Some Welcome: Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner


I downloaded a lot of free and ninety-nine cent books on my Kindle last Friday in anticipation of a trip I was taking this week. Welcome to Sugartown  was one of them.  I figured it might be a good read because the plot seemed pretty mindless-just another NA book.  But it involved pies and I thought thought that might be cute.  Alas, this one just seems to be another Beautiful Disaster clone with a hero who may or may not be more tolerable than Travis Maddox.

I say may or may not because Elijah does some pretty despicable things, but he never tries to outright control Ana.  Though he is  a piece of shit in many other ways which I’ll get to in a bit.  I’m going to warn you guys now, this particular review is going to be spoiler heavy for the first fifty-four percent of the book (as far as I got).  I usually try to not go into that detail on spoilers, but in this case I am.  Because many of the problems I have with this book, do in fact involve spoilers.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other problems with this book.  Technically, it wasn’t ready for prime time.  There were several grammatical errors in the book that made me roll my eyes.  The dialogue sounded false.  And everything from pacing to an over use of New Adult tropes was used.  It just wasn’t enjoyable.

If you know me, you probably already know I don’t have high expectations for New Adult.  There’s only about two or three NA books I’ve read that don’t make my eye start twitching.  This, unfortunately, isn’t one of those non-twitching books.  It decided to take advantage of every one of these annoying cliches from insta love, to the messed up virgin who only one boy can save. Oh, and a guy who only thinks with his dick and has so much ink you have to wonder how you can see those sculpted abs under all that ink.

Oh and yeah, Elijah thinks with his dick.  We’re constantly reminded of this in his point of view.  In which I swear every other sentence involves his penis or him having an erection.


Look, I know that men think about sex a lot, but they think about other things too.  And just reading dick, dick, dick, erection, erection, erection, made me think I was reading porn more than a romance novel.  Emphasis on romance.  This is supposed to be a new adult romance not a porno.  And what’s romantic about reading I have an erection.  I’m totally going to bone her. There are ways to show that Elijah was into Ana without being quite as literal as Jenner was about it.  The way it was written, well, I just didn’t get them as a couple because it felt more than anything else like their relationship was built on just pure physical need.

It doesn’t also help that as the novel progresses, Elijah makes a lot of dick moves. And I mean, a lot of dick moves.  Such as not understanding that after his girlfriend was almost raped (because of him) that maybe she wouldn’t want to be around him for awhile  and then totally acts like a real piece of work by screwing a girl that he knew only wanted to be with him to stick it to the MC.  He even admits as much when Ana catches him in bed with Nicole.


Dude, she was almost raped by your buddies.  Can’t you be a little sensitive.  Maybe give her some time to get her head together.  And if you really wanted to be with her, fight for her.  Not sleep with her archenemy as soon as she says it’s over.  I swear, this idiot.

Well, he thinks with his dick.  So I guess his reaction did actually make sense in a weird way.

Oh God, I can’t believe I’m making excuses for this piece of shit.   Someone help me.

Well, maybe it’s sympathy for something that just went horrible and squirm inducing worthy wrong.

I wished I had something nice to say about Ana.  But I really can’t.  Especially given her reaction to the dick.  She reminds me a lot like other NA characters–way too forgiving for her own good.

But what about the pies they made me want to stay, right?

Ha, ha, ha, no.

They didn’t even look that appetizing honestly.  Well, the ones that we did find out about.  More or less the whole pie thing was used as a quick gimmick which was a shame.

Overall Rating: I wouldn’t be giving this book a slice of pie no stars (F).



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