Do Judge a Book by Its Cover: Irish Luck

March is quickly approaching.  So, for this month I decided that I’d focus on covers that had an Irish theme in honor of St. Patrick’s day.  Unfortunately, YA seems to lack a lot of books that actually take place in Ireland or actually use Irish lore ( I guess leprechauns are hard to sexualize), so a lot of these books aren’t actually Irish themed.   I did find a couple though and a lot of these look festive enough for St. Patrick’s day  so…..

What the Cover Says to Me: Gracie Pollaris is an art history major who is studying in Ireland after a bad break up.  Yes, this is a new adult book.  But you see, it’s totally original because it takes place in Ireland and well the mysterious hot boy on campus for one thing has an accent and for another thing he’s a celtic lord.  So, totally original right?  And yeah, nothing happens in this book except for Gracie and Rhys drinking Irish breakfast tea and feasting on Butlers Chocolate while doing all the other New Adult cliche things.  But as I said because it’s in Ireland…totally new and automatic best seller.


Though I don’t think any New Adult heroine is smart enough to get into Trinity College.

Reality: A girl is all excited about being in an arranged marriage with a dude in a foreign country and being shipped off to said foreign country.  And despite the fact that I’ve been to Ireland and I felt safe there, I wouldn’t exactly feel safe marrying some random stranger there or anywhere.

Verdict: Shamrock overkill.  I’m sorry, but no just no.  Shamrocks should only belong on the cover of a Lucky Charms box.

What the Cover Says to Me: Once there was a key keeper that did not live in Hogwarts.  Instead, the keeper was responsible protecting our world from the world of faeries.  However, like any human,  Siobhan  makes a mistake.  A mistake that leads her locked on the other side of the door.

Reality: A girl’s mother disappears when she’s young and said girl has supernatural powers.  And of course, a strange hot human boy comes along and changes her world.  Barf.

Verdict: I sort of like this cover.  It’s really simple.  Most YA covers aren’t and that’s when I get really embarrassed to take them out in public.

What the Cover Says to Me:  Most people think leprechauns are  little men who are stingy with bags of gold and live in Ireland.  Ruby Ranger is 1) not a man, 2) she’s six feet tall, 3) lives in Chinatown, and 4) is a leprechaun.  Yes, Ruby is a leprechaun which means she is destined to protect King Midas’s hand and the gold that came from it.  And when one obnoxious History Chanel host gets it into his head that the hand of Midas is in Ruby’s town (which it is, unfortunately) she has to do anything to stop him.

History Chanel be damned.

History Chanel be damned.

Reality: A sad Mulan wannabe epically fails at trying to fight some dystopian fantasy kingdom.

Verdict: Plain and simple.  Which isn’t bad per say.  But honestly, for a traditionally published book I expect a little better cover art.

What the Cover Says to Me: Vegas brat, Melody, has been sent to a Dublin after a disastrous set of events (caused by Melody) that  landed her kingpin father in the pokey.  Now instead of partying it up in the casino, she’s attending an all girls school on an old abbey.  As beautiful as the campus is, Melody, can’t help but think there’s something ominous besides abusive nuns.  Oh, and then there’s the  ghost of the dead earl that just so happens to be haunting her and mocking her for liking Downton Abbey.


An actual abbey in Ireland. Unfortunately, there’s no earls on said abbey just nuns that make pottery.

Reality: Three girls who have different moms find out they all share the same Vegas mogul dad and end up living with him.

Verdict: The big face part of the cover is sort of generic, but I sort of liked the view of Vegas on the right side.  The diamond design bit though is a little cheesy.

What the Cover Says: The endearing story of a human and a sea serpent.  You might have heard of his sister, Nessie, but you’ve probably never heard of Donald.  He has tried to live a quiet life in the rivers of Ireland where he had fled after one of the various rows he had with Nessie.  One day a beautiful oh so common but common YA girl falls into his lake almost drowns (because she’s a beautiful but oh so common YA girl) and Donald rescues her.  True love will, of course, occur. But of course it’s forbidden and it’s going to take a trilogy to fully work. And with an evil sea serpent after them from Scotland that’s in love with a werewolf, chaos will undoubtedly occur.

Beneath the surface....

Beneath the surface….

Reality: Essentially this book is Twilight with aliens.  Enough said.

Verdict: The covers in this series are really cheesy, but God knows they’ve been successful.  Interestingly enough, there is one last book in the series left and it and the rest of the series are getting a makeover.  Which is sort of sad, since I enjoy and cherish the cheesiness that the models display.


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