Top Five Books that Should and Shouldn’t be made to Films

I’ve been looking at some rather messed up movies lately, which made me think about what books should and shouldn’t make it on to the big screen:

Books that Should Make it to Film


Honestly, making a Lunar Chronicles film or films would be risky.  There’s so much going on in the world that Meyer created and it would have to be done by a director who actually read the source material and tried to adapt it accordingly.  I could see it being a huge disaster if certain people in Hollywood got their grubby paws on it.  However, if done successfully, a Lunar Chronicles film would be so much fun to watch.  Not only is the storyline intriguing, but visually this could be a very pretty film. And it would be something entirely new for YA movies since the story is more or less focused on an ensemble cast than a single character.


Anna and the French Kiss would be easy enough to adapt.  And for that matter it would be cheap to produce too since it’s a contemporary.  All it needs is a semi-decent screen writer and two actors who have tons of chemistry together.  The only huge expense would be the fact the book takes place in Paris.


An angel book that doesn’t suck.  Yay!  Actually, I was a little reluctant about putting this one on the list of films that should get an adaptation since arguably you could make a case that this is a bit of a Twilight wannabe.  But I think that’s why it should get a chance on the big screen.  Hand makes what appears to be a gag worthy story enjoyable. Even though it has a love triangle.  Plus, the series has some heavy themes in it that I think would also add depth to any film adaption.


This series is what makes me a life long Cabot aficionado.  And I have always wanted a movie made out of it, though it has been in development hell for years.  I think if it could get off the ground though and was somewhat true to the books, it could be a bigger hit than Princess Diaries.  Suze is the type of heroine I look to when reading books.  She’s smart, sassy, and snarky.  If only more YA MC’s could be this way.  Plus, she’s a snazzy dresser.  If Hollywood would take a chance on her, I’m sure she would kick ass.


Rosemary Clement-Moore is one of my favorite authors and I often think she doesn’t get enough credit when due.  Her books are so different than a lot of things out there.  She really does have a way of writing for my inner nerd.  And I would just love to see her books adapted into film.  Honestly, if you took some of those wild theories on the History Chanel and fictionalized them that would be a Clement-Moore novel.  I chose Texas Gothic  as the novel I wish they’d adapt to film because she really took Texas history and made it come alive.  And having to sit through Texas history, I have to tell you that’s a hard task to do (and I was the top in my class in that particular subject).

Books that Should Never Hit the Big Screen


This one was quite a painful read for me because I wanted to love it.  Maybe if it was adapted and the source material was completely stripped to the bones, it might be okay.  But no, just no.  Honestly, I can imagine how this one would fair: BAD.  All the comic geeks out there in the world would pitch a fit when they saw ballerina Batman wannabe.  And considering how any other superhero movie out there with a female protagonist sucks, this one really wouldn’t be that much different.  Though I wonder how Marvel and DC would like knowing how Kahaney essentially merged Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne into a pathetic character that makes even George Clooney’s Batman look bad ass.


Even though it’s technically a better storyline than The Mortal Instruments, no just no.  The problem with this one is that it is sort of a continuation on the first series even though it’s a prequel.  The world is set in the Shadowhunter universe and the problem with that is…..well, City of Bones.  And considering that there’s a recurring character in this universe who appears in this series and who was horribly miscast and dubbed over….well, that kind of screws this series from making a big screen appearance.


It’s been optioned, but I pray to the film gods it never gets made into a movie.  I mean, it really would be a boring film with weird random outbursts on occasion by Travis.  Not that interesting in my opinion.  However, I suppose they could do the cafeteria singing sequence.  That seemed to work in another movie franchise.


Remember how I said that Unearthly  would be the perfect book turned to film to rectify Twilight, well….Halo would be the book to turn into a movie if you wanted Twilight to look like a wonderful cinematic experience.  Everything about his book is 1D.  On the other hand, maybe making Halo into a film would be surprisingly easy.  You could practically gut the book and do whatever the hell you wanted and no one would care.  In fact, they’d probably thank you.


This actually has a lot of potential for a film, but and this is a huge but there are way too many loose strings involved in this book to adapt it.  I still can’t pinpoint what sub genre it belongs to and there were so many plot holes I just…..


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