Top Ten Things You Didn’t Want to Know About Book Blogging and Probably About Me too

10) If you think you’re going to be getting ARCs galore you’d be wrong: Unless you’re very, very, popular in the blosphere and have some great connections.  You won’t be getting ARCs every other week.  There are some sources like Netgalley and Edelweiss out there that are a perfectly legal way to get these books, but publishers are a strange beast.  I’ve been blogging pretty steadily for almost three years  now ( save for a brief hiatus when I caught whopping cough and a host of other  life threatening diseases and pretty much had to focus on just school to pass) and I am still reject plenty of times by some of the big six (or five now since we have Random Penguin).  Which I’m perfectly okay with.  I get that there are other bigger blogs out there and publisher’s want to market their books.  What I don’t recommend is begging those bloggers or individuals who have an ARC for them to give you their copy.  It just makes you look tacky and for that matter makes you look like you might be a suspect for pirating which is not a good thing.

The only pirate that’s a good thing.


9) You Can’t Like Every Book: If you like everything publishers will love you, right?  Wrong.  Honestly, I don’t really think publishers care how the book is received as long as there are people hearing about it.  Do you really think your audience is going to take value to your recommendations if you give an auto five stars to everything?  I know I’ve rolled my eyes at a certain popular blog for this.

8) Reading Is a Chore: When I read a book for my blog, I actually take time to analyze it.  If you are a friend or follower on Goodreads you’ve probably read some of my rampant rant status updates.  While some (probably not a lot) of you find these to be amusing, I actually use them later on when I go back to write my review.  I also try to be as fair as I can when I review.  And believe it or not, try to find one good thing to say about a book.  Unfortunately, I’ve had cases where that has not happened.

Seriously, this image is not making me focus.


7) Make Sure You Are a Little Blog Savvy: Seriously.  Otherwise Blogger and/or WordPress will drive you insane.  I actually took a course on WordPress, I know pathetic.  But it did help me be able to navigate the change over from Blogger without making a complete idiot of myself.  Oh, and it’s probably best to do a account first rather than buying the domain if you’re not tech savvy.  Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with some severe headaches.

6) Followers Do Not Happen Overnight: Seriously.  Also, you’re going to have to do multi-platforms meaning Twitter, Facebook, Booklikes, Goodreads, etc. if you want your blog to make an impact.  Yes, it’s annoying especially for the introvert at heart.  But it’s a sad truth. And now I feel like I’ve probably haven’t been using Twitter enough…I’m inducing guilt on myself.  There is something wrong with that.  That’s only supposed to be my mother and my Beagle’s job.

Dogs that induce guilt,.

5) Privacy is Key: With all the weirdos out in the world (and yes, there are weirdos in the book world) privacy is really important.  Especially if your a minor or are a person who wants to keep their professional and internet lives separate.  Plus, with the increasing rate of cyber crime it’s probably best that you keep your real name to yourself.

4) Expect a Burn Out: Yeah, sometimes I don’ t want to read.  Blasphemy, I know.  Depending on how social you are, this might make you want to invest in a coblogger.  Believe me, I thought about the concept some.  Especially since I’m working now.  However, I’m still a single blogger (for now at least).  If a coblogger isn’t  your cup of tea.  Make sure you schedule your blogging activities.  I generally do most of my reading on the weekends and if I don’t feel like reading but still blogging I might watch a Lifetime movie or make a stupid list.  The point is-variety.  You need it to stay sane in the book blog world.

Me after reading five House of Night books, one of the Tiger Curse novels, and a couple of Cassandra Clare books.

3) It Can be Expensive:  Reading adds up.  Especially if your buying all of  your books.  As I said previously you can try to reduce the cost by requesting ARCs from sites like Netgalley or Edelweiss, or better yet use the library.  As lame as it sounds, I probably go to the library at least two or three times a month.  If your library is on a branch system, you can find recent releases.  Or get an interlibrary loan.   Even if you can’t though, reviewing books that have been out for years is still perfectly fine as well.  Note though, don’t always trust the librarians picks.  For some reason, my local librarian seems to love The House of Night books along with other horrible tomes that have radical magic plastic surgery in them.  I kid you not, the main character zaps herself a new rear and it was on the librarian’s choice pick shelf.

2) Authors Can Be Scary:  No.  Really.  When I first started blogging, I asked a few authors to give an interview.  And some (well, most are great).  But since then there has been a bit of an evolution of BBA behavior where some authors think by starting a hissy fit they can sell a few books.  Which is utterly ridiculous.  The point is while I do like author interaction, I’m a bit weary of it now.  With both traditional and independently published books.  Because yes, both sides of the publishing industry can have BBAs and both can have sweethearts and darlings as well. My best advice with authors, treat them with professionalism.  If their unprofessional to you, you have every right to report their so called lack of customer service in your review.  Since you are the consumer.


1) You Meet Great People: This is probably the best thing about blogging.  I actually can talk to people who read the stuff I read and don’t look at me like I’m a freak of nature for reading YA.  Believe me, it has happened.  There has been talk that blogging has become inclusive as of late.  And to be honest, sometimes I do feel a little bit out of the loop, but overall I think the experience has been a great stress outlet for me.  I started this blog after my first year of law school when my pulse rate went to one hundred and forty.  The cardiologist told me I had to have some sort of stress relief.  While I like to write my own stuff (I was a creative writing major before I started the whole law thing), sometimes I have writers block.  With books though, I always have something to say about books.  And whether or not you share my opinions, I do enjoy talking about them.


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