Top Ten Couples I Ship

So, if you haven’t paid attention to the internet this past week then you might be unaware about the latest bombshell JK Rowling dropped about the Harry Potter universe.  That Harmony fans (like myself) aren’t so crazy after all thinking that Harry and Hermione should’ve been the end game rather than Ron and Hermione.  This got me thinking about shipping and I decide that for my top ten list of the week I’d discuss my top ten favorite ships.  Most of these will probably be book related, but a couple of them may be other forms of media as well.

10) Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version and I except the prince version of the beast if I imagine Prince Eric’s face on him):

If you could replace Ariel with Belle well….Eric would be much better off.

Yeah, this is number ten.  I really almost put Eric and Ariel on here because that’s who I shipped the most Disney wise when I was younger, but I just can’t now.  The relationship is so unhealthy on Ariel’s side despite the fact Eric is a sweetie and probably the hottest animated guy Disney has drawn.  Beauty and the Beast really takes its time (well, in its eighty or so minute run) to develop Belle and Adam’s-yes, the Beast’s name is Adam-relationship.  I also like how they contrast it with Gaston who would normally be the hero in a Disney movie.  However, Adam is a little lackluster on the eyes once he transforms (he has a mullet).  I get that producers say that we wouldn’t be impressed with whoever they drew.  But if they gave us Prince Eric look alike, I can guarantee you Prince Adam fans probably would’ve been happier.

9) Paul and Suze (The Mediator by Meg Cabot):

This is a couple that should never be together.  I didn’t even technically root for them to be the end game.  But man, I love them in fandom.  And I do think Paul helped Suze’s relationship with Jesse.

Paul is an asshole.  Not a physical asshole so much as mental one.  But the cat and mouse games that he and Suze play throughout the series have a sort of sexiness to them that you really don’t see with much YA bad boys.  Of course, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to be with Paul in cannon, but in fannon I enjoy him a lot more than I do with Jesse.  Which is weird because I am a huge Jesse’s girl.

8) Kestrel and Arin (The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski):

Yes, I just read this book.  But I ship this couple so hard.  I think it’s in part because it’s what I want for all YA romances.  Nice developed characters who are equally matched up in intellect in their relationship.  And there’s no insta love.  I also like that this couple doesn’t go into all fluff land once they get together.  The plot in the novel still remains and there are things that are more important than their relationship.

7) Mimi and Kingsley (from Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods):

This couple is what saved the final book from becoming a disaster.  I think what I love best about this relationship is that these two characters are both flawed beyond belief and don’t try to change each other.  Plus, Kingsley has a childish side to him which makes him amusing and at times a bit scary.  Besides, who doesn’t love the duke of hell?

6) Batman and Catwoman (DC Comics):

This is one couple that I really like even though I’m pretty sure they’re never going to get a happy ending and I’m totally okay with it.  I think out of everyone in the DC universe, Selina Kyle-a.k.a. Catwoman-is probably the most equipped to deal with the Bat.  She’s not depended and I think she knows that she’ll never be number one.  And while that doesn’t exactly make for a healthy relationship in the traditional sense, you have to give it to her for not trying to change him.

Not my favorite version, but still shows the sick chemistry these two have.

5) Phoebe and Cole (from the WB’s Charmed):

WTF was with that Charmed finale? We all know that if Cole never got hired on Nip/Tuck he and Phoebe would’ve been the end game.  I think what really bothers me is how they ended this ship.  It was so wrong on so many levels.  What I think worked about Phole for me was that you finally saw some gray in Charmed.  Let’s face it, the show had a pretty black and white view on the world and when Cole became a semi-reformed demon it sort of tilted it on its access to a bit.

4) Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen):

It’s a classic ship and had to be put on the list.  A lot of people try to recreate it with various retellings, but it just doesn’t work…unless Colin Firth stares in the adaption.  Though I think they might get away with having a remake with Matthew Crawley in it-Oh, wait he played Edward in Sense and Sensibility so maybe playing another Austen man isn’t possible.  The point is, since the publication of this book this couple has been pimped times infinity.

If you want someone to read show them this gif.

I often think a lot of people don’t even resonate with what the characters are really like.  One of my friends thinks Darcy and Elizabeth are too idolized, too perfect.  And I disagree.  I think if you read the source material or watch the miniseries you see the flaws for sure. Is it completely realistic…no.  But it’s definitely better than Twilight.

3) Cinder and Kai (from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer):

I really, really, like this ship and for that matter all the ships in this series for so many reasons.  I think Kai and Cinder make the perfect anchor ship for the series though for so many reasons.

As with all these ships, there’s no instant love.  And while the romance plays a heavy role in the book, these characters know how to keep their priorities.

I also like how the typical gender roles that you see in fairytales are defied.  The climax of Cress where Cinder rescues Kai made me smile for so many different reasons.

2) Suze and Jesse (from The Mediator series by Meg Cabot):

Oh, Suze and Jesse you cemented a place for Meg Cabot on the hall of swoon.  This couple.  Oh, this couple.  The Mediator series will always be one of my favorite series even though it’s over ten years old now, I still think I could pick it up and enjoy it as much I did when I first read it.

1) Harry and Hermione (from The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling):

Yes, I saved this one for last.  I like Harry and Hermione because they make the most sense out of any Potter couple.  I really don’t like Harry and Ginny or Hermione and Ron since I don’t think either of these relationships are substantially built. Ginny is essentially a Sue, who’s true purpose of the series was fulfilled in book two.  And Ron, well, he went from being the funny best friend to an immature and jealous teenager and probably a lousy husband if his behavior in book six is any indicator of how he’s going to be in the future.

Voldemort delusions speak truth.

Many people try to counter these arguments, by stating Harry and Hermione have more or less sibling chemistry.  At this I have to laugh.  I mean, I can see how you could view them as siblings but you could make the case that until Ginny and Harry snogged that they shared a sibling relationship as well.

For awhile there I wondered if maybe I was reading into this more than I should, after all no one enjoys Harry Potter for the romance, but after reading Rowling’s latest interview I feel oddly comforted.  And my ship does make sense.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Couples I Ship

  1. I always enjoy your posts, and this one’s no exception! I was wondering, though, if you’d read Melina Marchetta’s “Finnikin of the Rock”? Now there’s a YA couple I ship…

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