The Infinite Realities Hate You: Dissonance by Erika O’Rourke


Delancy Sullivan has always known there’s more to reality than what people see. Every time someone makes a choice, a new, parallel world branches off from the existing one. Eating breakfast or skipping it, turning left instead of right, sneaking out instead of staying in bed ~ all of these choices create an alternate universe in which an echo self takes the road not travelled and makes the opposite decision. As a Walker, someone who can navigate between these worlds, Del’s job is to keep all of the dimensions in harmony.

Normally, Del can hear the dissonant frequency that each world emits as clear as a bell. But when a training session in an off-key world goes horribly wrong, she is forbidden from Walking by the Council. But Del’s not big on following the rules and she secretly starts to investigate these other worlds. Something strange is connecting them and it’s not just her random encounters with echo versions of the guy she likes, Simon Lane.

But Del’s decisions have unimaginable consequences and, as she begins to fall for the Echo Simons in each world, she draws closer to a truth that the Council of Walkers is trying to hide ~ a secret that threatens the fate of the entire multiverse.

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I had always been fascinated with the infinite worlds.  If done correctly a story about world hoping would be spectacular. But as Dissonance was it sucked.  Or at least this version of Dissonance.  See after being so disappointed with this book and giving up after 107 pages, I decided that I wanted to travel to another world where I loved this book.  So, after binge watching lots of episodes of Ancient Aliens and other fringe theories about dimensional travel on H2, I was ready to build myself a fictional dimension portal and hack my way with my Dissonance loving self.  For this review I will refer to myself as The Original MJ (or MJ) my counterpart will be referred as MJ Without a clue (or Clueless).

MJ: Why, just why?

Clueless (Shrugs) It was a good book, what can I say?  You didn’t like it?

MJ: Well, the world building was interesting.  But it was way too long and these characters…I wanted to rip out all their hair, make them sacrifice victims in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and force them to watch twelve hour marathons of Sophia the First.

Clueless: You really hate that show.

MJ: I babysit.  You find you hate that, anything to do with Dora, and Fruity Pebbles .  And why are cartoons today so dumb?

Clueless: You are digressing.

MJ: Obviously, I don’t want to talk about this book.

Clueless: But it’s sooooooooo good.  Del and Simon…

MJ: Del is an idiot.  And Simon, well the real version or original dimension version is hardly there.  How can I like him?

Cluless: He’s cute.

MJ: He’s a book character.  You can’t actually see him.  And besides having shaggy hair, how do you know he’s cute?

Clueless: I just do.  Del and his relationship is just cute.

MJ: He just touches her leg and bam it’s insta love.  Please tell me, you don’t like instant love?

Clueless: Instant love?  How was it instant?  He touched her leg.  That’s relationship building.

MJ: Have you ever read Anna and the French Kiss?

Clueless: What?

MJ: Does Stephanie Perkins not exist in your reality?  Dear lord, read that book and play close attention to the Thanksgiving scenes and then talk to me.

One hour later.

Clueless (Puts Anna down): Bloody hell.  What was that?

MJ: Actual romance.  Unlike this book.

Cluess: But it’s…

MJ: More dimensional, fully formed, developed.  I know, you can say thank you.

Clueless: I didn’t say thank you.

MJ: But you were.

Clueless: I still like Dissonance though.  The leg touching was sweet.

MJ: Leg touching.  Was there anything else you noticed about this book.  Like it’s full of horrible and annoying people.

Cluless: Del seemed real to me.

MJ: She was YA TSTL.  I did feel sorry for her only because she had a family full of asshats.

Clueless: Yeah, they were asshats weren’t they.

MJ: Yep, every single one of them except her grandfather who’s dementia was handled in a completely unrealistic way.

Clueless: Okay, I agree with that.  But that doesn’t matter the world building was fantastic and we both know how sucky world building in YA is.

MJ (Shrugs): It was okay.  Actually, it reminded me a lot like that Ann Brashares time traveling book that made less sense than Giorgio Tsoukalos’s new show.  I mean, I guess it is possible that a super secret group of people’s has an organization that can pay medical with no sort of viable financial backing but…

Clueless: You over think things.

MJ: I do not.  It’s just common sense.  How can all the walkers possibly afford that?  Me thinks there’s probably corruption.

Clueless: Well, if you kept reading…

MJ: But I hated it.  The characters were horrible people.  And who wants to be around horrible people for five hundred pages.

Clueless: I did.

MJ: Which is why your reality sucks.

Clueless: Hey, I can’t help that I’m from the sucky book reality where I have to like things that suck.

MJ: So you’ll admit, it sucked.

Clueless: Well, yeah.  But I tolerated it.

MJ: But it sucked.

Clueless; Yeah.

MJ: But aren’t you suppose to be from the reality where I liked this book?

Clueless: Original MJ, there is no reality where you liked the book.  Well, really liked it.

MJ: But there are infinite realities…

Clueless: And in each one you get aggravated with it.  Just in this reality you actually finished the book because everything sucks.

MJ: Oh, so I shouldn’t feel bad about giving this book an F.  I was going to give it a C averaging our grades together.

Clueless: It’s your reality fail it if you want to.

MJ: Okay then.

Rating: DNF obvious it fails since I couldn’t complete it.  Interesting idea but the horrible characters and insta love kept me from enjoying it.  Luckily, I still have the receipt and am returning it tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The Infinite Realities Hate You: Dissonance by Erika O’Rourke

  1. LOL, interesting review. When it comes to this book, I feel like I’m in two different realities as well. In one of them I kind of want to read it because of the world building and…well…because multiverse appeals to me. In the other, the instalove (multiple instalove? multiple versions of the leg-touching episode?) is flashing like a huge red sign in front of my eyes in order to advise me of impelling danger. Well, um, I think I’ll go live there…

    • Yeah, I really was fighting with myself whether to keep reading or not. Ultimately, I DNF’d it becuase if I hate all of the characters there’s no point of me continuing.

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