Top Ten Books of 2013

While I might rant a lot about some of the books I read, I often find that there are some books to swoon about.  Here are ten books that I swooned over in 2013.



While it didn’t exactly live up to its hype, These Broken Stars, was an enjoyable read.  Kaufman and Spooner’s writing is how cowriting should be.  The flow of the writing worked beautifully while it was easy enough to distinguish Kaufman and Spooner’s individaul voice, but the book didn’t feel disjointed.


The cliffhanger at the end of this particular installment made the series and that’s why this book is on the list.


This is a fun romp for fans of Indiana Jones and Night at the Museum  throw in a supernatural mob and wow what a fun book.  To be honest though, this isn’t going to be everyone’s kind of book.  But for the people that do enjoy this sort of thing.  Wow just wow.


A Beauty and the Beast retelling that actually works in a strange sort of way.  Though it does have its faults, the writing  is pretty darn amazing.  The language Jay uses to convey the way the blind Isra views the world is just fantastic.


I feel like Meg Cabot finally got her groove back with this book.  To be fair, I enjoyed Awaken a lot too.  But this reminded me of the Meg I grew up with and believe me when I say that there’s nothing wrong with that.


The main character reminds me of Suze Simon.  That right there is enough to get on this list.


Yes, I know everyone and their mother has read this book series, but I only started it this year.  And I loved it.  And I really need to finish it.  What I think I liked about it he most was the main character.  The romance, to me at least, still borderlines on icky.


Another sequel that blew my mind.  This is probably the best Persephone retelling I’ve read to date.  Ashton’s writing really draws you in.  And I like both Cole and Jack for completely different reasons.  And I should hate Cole, he’s usually the type of YA male lead that I hate.  But thew ay Ashton uses him in this role, works just perfectly.


I think anyone who ever wrote fan fiction will enjoy this book. Plus, it’s probably the best NA book I’ve read this year.  Rowell really does know how to write for characters.


I know the first book only came out in 2012, but I didn’t get to it this year.  And boy do I regret it.  I freaking love this series.  For being a series based on fairytale retellings, it’s surprisingly original.  While I didn’t like the sequel to Cinder as much as I liked the original, it was still a strong effort and I’m really looking forward to Cress.


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