Abandon Ship: Because Sometimes You Just Got to Bail

Yeah, I’m going there today.  There are a lot ships I go for.  But some ships…well, I never get or my love for them sort of fades.

The ships that I abandon, I find to be the most interesting of all because at one point I did love these ships.  However, for some reason or another-not feeling it. In a way, I think these ships are worse than ones that never sailed in the first place.  At least if I can’t connect, at least I didn’t invest time in these ships.  Ships that I bail on-honestly, they sort of piss me off. However, sometimes the author does damage control and is able to reship them.  Let’s look at a few:



The Ship: Jack and Sky

The Breaking Part: Teenagers do not call each other my love.  Enough said.

Reship: Yes, and no.  I kept waiting and hoping they’d get better.  I mean, forbidden romance awesome right.  But the spark was just gone.  Plus, Mimi and Kingsley had the best love story and this series.




The Ship: Bella and Edward

The Breaking Point: Edward left Bella in the middle of woods, caused her to have a mental meltdown.  That there is enough to add ick all over.

Reship: Sort of when I first read the series, but hell no today.  I think the reason I sort of reshiped it was becuase Jake was the alternative and I found him to be even more of an annoying than Edward.  And that’s saying something.


The Ship: Mia and Michael

The Breaking Point: This book.  Though, really, if we’re going to be honest they weren’t really doing it for me since book six.  Mia can just be soooo immature.  And Michael, well, he really should’ve shared some details about his history with her.

Reship: Yes, thankfully.  But not until the end of the series.  And honestly, I sort of thought a certain character was vilified  just to throw these two together. They’re still cute together though, even though I got a little annoyed with how they reconnected.


The Ship: Daemon and Katy

The Breaking Point: The annoying love fest that happened after Daemon managed to break into Area 51-yeah, we’re not going to go there-and rescue Katy without a shirt on (I’m saying that based on the cover). It was just OTT ridiculous and the characters just acted to OOC.

Reship: No.  The characters were way too OOC for me in the rest of the series that I could never reconnect.  What I found charming about them in the first book-their banter-all but disappeared in his one.  And it never recovered (sobs).



The Ship: Isla and Josh

The Breaking Point: Their annoying New York date.  Seriously, Isla, meltdown much?  Honestly, I liked the fact that I unshipped them.  I needed to.  These two got together ridiculously fast and I don’t like being swept up into insta love.  Though those Barcelona scenes were pretty fantastic.

Reship: Eventually.  Sort of.  While I never liked these two as much as I liked Perkins’s other couples, I was happy to see them get back together.  But the thing about this book was I really didn’t read it for the couples story I more read it for the cameos and because I wanted to know what happened to said characters making cameo appearances.


The Ship: Clara and Tucker.

The Breaking Point:  The end of Hallowed.  The ship was dead, dead, dead.  And Christian had become so surprisingly appealing.  Actually, I wasn’t mad with how this ship ended it felt realistic.  Let’s be honest, most high school romances don’t last forever and it really seemed like Tara had run its course.

Reship: No.  I was okay with them being done.  I didn’t want them back together.  I think that’s what made Boundless annoying.




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