Normally Being Good is Dumb: Top Ten Worst Villains in YA

Let’s face it, a good villain can make or break a novel.  If done correctly the villain can be the most memorable part of a novel.  However, YA often lacks in villains.  And sometimes it’s just so painful that I had to make a list.

10) Those wannabe cultists in The Here and Now  by Anne Brashares: I know that this book hasn’t been technically released yet, but those bad guys aren’t even Lifetime Move Network scary.  I mean, it really doesn’t take that much to get them to step down from their evil control freak ways.  Well, when the heroine finally stands up for herself.  But for future people, these baddies are really dense.

9) Khalistah  from See Me by Wendy Higgins: Dear.  Freaking Lord.  This is a cartoon version of a villain if there ever was one. Oh wait, even the worst Disney villain was more developed than this.  Seriously, I wondered if Khalistah was just a joke.  She was that painful.  I think the only way I can describe the way this villain is described is imagine writing a story where you’re the princess and that mean girl who bullied you all your life doesn’t get the hot football player you have a crush on-that would be Khalistah.  And FYI, that would make a terrible story unless there are a) robots or b) there’s a hot nerd who’s secretly a secret agent for some government agency that fights aliens that pose as football players.  Oh, and the so called mean bitchy girl totally his partner on the mission.  And the reason she hates you, because your a stupid ass that causes too many problems for them. And no she’s not in love with the totally hot nerd because she has better things to do than a stupid YA relationship.

8) Lokesh from Collen Houck’s Tiger’s Curse Series: If you’ve read my drinking game of this series you knew this one was coming.  This villain is pathetic.  Hardly really even memorable.  When a character is more concerned about pancakes, boys, and what dress she should wear.  You know you’ve lost your evil mojo.

7) Celeste from Kiera Cass’s The Selection: Another case where extreme slut slamming creates a cartoon villain.  At least Celeste hasn’t gone to extremes like Khalistah has to be the bad guy in this series, but I have a funny feeling it’s only a matter of time.  The only reason she scored a little bit more horrible than Khalistah is that Celeste has had two books to get her evil on.  And besides just being a cliche mean girl, she’s never going to get that oomph she needs to be a decent baddie.

6) Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: I’m sorry.  But no.  I actually did think Valentine was a better villain, even though he was a rip off of Voldemort (who is probably one of the best if not the best villain in YA).   Sebastian though, he has after thought written all over him.  And I’m sorry the fact that his biggest thing is to want to bone his sister makes me have the gag reflexes more than anything else.

5) Jake from the Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto: A villain.  Please.  I’ve seen Care Bears that are scarier. Really, I feel like Jake is the true victim of this trilogy.  Bethany, that evil mastermind, caused him to lose his identity because he loved her.  Well, obsessed about her to the point he got killed why he was in hell after he was dead.  That doesn’t makes any sense.  Except in South Park.

Super scary, I know.

4) The Silver Bloods in Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods: But MJ wasn’t this like one of your favorite YA series?  Yes.  And while the Silver Bloods might have been badass in the earlier books in the final battle, well, I could defeat them and I’m not a vampire or a super ninja or even own a ray gun or a sword for that matter.  I think for a creature that was described as being so conniving they ended up being ridiculously stupid.  The finale to this series was a let down in a lot of different ways, and the Silver Bloods played a big role in why it sucked.  From being a super baddie to a wimpy baddie.  Silver Bloods are probably one of the most disappointing villains in YA.

3)Patch from Becca Fitzpatrick’s The Hush Hush Saga: Yes, I know he’s technically not a villain.  But by all accounts Patch should be a villain.  He tried to kill the main character.  It really was the whole point of the first book, but what is he?  The hero.  And I might be okay with that if his past behavior was addressed but nope.  He even makes a lousy villain if you think about it for giving up his quest all because of love.

2) Neferet The House of Night Series by PC and Kristin Cast: This villain is reduced to being slut slammed every other page.  I swear, she just runs around naked for the Casts to mock her.  The character is completely 1-D too, despite the fact that the Casts did actually try to give her a backstory.  Perhaps if the series wasn’t so ridiculous in its context overall then maybe…just maybe Neferet could’ve actually had a chance at succeeding at evil.

1) The Voluturi in Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga: Way to ruin a climax.  Oh, these are scary guys that can destroy the Cullen family and those stupid wolves without so much thought that the Cullens decide to go all Justice League Unlimited (except without the coolness factor)on them even though they would undoubtedly fail because the Volutri was all like Amazo that even Super-Bella would have problems defeating them.  But you know what, instead of blood shed all we got was a tense stare off with some awkward facial expressions and that was it.

Seriously, why couldn’t they have done something to the demon baby.

Where is Lord Voldemort when you need him?


4 thoughts on “Normally Being Good is Dumb: Top Ten Worst Villains in YA

  1. Even though I haven’t read any of the books on your list (besides the Here and Now, ugh), I completely agree with you that some books reaaaally don’t have memorable villains. And it’s disappointing…

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