Reflection on 2013 and Its Reading Goals

Well, it’s the end of the year.  Where I look back at my 2013 goals and see just how successful I am.  Here is a link to the original article:

10) I will try to read and review a hundred books next year.  Even though I don’t know that possible considering the fact I have to get through another semester of law school, MPRE, and the bar exam.  And, oh yeah, find a job.  So this one might be sort of difficult to achieve, but we’ll see.

I actually completed this one.  Amazingly enough.  Somehow reading was a stress relief for me.  I actually ended up reading 122 books.

9) I will try to read all my Netgalley ARCs.

Didn’t happen.  However, I’ve been better about choosing books that I’m actually likely to read when hitting the request button.  Progress.  So, I’m marking success there.

8) I will utilize the library more.

Well, I didn’t buy one House of Night book and I challenged myself to read that series.  I still should use the library more than I do.  Or at the very least sign up to Oyster, so that I don’t feel like I’m giving all my money that doesn’t go to paying bills to Amazon.

7) I will give series that I hate a second chance because who knows maybe the sequel is actually better. Then again maybe I should be more stringent about this one.  After all, wasting money on a second book that you don’t like is sort of stupid.  So maybe, this one will apply only to books I find at the library (see resolution number eight).

This is where House of Night came in.  So, I can sort of mark this one off too.

6) I will try to read what’s actually in my bookshelf more and actually read what I check out at the library.

Sort of a success.  Something I still should work on since there are so many books that are just sitting there on my shelves as decoration than anything else.

5) I will try to read at least two-thirds of a book before giving up on it.  Though once again, why should I waste my time on a book that I can not stand.  It puts me in a bad mood and I’m not a nice person when I’m in a bad mood.  Rethink number five.

Actually, stuck with the halfway mark on this one.  I couldn’t stomach it.

4)  I will try to be more positive about YA tropes or at least try to be less snarky about them (is that even possible?).  And honestly, is reading fun without the snark?

Um, epic fail.

3) I will try to limit myself to one lemon read a month.  What is a lemon read-you ask?  It’s like a use car that might look perfect on the outside but in reality is shit. Like the Halo series by Alexandra Adornetto.   That series is shitty beyond belief, despite the fact that most of the covers are gorgeous and state that Adornetto is some literary prodigy (prodigy, my ass).

Once again, I failed.  But I’m not blaming myself (much) for this one.  A lot of the books I tried that failed were by complete accident.  I totally went blind into them. And for what it is worth, I checked out the majority of them from the library.

2) I will try to read outside my comfort zone.  I always claim that I can’t find anything “different” in the world of YA.  Maybe it’s me.  I tend shy away from dystopias and other big trends in YA, so maybe I should try to embrace them instead of shunning them. Yes, a good chunk of them might be cliche and horrible but I should still give them a chance, right?

I did try to do this.  Though I am still gun shy for the most part towards dystopia and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

1) I will try to be frugal and not buy a book because a) the cover is stunning, b) the plot looks interesting, or c) there’s been lots of hype for the book.  I will read more reviews and make smarter decisions in what ends up permanently on my bookshelf.

I did this, but I need to be even more frugal next year. 




2 thoughts on “Reflection on 2013 and Its Reading Goals

  1. Congrats on completely most of your reading goals for yourself! Those are really hard and even if you didn’t complete them all you did better than I probably would’ve! Happy almost New Year!

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