Tuning In: Witches of East End-Crazy Zombie Ingrid

So, this recap is long overdue.  I was out of town-getting sworn in, I’m a real Texas lawyer now ya’ll and doing other real life things so I couldn’t write my recap as soon as I hoped.  However, here I am.  I will say in advance this is one of the best and worst episodes.  I think best in terms for the actress who plays Ingrid, she’s still annoying as ever as Ingrid but she really did show her soap opera crazy acting skills in this episode.

It starts with her going all crazy trying to kill Ingrid.  A smart person would’ve thought this is a dream but no…what is a dream is Freya and Killian.  Seriously, she needs to see a shrink for all those making out with her fiance’s brother dreams she’s having instead having lovie buddy talk with Dash.

Oh no, Ingrid is back to wearing cardigans again.  Mourning is over folks.  I don’t get to focus on this much since like the books the show is all about Freya moaning about her love life.  Funny, it really wasn’t annoying me (much) until this particular installment.

And Ingrid is reading the Book of Shadows again.  That guarantees something shitty will be happening.  Wendy shows and tries to act all responsible  and tries to clue into the two idiot sisters lives, at least until she gets annoyed with them (it really doesn’t take that long-under two minutes).

We cut to the library where these librarians gossip more than actually do work.  Much like the bar in this town.  A new guy shows up that is so obvious suppose to be the new love interest for Ingrid-they have a hate at first site relationship.  New Guy is not that bad on the eyes, but I think Not Andy was cuter.  However, I do think New Guy is actually closer to the love interest that Ingrid has in the books personality wise.

Freya commits a cardinal sin as she gives Killian a haircut.  I notice during these moments that Killian looks a lot like Matt Bomer at some angles.  This makes me smile since Matt Bomer was my ideal casting for Killian.   This somehow turns to an almost kissable moment between the two of them even though I don’ t know how chopping off a guys hair is romantic but they’re interrupted by  Dash’s assistant who is now dating Killian.  Freya though, is able to get the goods to make her potion.

Ingrid is acting all mopey about her past life.  I flash forward through her whining since I’ve basically heard these scenes between her and Jo in the last episode.

Someone is walking in the cemetery.  Oh, it’s the mother in law from hell.  She resurrects not so dead dead Ingrid.  The visual effects are disgusting on Zombie Ingrid.

Jo tells Wendy that Ingrid realized that she killed her in the past.  The scene is portrayed as if the two are merely chit chatting they fashforward to Zombie Ingrid and the Heather Webber wannabe.  She basically wants her to still some serpent shaped amulet and lets her kill Wendy if she gets it-yawn.

Oh, there’s Freddie Prinze JR looking very old.  It’s amazing that he was in She’s All That he looks more like he should’ve been in a John Hughes era movie than a late 90’s movie.  I take that back Molly Ringwald and the most of the rest of the Brat Pack look better preserved than that.   It’s very, very sad.

Library fundraising party.  In other words, we didn’t have enough money to build a new set so we’re using the library.  Completely random character hits all pervert like on Ingrid–who rescues her Mr. Insta Hate.  I really, really, hate the over use of cliches in that relationship.  Also, at the party Freya and Dash continue to look adorable he offers to take her to Paris.

Note from years of viewing of daytime television, those two are toast.  Paris trips are never good for a couple just ask Patrick and Robin, Greenlee and Leo, and any other daytime couple.

Sure enough, Freya freaks out at the party and tells Killian to forget about the kiss.  Guess who overhears?

If you guessed Dash you are psychic or like me watched too many soap operas.

Zombie Ingrid knocks on Wendy’s hot hide away with Freddie Prinze JR.  You know, Zombie Ingrid adapted very easily to modern day customs. She actually has better fashion sense than Real Ingrid.  And damn, if Zombie Ingrid can look psycho.  Come to think of it, I saw Ingrid in a Lifetime Christmas not that long ago and I thought her character pretty crazy then.  Though she didn’t physically torture people. She just…well, tortured them by singing.

And now Present Ingrid is painfully flirting with Obvious Love Interest 2.  Well, she got over Not Andy fast.  That’s all I’m saying.

Dash finally confronts Freya and it’s about as painful and as stupid as I thought the confrontation would be.  I seriously, think those scenes where Kiki found her ex-husband sleeping with her mother on General Hospital were better acted and that’s saying something.

Zombie Ingrid continues to act all Dr. Evil on Wedny until she grabs her heart much like Mola Ram on Indiana Jones and the temple of doom.

And eeeeewwwwwwww Flowers in the Attic trailer on commercial.  My friend was reading these when I was studying abroad with her in Ireland and I got interested in the books.  Read one and about had a puke fest when I realized just how much incest is involved.  Lifetime really needs to air a PSA after that trailer.  Still, it looks sort of addicting in the bad Twilight sort of way.

Anyway, Jo saves Wendy.  And I pretty much groan.  And Ingrid doesn’t tell her as she plays twenty questions.  Freya barges in and complains about her love life. Of course, everyone pays attention to that more than Poor Wendy who’s passed out on the bed.

Of course, Wendy wakes up they have a whole heart to heart and get along like buddy bears.  This only last a minute or so, so we can return to Freya who laments about her love life so much Jo decides to do her cards.  And dare I say it she’s referencing Norse mythology (well, she probably is if this show actually has enough sense to follow that aspect of the books).

Wendy tells Joanna that Heather Webber’s sister wants the serpent’s necklace thing which apparently opens up a portal.  Jo says it doesn’t exist.  Funny,she seems to know where it is minutes later… Oh, and Wendy apparently only has one life to live (cue the music).

And that’s it.  Sigh.  This episodes was rather meh.  I liked the veracity that the actress who plays Ingrid has.  I think I like her better now that I know she can do other roles than Lifetime Annoying, but at the same time.  What a lame episode.

Overall Rating: C


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