Do Judge a Book By Its Cover: New Beginnings

Well, it’s almost 2014.  And I thought for January’s edition of Do Judge a Book by Its Cover I’d look at some covers for new releases in 2014.

What the Cover Says: Mara is so not going to this royal wedding.  Seriously.  She was the one supposed to be marrying the prince getting the ring and the crown, not her stuck up sister Eleanor.  And what was Eleanor thinking making her wear a hat that rivals Beatrice and Eugenia’s in stupidity.  Oh, well, at least the prince’s hot older half brother is giving her the eye.  Too bad he was born out of wedlock and is a bastard.  Because Mara would look fantastic with a crown on her head.  Unlike the hat she’s currently wearing.
What the Book is Really About: An alternative future where the British monarchy still rules and it appears like there’s some sort of magic in society.  It actually looks like it could be pretty cool.  But to be honest, after my last few rounds with de la Cruz I’m a little more than skeptical.
Verdict: Definitely over the top.  Seriously, what’s the deal with this hat?  I get that this book wants to stand out.  But maybe it’s standing out a little too much.  That hat is just…well, wow. Really, WTF??!??!?!?!?!


What the Cover Says: Most people don’t realize that Rapunzel was a giant.  But if you think about it, it’s the only logical explanation for that ridiculously long hair of hers.  There’s been a cover up concerning her true height and this book explores it and Rapunzel’s relationship with Jack.  Yes, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk was Rapunzel’s one true love.
What the Book is Really About: It’s the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series.  This one is a Rapunzel retelling (duh).
Verdict: I love it.  But it’s a lot more literal than the other covers.  Still though, it works quite well.

What the Cover Says: Forget that brat pack, they’re the bitch pack.  Ashley, Aster, and Ashlyn.  Yes, their names all start with the letter A, they’re all A list, and they’re fabulous.  And of course this book is about them and them being all perfect, rich, and popular.  And since this book is going to fall in the tradition of YA books of popular girls some loser named, Kiki, is going to move to their Rodeo Drive high school  and try to invade their turf.  The faux fur, obviously, is going to fly.
What the Book is Really About: A homeroom class gets a flu shot and suddenly has the ability to read minds.  Ouch!

Verdict: It honestly reminds me of the cover you’d see of a really bad teen movie.  It’s really sort of forgettable looking which is bad for a book.

What the Cover Says: Have you ever wondered about the board game character, Ms. Scarlet.  Well, this is a tell all.  Did she have that wrench or that candlestick in her hands when Mr. Body died?  Find out in this retelling of the classic board game that sadly does not have Tim Curry in it.
What the Book is Really About:  It’s the sequel to Born of Illusion (which I have in my TBR pile and have been meaning to read) and is set in London.
Verdict: It’s okay.  I think the first book was a little more flashy and show stopper than this one.


What the Cover Says: The belle of the ball that’s what Irene is.  Well, to be more precise the dead belle of the ball.  And no one knows her name.  They know her only as the lady in red.  The girl who haunts the Moon and Stars Inn.  Legends surround her death, but only Irene knows the truth.  And when she sees her killer again a hundred and fifty years later….well, things are about to get interesting.

What the Book is Really About: It’s another Beauty and the Beast retelling, but with an added twist of Greek mythology.
Verdict: I can’t tell if I love it or I hate it.  At fist sight it’s pretty gorgeous with the rose effect and pretty dress.  But the longer I look at it, I start getting dizzy.


2 thoughts on “Do Judge a Book By Its Cover: New Beginnings

  1. I think I used to have a wreath made of silk flowers that looks like the crown on de la Cruz’s cover. Blech. Cruel Beauty is getting some really good reviews but that cover is completely unrelated to the book IMO. It reminds me of a never-ending staircase that some hatchet-wielding serial killer chases a screaming, limping heroine down.

    I love your takes. 🙂

    • That hat is just too much. I don’t know what it’s supposed to signify because there seems to be nothing in the summary that it would relate too.

      I’m actually really excited about Cruel Beauty. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites as well as Greek mythology and if it works halfway, I’m probably really going to like it.

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