DNF Round Up

Believe it or not, I’m pretty kind.  Sometimes, I don’t even bother to review a book for various reasons (not all bad).  However, I sort of feel like I should touch base on some of these books.  Explain why I didn’t finish them which is why I think I might do a recurring feature called DNF roundup where I talk those books I didn’t even get to the halfway point (the point where I think merits a full review). All of these  are the books that I have DNF’d and did not review thus far for this year:

I received this one from Netgalley and was so excited about it.  But ten percent in, I couldn’t deal.  It was just like a bad over dramatic Lifetime movie and apparently it got worse as the book continued (serious trigger warnings in this one).  The main character was also stupid and had no drive.  I think the killer (for me) was that the figure skating that the book so seems to be about was at best filler.  Seriously, why can’t a YA/NA protagonist that figure skates actualy be good at it and be somewhat competitive?  Oh, well, I still have The Cutting Edge to get my cliche ice skating feels on.

This one was a Kindle freebie.  I’m sorry but the MC really whined like a teenage girl.  And he wasn’t a girl.  I called it quits though when his mother and stepdad decide to uproot their life in New York for their new celebrity ward when they had four kids of their own in NY and jobs.  Plus, it was really hard to believe that a sixteen year old celebutante would be stuck with her Betty Crocker relatives and not I don’t know get emancipated.

Another it’s Twilight de ja vu books, but with mermaids.  Despite  the horrid use of cliches, I thought this one might be interesting when the MC started gawking over the hero-who at that point appeared to be female.  I was like an LBGT romance in paranormal YA, pretty cool.  Then it turned out that the girl she was staring at was just a really pretty guy and the fact she thought she was gawking over a girl was never brought up again.  That and the fact that this one is basically a horrible version of Twilight turned me off.  Oh, and the mom making excuses for the obvious psycho dad.  Apparently, parents never need therapy and suggesting such a thing is blasphemy.

I really wanted to love this book, but god knows I don’t have the attention span to finish it.  It’s funny because a lot of my friends have given it pretty decent reviews.  And I can see that.  The characters are well formed.  There’s some interesting world building going on, but it just doesn’t hold my attention for some reason which I can’t exactly pinpoint.  Maybe I’ll finish it one day, but for now it’s in my DNF not review pile.

Data Crunching Time:

Besides recording my thoughts of the books I didn’t even manage to make it halfway through, I thought I’d throw some statistics in there too:

YA: 3*


Paranormal: 2

Contemporaries: 2

Traditionally Published: 1


Paid: 1


Free via Kindle: 2

*Depends how you view On Thin Ice while the MC is high school age she does with several adult situations throughout the novel.


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