A Book About Nothing: Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


When thinking about this book, I can’t help but think about a line in Legally Blonde about how endorphins make you happy.  Except in this books case, sweet tea makes you happy.

Or at least it would make Harper Price, the main character in this book, happy.

There is a part of me that really, really liked this book.  I had a horrible week last week, and all I wanted was something light and fluffy that I could bury myself in and this book seemed to fit that definition.  However, as far as great characters go, even Harper couldn’t help me from realizing that this book was basically about nothing.

Replace blog with book and there you go.

It wasn’t a bad book.  I enjoyed it.  However, this book ain’t Seinfeld and therefore it does not succeed at being about nothing.

That doesn’t mean it was a total bomb though, which was a relief.

The premises of the book doesn’t sound like nothing: a girl gets superpowers after being ambushed in the bathroom by her dying janitor and almost killed by her cantankerous history teacher.

That premises, honestly, sounds sort of kick ass.

But obviously, such a premises has never taken place in the deep South before cotillion.

Heavens for Betsey!

If it’s not about cotillion then well….

To be honest, I could’ve dealt with a plot that was heavy on the debutantes.  But the debutantes role was really limited to whenever we needed the characters to wear formal wear and bake hummingbird cake.

Though yum, got to love a good  hummingbird cake.

So what’s this book about then if it isn’t about bad ass superheroes or about cagey Southern Belles.  Well, it’s more or less about a high strung teen who deals with melodrama with her pretty decent boyfriend so that she can fall in love with the town.  Jerk.

All I have to ask book is why?

You had a potential great thing going.  A high strong character who actually had a damn good reason to be uptight and she was still lovable.  An opening scene that was pretty kick ass.  And a plot that had the potential to be freaking bad ass.

But really, you had to focus on the love story?

Well, it is YA.

I do get that.  And a lot of YA is centered around romance and as my embarrassing shelf will attest to you, I like romance.  But I like romance with plot.

I mean, the characters just saying their in love or falling in love after they realize all those insults are really love messages instead.

To say that as I got further and further along reading this book and realizing that I wasn’t going to get a plot other than a lame love triangle where a perfectly nice guy gets dumped for a Tony Stark Wannabe (and yes, his last name is Stark and he’s a rich jerk so the comparison is valid)  reading this book got sort of awkward.

I mean, this book was everything I wanted but….

And to be honest, love triangles normally don’t bother me.  In fact, some of my favorite books have them.  It’s just that, well, this one just seemed to be thrown in there to sell the concept and since the concept never developed like it should.  Well, I’m not a fan.

Especially with that ending.

Not to go into spoiler specifics, but if you read the ending, you know that said crappy triangle is probably going to continue in the next book in an even more contrived way.

Which doesn’t have me that excited.

In fact, sort of yawning when it comes to this series which is a shame.  Because this is such a good idea.

Overall Rating: B- this book has a lot going for it.  But I’m just not getting on the band wagon yet.  It needs to develop it’s plot and lose the Stark wannabe.


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