Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the Broke and Bookish for us of us who are list and book obsessed.

This weeks theme: underrated books.



Probably the only YA slapstick detective novel that I can handle.  I think the main character and Vegas setting really helped the over the topness. I also love that the MC is diverse and that she has friends from diverse backgrounds and that they’re all freaking hilarious.  Word to the wise though, if footnotes annoy you, you might want to skip this one.



This series was almost canceled which was just a shame.  I really love the concept of this one.  Though, I still have issues with Heathcliff as the hero.  I mean, he kills puppies.  I love puppies, so that means instant death to a relationship.  Also, upon reflection, I wish some of the more grisly details about the authors’ lives were revealed.



Don’t let that horrible cover fool you, this is an awesome book with one of my all time favorite YA heroines.  Maggie is like Lois Lane, if Lois Lane got tired of Superman and saved herself and then got with Batman (Bat Lane, it’s the ship of ships).  Also, I really loved how science and magic sort of mixed together with this one.



This one is such a dark horse it makes me want to cry.  It has a good storyline, strong characters, but there’s something about it that just makes it blend into the crowd.  Still though, it is an interesting trilogy–well, the first two books (third one isn’t out yet).



A lot of people have been talking up Cruel Beauty (which I do admit I enjoy), but I don’t think  Of Beast and Beauty is as near as polarizing as that book.The main character is a lot more likable than Nyx, and the prose that is used in her point of view is just lovely.  I really think Jay is underrated and am looking forward to her Sleeping Beauty retelling this winter.




Most Greek mythology YA adaptions I have read try to be overdramatic and about “epic” love stories.  This series, not so much. It takes more of a contemporary approach and not a straight up reteling with curses and all that jazz.  And it’s very enjoyable.  A little bit more on the young side, but it’s fine.



This book is so cute.  I really need to read the sequel.  It sort of reminds me of White Collar if White Collar was a book and Neal Caffery was a girl.  The most important thing is, there’s a Mozzie character.



Because it’s the one Hollywood book where the main character does not seem like a Mary Sue and I could totally see this maybe playing in real life.  Well, almost.  The nasty Lifetime movie sort of turned me off of this one for awhile.



I really loved this book and the funny thing is I almost didn’t know about it.  If you like genies and you like books with diverse relationships and that actually talk about serious issues.  Pick.  This.  One.  Up.  Now!



I love Meg Cabot and this is one of my favorite series of her, though it’s surprisingly not that popular.  Even though it had a Lifetime series made after it.  To be fair, the show wasn’t that great and sort of ignored the plot (completely).  And Rob.  But they did have Mateo from All My Children (aka Kelly Ripa’s husband) in there so that’s something.  Seriously, this series is so underrated though.  There almost wasn’t a fifth book and that would’ve sucked because if said book didn’t exist we would’ve never known why Rob was on probation.



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books

  1. I love the Bard Academy series!! It is very underrated, and you know, I actually kind of liked Heathcliff in it, but I think part of it was because Miranda could handle him, she didn’t let him overwhelm her ALL the time and was pretty kick butt herself.

    Oh My Gods was super fun! though I didn’t love the sequel as much; and I SO AGREE about 1-800, it’s such a good series of books! I was so happy when we got the fifth book! Just so I could get some closure!

    • Yeah, I like Bard’s Heathcliff. Funny thing, is when I first read this series I hadn’t read WH yet. So, I was really excited about Heathcliff. And then when I read the classic for a lit class I almost vomited when I read the puppy scene.

      Yeah the sequel to Oh My Gods really wasn’t my thing either. I did like Tera’s Medusa series though, it sort of in the same vein as the first book but with a Charmed like twist to it.

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