What Would the Characters from the Pushing the Limits Series Wear?

What Would _____ Wear is probably one of my favorite features. Mainly because it gives me a chance to get shallow with books.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this feature, this is where I design sets (via Polyvore) based on what I think a character (or series of characters) would have in their wardrobe.

Today, I decided to focus my efforts on Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series.  I chose this series in part because the covers are-like them or not-vivid.  You really get a visual of what the characters look like and likewise you can sort of make wardrobe assumptions as well.  It also helps (obviously) if you read the books.

The series itself are more or less standalone romances that take place in the same universe each character has their own unique identity.

Untitled #64
Echo is the most artistic out of the group.  She also has experienced severe trauma which puts an impact on some of her wardrobe choices.  Gloves are a must wear accessory for her in the book.  In the set I tried to create a look I call quasi conservative artist.  Meaning, for the most part I chose a rather muted pallet that has a flowy style about it.  The good thing about this look is that a lot of the pieces I found were long sleeve which is perfect for Echo.  There is one scene in the book where she departs from her usual look to go to a dance, hence the pretty beaded green dress.  I chose this particular dress because of its silhouette.  Unlike the other dresses I saw, I liked the sleek look this dress had.
Untitled #65
Beth and I are probably on opposite ins of the style spectrum, but I had a fun time looking at stuff for her.  She’s described as looking like a skater girl/ biker.  She also likes ripped up jeans.  I don’t see her really wearing anything particularly girly, but if she does wear a dress (like to Homecoming with Ryan) it’s going to be in black.  While I tried to keep her wardrobe rather simple and to the point, I did throw in a couple of fun pieces.  The red leather jacket’s one of them.  I like the pop of color.  And while it probably was out of Beth’s initial budget, I can see her maybe purchasing something like this at the end of the book.
Untitled #66
While I think Rachel would like nothing more than wearing a simple t-shirt in jeans, I just don’t see her wearing a lot of them much to her disdain.  Ultra girly clothes would fill her wardrobe, probably a result of her mother.  I could see her trying to dress down some of the looks her mother bought her.  Notably, I could see her doing this with her separates (hence, the plethora of skirts in the set).  I do think that even though she wouldn’t choose to dress the way she does, Rachel would have immaculate taste.
Untitled #63
Haley probably has the simplest style out of the lot.  I think you’d typically find her in jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.  Though if the occasion did arise, I do see her throwing on a dress and a pair of flats.  The dresses would have to be simple though.  I don’t see Haley really dealing with ruffles or long maxi-dressses.  Also, I see her carrying a backpack more than a purse.  I think a part of this might be based on her living situation, but at the same time I don’t really see her as the complicated type when it comes to clothes.  However, simple works for her.

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