Balance, people, balance.  As much as I love the Weasleys, the war really spared them for the most part.


The Ending: Another happily ever after with no consequences except for the one semi decent character in the book who gets shitted on and then some.

The Reaction: Honestly, no one was that surprised.  Given the series track record everyone already assumed it was going to be bad.  And Alexandra Adornetto didn’t disappoint.

My Ending: When Bethany and Xavier decide to consummate their marriage in the woods, they’re eaten by an alligator.  After eating Bethany and the alligator becomes so stupid that it ends up being caught the next day by Tory Landry (of Swamp People fame) he wonders why the gator is so sparkly.   Obviously, it’s a side effect from eating Bethany.


The Ending: Bella gets everything she wants and has both boys in her life (sort of).  Oh, and vampires can have babies even though they’re technically dead.

The Reaction: Oh, boy.  The whole Allegiant mess actually is very reminiscent of how the final book in the Twilight Saga was received.  People were complaining left and right on Amazon, had Don’t Burn it Return it campaigns, and Stephenie Meyer had some serious backlash about giving Bedward a baby named after the Loch Ness monster.  However, the series went on to generate more money by watching  Kristen Stewart mope throughout five movies.

My Ending: Bella never gets knocked up.  Rather the Volturi decides to crash the wedding and imprisons the Cullens for not-you know, transforming Bella into a vampire already and in the process “kill” Bella.  Unfortunately, Bella lives becomes a vampire and it’s up to her and the wolves to save Eddie and the gang.  However, during the process of saving Edward, Bella realizes I like Jake more and he tells her to get the hell away from him since she’s a vampire.  She ends up living crying for the rest of her eternal life.  But she is a vampire and since that’s what she whined about for three plus books, she’s happy enough.

The Ending: Schuyler acts like an idiot. Let’s Jack die which is supposed to be a selfless act, but really makes her look like a bitch.  And because she was a bitch she gets a happily ever after (excuse me, while I vomit).
The Reaction: The series has been waning in enthusiasm for awhile.  From the reviews I’ve read and from my friends feedback, I think what annoyed them the most about the final installment was how sloppy it was put together.  de la Cruz seemed to contradict herself and honestly the book was fairly boring save for the Kingsley/Mimi parts and the book was supposed to be about Schuyler.
My Ending:  Instead of finding out she has two dads, it’s revealed that Stephen Chase was the original Nephilim (Cain) and therefore the reason why Schuyler was sort of shunned by the vampire community is because she has Nephilim blood in her.  However, being corrupted might be the only thing to save the Blue Blood community and Jack (who she actually saves because no one is that selfless).

The Ending: In a nutshell, Tessa gets her cake and eats it too.
The Reaction: Mixed.  Die hard Clare fan girls love it.  Even some of the staunchest critics liked it.  However, there are other Clare fans I know that hate it.  Just like some harsher critics hate it as well.  I fall in the hate camp.  While there were a lot of good things about the novel, I just felt that it was unrealistic and honestly I like my MC to have consequences.
My Ending: Tessa and Will live  out their HEA, but Jem never talks to Tessa again.  They meet again on the bridge all those years later and make peace with each other.  But there is no foreshadowing to romance.  Instead, they talk about Will and leave it at that.  Sad yes, but she did technically cheat on him.  Well, it was grief sex.  But The Infernal Affairs is not Days of Our Lives.  Also, Tessa actually keeps in touch with her descendants because abandoning them just because they’re going to die is sort of cruel and silly.

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