Randomness: YA Musicals

Can this please be a thing?

Or maybe I shouldn’t wish for this (see High School Musical).  But with all the YA adaptions out there today, I’m surprise there hasn’t been a musical version of some of our favorite (and least favorite books) yet.  And adapting books into broadway shows have been done time and time again.  So, why not for YA?  You’d have some instant numbers in there.  The poor misunderstood protagonist, a trio that conveys the angst of the torment of a love triangle, and of course the ballad where the heroine taps into her her secret powers.

It’s been done before.

Though grant it, not for a YA book.  So, I thought for this post of randomness.  I’d talk about a few books that I’d think would be perfect to be turned into a musical.



The Princess Diaries has already had the YA movie treatment, but I think its plum for picking for musical status.  First of all, Julie Andrews starred in it and she’s the queen of musicals.  Grant it, her vocal chords were damaged.  But still.  If Julie Andrews is in your movie that means its destined to become a musical.  Besides that there are plenty of musical moments with Mia lamenting about being a princes, her mom dating her algebra teacher, and the Cultural Diversity Dance.

Suggested Song Titles:

  • “Princesses Suck”
  • “The Paparazzi Parade”
  • “Tall Drink of Water” (this one was actually in the book and if it ever did hit the broadway stage it has to be made into a song).




Cruel Beauty has a slightly dark vibe to it that makes this Beauty and the Beast retelling perfect for the stage.  I think with the Gentle Lord is described there’s almost a Phantom like feel to this one-note, it is not a Phantom retelling.  I just love how much darkness this story oozes though.  And we already know that a more straight up version of the fairytale was a smash.  So, why not try a more mature route.

Suggested Song Titles:

  • “The Dreaded Gentle Lord”
  • “Born to Die”
  • “Dressed to Kill”




Based off of the summary, this book looks more ABC Family worthy than musical worthy, but I think there’s potential for Don’t Look Back.  Believe it or not, there are a few good musical mysteries out there.  I think making this one into a musical rather than a traditional movie or TV show could make this book stand out.  Plus, I think using songs could be an interesting way to show the flashbacks.

Suggested Song Titles:

  • “I  Once was a Bitch”
  • “You’re So Sensitive?”
  • “Murder She Did?”


I’m not a fan of this book (okay, I’m a big fat hater), but I think changing Halo into a musical could do it some good.  Sometimes, great music can elevate the flimsiest of flimsy of plots.  And God knows, there could be some pretty cool flying sequences on the stage.  And a love ballad or two can also help insta love.  Why I chose Halo for this feature is I think that there is some potential with the book as much as I hate it.  Plus, doesn’t stuffy Gabriel have a job as a music teacher?  See.  Anyway, if a liberal adaption is done. Then well…it could be good.

Suggested Song Titles:

  • “Flying Fantasy”
  • “I Used to be Vegan, Till I Met You”
  • “PROM!”


Rural romances having always been made for the perfect plot and setting for musicals (cough, Oklahoma, cough).  And Magnolia oozes cheesy goodness that would make well a pretty wonderful musical.  As for the special effects…well, if The Wizard of Oz has been doing tornados on stage for years it should be no biggie.

Suggested Song Titles:

  • “Love to Hate You”
  • “Storm of Feelings”
  • “What Happened to Us”

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