2014 Nostalgia Challenge

I’ve decided that next year I’m going to challenge myself to read a nostalgia themed book each month.  If anyone wants to join in this challenge they’re more than welcomed to.  Each month has a specific theme which I’ve listed below.  I’ve chosen some books that I read in childhood, while some books I’ve read in the distant past.

1) January: A book that was new to you in that it changed your mind about reading.

Probably the first book I read that made reading cool and in a way made it okay for me to embrace my inner book nerd.

2) February: A book that you love.

Probably the first book I loved being assigned. Pride and Prejudice is still relevant and is still getting a dozen remakes later, despite being two centuries old.

3) Your first mystery.


Okay, technically not my first mystery. But it was the first mystery that left a lasting impression on me and made me ship Francy (the ultimate mystery couple).

4) A book that taught you something.

I loved the American Girl books growing up. The Samantha and Molly books hold a particular special place to my heart. The only reason I chose Sam over Molly was mainly because the Edwardian era is a tad bit less depressing that World War II. However, I might do both.

5) A book that you utterly despised. 

Ugh. Just ugh. I reviewed this series and that’s all I have to say about it. But barf ugh.

6) A book that you were forced to read and loved.

My mom forced me to check this one at the library, at the time I just sort of rolled my eyes. Until I read it and then I checked it out three times.

7) A book that made you feel heat.

Oh man, Suze and Jesse. Even though he’s technically dead you can definitely feel the heat between those two.

8) An animal book that you loved.

I don’t know if I love this one or if it freaks me out. Either way it’s probably the most bizarre animal story I ever read. And it truly makes me think twice about buying an Australian Shepherd.

9) A book that you were assigned in school and hated.

Ugh. I think what I hated the most about this book is it showed just how low humanity could go (via kids).

10) A book that scares you.

Having a girl fall in love with a psycho and spawning five million other YA and NA books like it. Yeah, that’s enough to make a book scary.

11) A guilty pleasure book or series.

I raked up so many ARC (Accelerated Reader Club) points with this series. The sad thing is I remember them not being good. But they are like bad candy: addictive.

12) A book that makes you feel the season.

Probably my favorite holiday novel of all times. I truly wish we’d find out what happened to the Herdmans. I guess that’s what Cops is for.


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