Love Triangles That Fail to Impress

My challenge question on GoodReads for a long time was what trope annoys you the most.  A good chunk of people answered love triangles.  And you know what, I don’t blame them even though I don’t exactly hate love triangles.

When they’re done right.
Which is almost never with very few exceptions.
However, some of these love triangles are more obnoxious than others.  And in a way that’s a good thing because at least they’re sort of memorable.  Sort of being the operative word, but because their so offensive you want to either throw your book or Kindle at the wall and that’s never a good thing for the wall, book, or Kindle.  So let’s discuss some of these travesties shall we.  Note, there will be spoilers so if you haven’t read these books and don’t want the ending to be ruined for you don’t read:
5)Michael/Mia/JP (The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot):

This triangle isn’t horrible.  But it was soooooooo necessary.  And to be honest sort of predictable.  I remember before the last book came out I thought Meg might throw in a curveball and make JP Mia’s guy.  I was actually a JP fan.

And it wasn’t because I hated Michael. I  just thought that he needed a girlfriend who was a little bit mature and wasn’t so overly neurotic.  Though I really was a bit annoyed with him without telling his virginity obsessed girlfriend back in book six that yeah…he wasn’t a virgin.  You know for health purposes.  But whatever.  He’s human, he makes mistakes that you can sort of forgive given the fact that Meg describes him as looking like Christian Bale in the last book.

Interesting to note, Christian Bale played Batman.  Anne Hathaway played Catwoman and she also played Princess Mia.  So Michael and Mia do end up together in the movie-verse-sort of even though that abomination The Princess Diaries 2 let’s us believe Mia ended up with that Nick jerk.  Instead, Mia just gave up the princess gig to become a thief and Michael became Batman.

Okay, me being a movie geek aside this triangle just didn’t work because JP was never a believable love interest.  He was just sort of there.  Maybe if there would’ve been a couple of books with those two actually together and being quasi cute the triangle actually would’ve worked here instead of making me  think the opposite was going to happen because the inevitable was just too easy.
4) Bram/Freya/Killian (The Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz):

Oh God.

I was almost tempted to put this one as the worst triangle I ever read, but I put something else there that I think inspired this one to exist.

In the first book this triangle was annoying, but I got it’s purpose.  However, the storyline ended there.  Or so we thought till the very last thirty pages of what I’m presuming is the last book of the series.


This series, people, can give great insight in what to NOT do when it comes to pacing in relationships.

Oh, and why people want to be with other people.

Really, I get that Loki is hot and that ton of fan girls have wrote tons of fanfiction where he can be redeemed, but your Loki de la Cruz is no Tom Hiddleston and those fan fics have better redemption arcs than your Loki had.
3) Edward/Bella/Jake (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer):

Yeah, this one is on here.  Mainly because helped make love triangles the norm in these books.  To be honest, while the Edward/Bella/Jake triangle is bad.  It’s not the worse one I’ve read.  Or at least it wasn’t that bad until the triangle is resolved because Jake falls in love with Bella’s daughter.

Who does he think he is, Woody Allen?

And seriously, that whole scene in the movie with him salivating over the baby.  I think Taylor Lautner is never going to escape that.

Perhaps, he should just go for roles of being the sleazy werewolf next door for Lifetime.

I could totally see it The Werewolf Next Door: After divorcing her husband, Bella and Nessie move next door to Uncle Jake who begins dating Bella…but his eyes are always lingering on Nessie.  Until one day Nessie is gone….who has taken her?  Obviously, not the creepy uncle that constantly stares at Nessie.  It must of been Mike Newton.

Side note, I actually might get behind P2P fiction if the stories were actually like this instead of broken Bella falling in love again in high school.  Reality mixed with melodrama people, it sells for me at least.  Oh wait, P2P is unethical and I could never get behind that even if it did involve a creepy Jake getting his ass kicked my retired secret super SHIELD agent Charlie Swan who pretended to be a dumb cop for so many years just to figure out what the heck is going on in Forks (damn it, I ruined the ending).

2) Aspen/America/Maxon (The Selection by Kiera Cass):
I put this one on here mainly because it is the perfect example of what a lame triangle is.  While one relationship is sort of developed-through insta love, but still developed.  The other is really given no attention except for conflict purposes.  I really don’t even understand why there is a Team Aspen at this point when there has been little America/Aspen interaction except for him to act like a big asshole, so that Maxon looks a bit more bearable.
Once again, a favorite tactic for those who use love triangles make  the other guy look like a huge asshole so that the winner looks a little bit more bearable in the reader’s eyes.  Sometimes this works, but most of the time it doesn’t.  It’s actually a tactic that I think a lot of these YA authors got from soap operas.  Take for example the current love triangle of Kiki (formerly known as Starr Manning)/Michael/ Morgan.  Kiki and Michael are the couple we’re supposed to be rooting for, so in order for them to get off of their internal lust and Michael stealing his brother’s girl, they have Morgan cheat on Kiki with her mother.
Yes, I know that the triangle in The Selection trilogy doesn’t involve brothers (that we know of), but it’s the same thing.  And as much as I enjoy soap operas, who really wants their book to be like a soap opera?
Unless, you know, you want to do melodrama on purpose.  But let’s face it most of the melodrama/roll your eye moments in YA are not done on purpose.
1) Will/Tessa/Jem (The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare):
Yes, I put this triangle to be my number one most offensive triangle mainly because it started a new trend that I call Marie Antoinette got to have her cake and eat it too.
Seriously.  I don’t get how Tessa comes out smelling like a rose in all of this. And yeah, I know Will had been dead for several years before it’s heavily implied that one day in the near future Tessa and Jem will be doing the nasty…..but


She married Will.  Who she got together with when she was basically with Jem.  Okay, so she thought he was dead.  But still grief sex.

And no one gets mad at her.


Which just makes me want to slam my head into something because you know that would so not happen in real life.

And reconfirms the fact that love triangles are primarily used to make the reader know how special the Miss Little Special Snowflake Sue really is.

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