Judge a Couple err…..Book by Its Cover

It’s February next month which means that dreadful holiday where people who have a significant other go to Kay’s and get them a whatever to show how much they care or buy them a big box of chocolate.  Since I wanted to do something thematic for the month, I decided to look at some covers that feature couples.

Who is this Couple: No one in this world was right for Sabrina, until she met Rich.  However, this is a catch Rich isn’t from this world.  No, he’s not an alien.  He’s not from another time either.  But from another dimension.  And an inter-dimension relationship well….there’s more problems in that because you can’t very well Skype or leave letters in bottles for you to find ten years later.

What they Really Represent: A girl goes on a class trip to London and of course tries to fall in love, not realizing that there’s a hot American who’s already smitten with her.

Will They Last: I really don’t like this cover.  I think it’s the background.  It’s just way too busy for my tastes.

Who is this Couple: She thought he was just a guy.  A regular guy.  That’s all Princess Emile of You’ve-Never-Hear-Of-It wanted.  A couple of dates with a nice normal, no royal, never going to be even an earl guy.  And it was going so well until they’re car broke down on the way to Lake Tahoe.  And then things got worse.  It turns out that cute guy she met in Vegas, Just Carl, is  really  Prince Carlos as in the guy her grandma wants to set her up with.  This will not do.  It also doesn’t help that they’re completely lost in the middle of nowhere and actually do have to rely on each other if they don’t want to get back to civilization.

What they Really Represent: Two spoiled brats (one a rich American girl, the other a prince) complain about their life while on vacation.

Will They Last: I think it’s a little too generic.  Though it could be way worst.  It’s just one of those covers you know you’re not going to remember in a year or so.

Who is this Couple: Meet Reba and Stewart.  The spawn of celebrity chefs.  The Taste Network wants to exploit their parents as much as they can, so they decided that since celebrity spawn is so in right now that the kids of their network show should have a reality competition.  This is exactly what Stew wants.  He can finally prove to that arsehole father of his that he can make beef bouillon just as good as the famous Godfrey Richards.  Reba though, not so happy.  Because she can’t cook worth a flip.  And she knows if she doesn’t make the finals her mother is going to blow a gasket.  Which is why she asks for hottie Stew’s help for cooking lessons and for help to stay in the kitchen.  Of course, since they’re in the kitchen things heat up.

What they Really Represent: A reality contests with a nobody heroine and a celebrity spawn asshole hero.  I bet you can guess what happens.

Will They Last: Overkill.  Though I’m glad they didn’t show their faces.

Who is this Couple: Bob and Nora like to have staring contests.  They also like to go to Trader Joe’s and get cheap wine and cheese.  And order from the “secret” menu at Starbucks.  In other words, their your typical hipsters.  However, despite being hipsters they’re actually quite mainstream when they announce that after a whirlwind college romance-they met the first day of class when Nora yelled at the barista at Starbucks for not knowing how to make a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored frappachino from the secret menu-they’re engaged.  Trying to shake things up, Bob and Nora make a list of ten things they normally would never do.  Will this keep them hipsters forever, or god with the become yuppies?

What they Really Represent: A girl somehow manages to convince  her parents to let her live with her b.f.f. with no supervision.  And yeah, they’re minors.  And yeah, she gets an STD.

Will They Last: Um, no.  Anyone who stands that close together needs to learn the concept of personal space.  But what might be their saving grace (for now) is that they’re on trend.

Who Is This Couple:  Grace Givings daddy owns a car dealer-ship which automatically=bad boy hunky mechanic.  This story, of course, revolves around Grace and bad boy, Reed, getting together and doing it in the merchandise.

What They Really Represent: Two characters are sort of thrust together after some sketchy activities happen when they’re street racing.

Will it Last: It’s on trend.  And even though it’s embarrassing to take out in public the popularity of these covers will last for awhile.


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