Make Me a Cash Cow: Because Every YA Series Needs a Spinoff

Like it or not, spinoffs are a pretty popular thing in YA  these days.

Honestly, I fall in the not such a fan camp.  While it is true that there are some series that have spinoffs that I’m looking forward too.  For the most part, I think they’re excessive and cheap marketing tricks.

I thought today it might be fun to look at some of these series and also speculate on other popular YA series that could get a spinoff in the near future.


Series With Spinoffs Or Soon to be Spinoffs:



I haven’t been exactly shy in how overkill I think this series has gone.  To be fair to it though, its first spinoff was actually better than the original trilogy (IMHO).  But as I have mentioned in a previous blog entry, Clare has over killed this series.  Not only has she expanded the original trilogy to six books, added a Victorian era prequel, a contemporary spinoff set in LA, but there’s also going to be a graphic novel prequel to the original trilogy regarding Valentine and Company, and two historical prequels. Oh, plus the Magnus Bane short story collection her friends helped her write. It’s just way too much.

And maybe it would be one thing if Clare wouldn’t have announced all of them all at once.  The timing really did add to the obnoxious effect and the fact the newest additions to the latest trilogy have been lackluster.

However, it’s likely that these spinoffs will be somewhat successful if not very successful.  Clare has a strong fan base.  But, will the fan base wait for all of these books to be released?


I adored this series when it first came out, but even I’m surprised with how big it is now.  Not only does this series expand seven full length books, but it has had several attempts at a spinoff.  I say attempts, because I don’t think any of them (thus far) have held steady.  Sure, you could make a case for The Witches of East End.  After all, de la Cruz got a TV show out of it.  But as far as spinoffs go, that series has only a very, very, loose connection with the Blue Bloods world.  The other attempt at a spinoff, Wolf Pact turned out to be a stand alone-well, it was sort of released in installments as an ebook but if you were going to be economical about it you could just buy the full paperback version via the Book Depository or whatever (just saying).  The newest attempt at a spinoff, the unreleased Vampires of Manhattan is trying to stay closer to its source series-i.e. it stars one of the original cast members.  However, with the phrase “hipster horror” in the blurb.  I’m sort of dubious about this one.

Meg Cabot recently announced she’s releasing an adult sequel and spinoff to her popular series The Princess Diaries.  As well as an adult sequel to my personal favorite, The Mediator series.  Of course much fan girling instantly went on.  But then I remember how the fifth book to the 1800 Where R U series was- while not bad, not as good as the previous four.  And her previous statements how if she wrote a sequel to the Mediator her fans weren’t going to exactly like it and I sort of got worried for a bit.  But still, I can’t help but feel elated.  Jesse de Silva and Michael Moscovitz grown up and legal.  Well, they already were legal.  But still.

Unless your a huge Pants fan, you probably weren’t aware that there was a horrible attempt of a spinoff to these books.  And no I’m not talking about that crappy Nicholas Sparks Wannabe knock off that was the adult sequel to the series (please, Meg Cabot, do not do that to either Mia or Suze).  There was an actual spinoff that really was more middle grade than YA called 3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows.  And let’s just say it sucked.  If I would’ve been reviewing books back when I read it, I think it probably would’ve been one of my most epic rants.  It still makes me angry thinking about it.

Possible Spinoffs?

I’m just waiting for it now. And there was sort of a spinoff with that Bree Tanner book, but I’m sure if Little Brown was pitched the idea of any sort of Twilight spinoff they would jump on it.  Interestingly enough, there were discussions about a Twilight TV show for awhile, but I haven’t heard anything in the relative recent past about it.  If Twilight were to continue, it obviously would have to be from a different narrators POV.  Do I think it would go over well?  More than likely yes.  Even though the series is no longer at its pinnacle of popularity, I still think Meyer has more clout in the industry than Clare.  And the universe, I think, does have more potential than a lot of other worlds that are getting spinoffs.



I’d actually go for this one in a heartbeat.  And we’re sort of getting a spinoff in the movie-verse.  Though I don’t know if you’d consider Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  more of a spinoff or a prequel.  However, since everyone else is doing adult sequels and since Rowling is already talking about how Ron and Hermione would have some serious marital issues, it might be interesting to see it play out.  You know, if you’re not a Ron and Hermione fan like yours truly.

While there hasn’t been a spinoff yet, there are novellas that are in the series that almost seem like spinoffs.  And I really wouldn’t be surprise if by the time the last book is published if the series gets an extension or a spinoff.  Honestly though, it might’ve helped the Casts if they would’ve done a spinoff than continued the original series out for twelve installments.  The characters and their development has just become stagnant in the original series.


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